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Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 10/23/15: Bonesaw’s Ready

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 10/23/15)

Bonesaw’s Ready

– The Devon Moore-Craven Varro match was a cool way to round off the opening minutes, as we finally had storyline progress to one of the longer-awaited angles – Moore turning heel on his Reality Check members and screwing Kevin Matthews over in the process, being revealed as Helmet, the guy who stalked and videotaped Matthews. At the same time, Moore joined the evil graces of “Shining” Edward Jackson and his family, making The Jackson Five much alive again in 2015, just in a different form. Loved Varro’s intensity at the start, charging the ring and blindly rounding off fists at his former partner, making it all clear this was about revenge. Commentary by Pat Buck and David Adams backed this all up well, explaining in detail just how Moore executed his dastardly plan and also helped talk up an eventual showdown with Matthews. That said, this should’ve been a “stepping stone” of sorts to that and we would’ve had Moore use dirty tactics to win, but it didn’t go down like that. Not exactly, anyways. Varro took a hellacious bump when he slammed his shin on the metal barricade on a top rope springboard moonsault attempt, then later having a gash near his eyebrow open up, giving us the element of blood to sell the fight. It’s amazing what a little blood can do to tell a story in the ring. Somebody should remind Vince McMahon, huh? There were some convincing near-falls towards the end as Varro never willingly gave in, also showing off more believable anger with a middle finger-fueled Coast-To-Coast maneuver. The DQ finish which saw Jackson pull the Referee out of the ring was more confusing than anything, but luckily, that set up the post-match actions that made us quickly forget it when Moore hit a shooting star press with the aid of a steel chair. We still walked away with the idea that Moore was stronger and we wanted to see Matthews kick his ass whenever he gets the chance.

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