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PWO Intermission – Episode 13 – Ready To Celebrate

Pro Wrestling Intermission Logo (So Purdy!)

*A Pro Wrestling Opinion Exclusive*


Check out the latest episode of Intermission, the 15-minute podcast where Host Nicholas Jason Lopez breaks down current pro wrestling news and shoots on social media! 

Whimsical Topics Include: 

  • Sting/Batista/The Rock To Appear On Raw Tonight? 
  • Useless Wrestling Knowledge 
  • The Shield Reunion At FastLane? 
  • GFW Deletes Master Tapes Of Amped 
  • Who Interrupts Roman Reigns Tonight? 



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Manopera! Episode 54: Best Of 2017

Image courtesy of The Bonesaw.

*Courtesy Of The Bonesaw*


Check out the latest edition of “Manopera! A Wrestling Symposium” from our friends at The Bonesaw as PWO’s own Nicholas Jason Lopez joins a discussion with Hosts Chris Butera and “Spaceman” Frank about the best and worst of pro wrestling in 2017!





Listen Below: 

Wrestle Talk Podcast – Shane, Stop It! Feat. Lee Montgomery, Billy Hills And Brady Lawrence Ep. 164

Photo courtesy of Wrestle Talk Podcast.

*Courtesy Of Wrestle Talk Podcast*


Check out the latest episode from our friends at the Wrestle Talk Podcast With Joe & Renè, which features Special Guests Lee Montgomery (Cape Championship Wrestling), “Farmer” Billy Hills (Cape Championship Wrestling) and Brady Lawrence (Proving Ground Pro).

Also discussed is what’s wrong with Shane McMahon, Neville’s departure, The Shield’s reunion, Ultima Lucha 3 and other pro wrestling news/rumors. 





Link Below:

WWE Tribute To The Troops 2016 Reaction

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


Genrally, WWE’s annual “Tribute To The Troops” is holiday filler with little storyline impact.

2016’s was somewhat different, as they took advantage of Raw’s Roadblock: End Of The Line Pay-Per-View four days away and shaped the main event around it, also in a way that allowed the “patriotic faithful” theme to stay relevant.

Did it need to be two hours though? Add to that Raw’s three hours, SmackDown Live’s two hours and 205 Live’s one hour just two days before, that was a lot to watch.

Either scenario, no going back now.

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The RSN Wrestling Podcast – Factions

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

*A RSN Wrestling Podcast Exclusive*


Check out the latest episode of The RSN Wrestling Podcast, as PWO’s own Nick, “Big Guy” Rich and “The Mastermind” Sal discuss factions – overall history, small factions, big factions, the best, the worst and much more!





Watch Below: 

A Tournament To Decide The Future

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Anthony Zevoteck 


With the injury to Seth Rollins, the WWE was forced to think of a way to find a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

In what turned out to be a great last-minute decision, they chose to have a tournament to decide the outcome.

Being able to showcase your top talents in singles competition heavily for two weeks was a great way to break the monotonous six-man tag-filled shows over the past month that were starting to wear out.

I’m not a big Roman Reigns fan but in my opinion, it would’ve been logical for Triple H to declare that the tournament winner would face Reigns at Survivor Series for the Title and that winner would be Dean Ambrose. That’d be an amazing story that the fans could really get into.

This isn’t the first time a WWE Heavyweight Championship Tournament concludes at Survivor Series.

In 1998, at Survivor Series: Deadly Games, we saw The Rock walk away with the gold that night and it kickstarted what became one of the greatest careers we’d ever seen. Maybe someone could take advantage of this same opportunity and launch theirs to the next level?

On the first Monday and Thursday after Rollins was stripped of the belt, we saw the tournament’s first round take off. There was an elite group of men competing for this coveted honor. We saw guys likes Reigns, Ambrose, and Cesaro competing. We even saw underdogs like Titus O’Neil and Kalisto. One thing we knew for sure: we were in for some exciting matches.

The first round went as expected, with WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Reigns, Kalisto, Ambrose, Neville, Cesaro and WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio picking up victories while Miz, Ryback, Show, Stardust, O’Neil, King Barrett, Tyler Breeze and Sheamus lost.

It was a series of matches that stretched from Raw to Smackdown and had WWE fans abuzz about potential winners and upsets. It makes watching the product even better when there’s an element of not knowing what’s going to happen next and that’s where the tournament is succeeding.

As we rolled into the second round, we were treated to some dream WWE matches such as Reigns Vs. Cesaro, Del Rio Vs. Kalisto, Ambrose Vs. Ziggler, and Owens Vs. Neville. Any one of these matches could headline most Pay-Per-Views for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After a long night of great matches, we’d see Reigns, Del Rio, Owens, and Ambrose advance to Survivor Series to have their semifinal matches and move on to the end of the night for a chance at the belt.

Things got more intense on Smackdown when MizTV hosted all the competitors and even R­-Truth, who seemed confused as usual. A tag team match between the four main-evented the show and proved exactly what everybody already knew: this situation was combustible.

So that brings us to Survivor Series, where we’ll see the culmination of the beginning of the long road to recovery by WWE since losing Rollins.

In my opinion, it’s obvious that we’ll see Reigns and Ambrose win their respective matches and compete in the finals. Who else better to fight for the belt than the other two Shield members? In what’ll no doubt go down as one of the best Title matches seen in years, Ambrose will walk away Champion.

He’ll probably do so with a little help from The Authority either by choice or not, because let’s face it: The Authority hates Reigns. It’d be ideal for Ambrose to accept Triple H’s offer he first extended to Reigns which would provide a great story to be told once Rollins returns and assumes the babyface role to combat the heel Ambrose. That’d be best for business.

Dont forget about Mr. Money in the Bank Sheamus, as he could also easily claim the night his own.

What we’re seeing is an emergency situation that’ll either be a massive success or a horrific train wreck that we won’t look away from.

Personally, I already see huge success from this tournament, maybe not for the entire product, but most definitely for a single superstar. There could be a new star or we could see a current one fall from the sky. After all, anything happens in WWE.