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Notes In Observance – WCWC 12/24/16: The Christmas Eve Serial Thriller

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 12/24/16)

The Christmas Eve Serial Thriller 

– The Northwest Express-King Khash/Julian Whyt match was predictable based off previous angles. The biggest development we got was the Phlex Walker/Marcus Malone duo name. Good sign that they intend to go far with them, since Malone’s team with Mikey O’Shea had potential, but never achieved much. Bad fashion seemed to be the match’s topic, as it ranged from Walker’s odd shiny grey sleeves-only attire to Mr. Tubbs’ bright orange orange shoes he wore with his suit. At least it helped that Malone matched Walker’s orange and blue colors. The action was tame, though Tubbs interjected at one point with his cane. They had Malone take punishment from the heels to set up a “hot tag” to Walker, but there was no smooth transition to the finish, it sort of just happened. We liked that Walker got the pinfall as it keeps his “newbie” momentum going. It also doesn’t hurt to get NWE off to the right foot with a victory.

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