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Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 9/16/15: Pent-Up Frustrations

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 9/16/15)

Pent-Up Frustrations

– The Heavenly Bodies-Reality Check match was a subtle way of continuing the Kevin Matthews-“Shining” Edward Jackson feud, since Devon Moore had turned on Matthews upon last check. Moore had no presence on this show either, pointing to “hiding out” from Matthews, who sought nothing but revenge from anybody associated with The Jackson Five. We saw some classic tag wrestling spots here – heel domination, slow build to the hot tag, which changed the momentum when it happened. There was an underlying theme of family the whole time that was smartly played up on by commentary. Jackson physically got involved when he “accidentally” yanked the referee out of the ring, which provided plenty of distractions throughout, as Matthews was too preoccupied with Jackson to fully focus on the match, which gave way to the finish that saw Craven Varro get pinned. The story was that even though Matthews knocked out Jackson, the heels continued to have his number no matter what. It has been a great build so far that is benefitting Matthews as far as making him a sympathetic babyface. We’re excited to see where things lead when Matthews and Moore finally butt heads.

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