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Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 1/8/15: Zayniacs Reunite

WWE NXT“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis of recent television shows. You can find quick results of the show at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 1/8/15)

Zayniacs Reunite

– The NXT theme and montage perfectly sums up the feeling of the show as it is now; the future of wrestling.

– Sami Zayn got a killer reaction when he came out. He’s hot stuff right now, even after a four-week absence. The “ole” chants have even kept up. He clearly soaked it up going into the crowd. His promo maybe was too close to a CM Punk style promo, where he said the NXT Title is important to him, where in anybody’s else’s hands, it was just a Title. His bit about the crowd and him as a band was a bit of a stretch, but it got his point over. He sent a message to Kevin Owens at the same time. Adrian Neville’s interruption was just to show that Neville had a respect for Zayn. Zayn alluded to an eventual rematch, which General Manager William Regal said would happen. Hard not to look forward to it, but we had to wonder where Owens would come into the equation.

– The Vaude Villains promo style was quite unique, using a “1920’s” style camera shot.

– The Hideo Itami-Curtis Axel match was more back and forth than expected. Axel had more of the spotlight and he actually may benefit from the NXT environment as a tough guy heel who had actually been in a WWE ring and held belts. Itami ended up with the victory but the crowd was quiet at the finish. Never had time to truly take off.

– The Natalya/Tyson Kidd backstage promo showcased their on/off-relationship as they argued about cats. Kidd threw his name as a potential NXT Title contender and he professed his love of cats. Sounds about right.

– The Hype video between Bull Dempsey and Baron Corbin’s feud was decent in introducing them, but by no means is it a blood feud. Both guys also appeared generic, as they could use a different look.

– The Alexa Bliss-Sasha Banks (w/Becky Lynch) match had a good quick pace to it and had athleticism that you just don’t see on Raw. Banks won by submission and it seemed the story was about Bliss on a “slump” after losing to the NXT Divas champion, Charlotte. The Banks statement is also a killer finisher for a Diva.

– The Tyler Breeze-Chad Gable match put Breeze over from his “vacation stint.” His entrance was also unique, with his cell phone camera shown on the big screen, focused on him. He is essentially the new age narcissist. The human figure that appeared on his phone in the back was also something interesting.

– The Finn Balor backstage promo on Kidd was short and to the point. Nothing extra.

– The Tag Team Championship match between The Lucha Dragons (champs) and The Vaude Villains was evenly split, with the Dragons providing the athletics and the Villains providing the mentality. This clash of styles actually worked. The finish was sleek, as the Dragons retained with a sick-looking springboard powerbomb double-team move. The match capped off a show, while with no “show stealers,” continued the trend of arguably the best hour in wrestling currently.

– On that note, the absence of Owens besides being mentioned by Zayn at the start of the show was head-scratching. Even a hype video would have sufficed here.






Quick Results

– Hideo Itami def. Curtis Axel via pinfall

– Sasha Banks (w/Becky Lynch) def. Alexa Bliss via pinfall

– Tyler Breeze def. Chad Gable via pinfall

– Tag Team Championships – The Lucha Dragons def. The Vaude Villains via pinfall to retain