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Notes In Observance – AML Wrestling LIVE! 1/13/17: Going Hardcore

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 1/13/17)

Going Hardcore 

– This review will chronicle Episodes #79-85, with the first being the AML Prestige Championship Four-Way Elimination between Cedric Alexander, Jordan Kage, Caprice Coleman and Sean Denny to crown the inaugural Champion. We liked the idea of the Prestige Championship as a means of an Intercontinental Championship of sorts to give upper midcarders a nice accolade. There was plenty of buildup here too, given how everyone in the match won four-ways of their own. The twist here was that this was elimination style, as opposed to the one-fall qualifiers. The contenders also made sense too. Alexander had momentum with THE Tommy Thomas as his manager, Kage had his “Picture Perfect” gimmick going for him, Coleman was probably AML’s most over guy and then Denny had an injury to overcome given to him from AML Tag Team Champions The Heatseekers. All the ingredients here for a thriller. There was a brief production blunder since they gave a “Let’s Hear From The Contestants” graphic without any actual promos to follow. Alexander had a big pop upon his entrance with “Best In The World” chants galore. In swiveling heel fashion, he also trolled a little girl at ringside by pretending to give her a high-five only to pull out at the last second. This Alexander’s awesome. Sean Denny smartly sold his injury as he walked to the ring. Coleman had the biggest reaction and hugged a group of kids by the ring. What a gentleman. As things went underway, Alexander lured the injured Denny to take him on as he mocked his walking stance. He targeted the knee and hit the Lumbar Check to quickly eliminate him. Makes sense after all. It did get a little predictable here, since Coleman was being worked over by Kage/Alexander (two heels), that it’d come down to him/Alexander. Coleman battled back with a nice double huracanrana. The Trinity eliminated Kage as we figured, to leave it down to the final two. At this point, it got ultra-competitive and it worked because of their similar styles. Lots of history to play up on too as they were former partners in the C & C Wrestle Factory. Coleman hit an awesome huracanrana from the canvas to the floor. Alexander landed on his feet off a Leap of Faith attempt. Alexander had the Sky Splitter scouted and went for a brainbuster for a two. Some shenanigans from Thomas and a foreign object slipped into the ring in the finish made it clear that Alexander would emerge victorious. Still great though, as was Alexander’s post-match trolling with the fans, as he literally went around the first row and made them individually say he was the “Best In The World.”

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