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First Look: The NEW IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship pays tribute to Promotions that host Defenses

Photo courtesy of IWTV.

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By IWTV*


In a relatively brief amount of time, the IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship has emerged as a unifying force on the indie wrestling scene. Though the championship has only been around for a year and a half, in that time it has been defended 37 times in 15 promotions, in 13 different states, against dozens of different opponents.

Three wrestlers have held the IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship:

  1. Jonathan Gresham: 126 Days, 7 Defenses
  2. Tracy Williams: 309 Days, 17 Defenses
  3. Orange Cassidy: Current Champion, 13 Defenses

All of them have been excellent representatives of independent wrestling and their combined efforts have served to make the IWTV Championship what it is today.

Recently IWTV debuted a new title design for the Independent Wrestling Championship. This new design honors and reflects the history of the championship, as promotions that have hosted championship defenses are featured on plates affixed to the title. New plates will continue to be added as defenses are made in new places, making the championship an evolving monument to its own history.

PWO Intermission – Episode 11 – “Complain Long Enough And You Can Achieve Anything”

Pro Wrestling Intermission Logo (So Purdy!)

*A Pro Wrestling Opinion Exclusive*


Check out the latest episode of Intermission, a 15-minute podcast where Host Nicholas Jason Lopez talks about current pro wrestling news and shoots on social media!

Oscar-Winning Topics Include: 

  • “Complain Long Enough And You Can Achieve Anything” – The Revival 
  • Corey Graves Caught Cheating With Carmella? 
  • Jimmy Uso Purposely Trying To Get Fired To Go To AEW?
  • Don’t Eat Kurt Angle’s Potatoes 
  • Does Kofi Kingston Actually Have A Chance This Time? 



Listen Below: 

PWO Intermission – Episode 6 – WCW Across The Nation

*A Pro Wrestling Opinion Exclusive* 


Check out the latest installment of Intermission, a 15-minute podcast where Nick talks about pro wrestling happenings with help from his Facebook feed!

Inspirational Topics Include:

  • “Wrestling Is Fake”
  • Johnny Gargano At EVOLVE 
  • Young Bucks Discuss AEW Creative Goals 
  • Broken Matt Hardy Coming Back? 
  • WCW Backstage Assault Video Game 



Listen Below: 

RSN Wrestling Podcast: Year End Show 2018

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

*A RSN Wrestling Podcast Exclusive*


Check out the latest episode of The RSN Podcast as Hosts Rich, Sal and Nick discuss the year that just was – 2018! Categories include Match Of The Year, Superstar Of The Year, Tag Team Of The Year, Breakout Star, Top Prospect, Botch Of The Year and much more!



Listen Below: 

PWO Exclusive Audio – Mike Outlaw Interview – January 2019

Photo courtesy of Dynamo Pro Wrestling.

*A Pro Wrestling Opinion Exclusive*


Check out our recent interview with Dynamo Pro Wrestling D1 Champion Mike Outlaw as he joins us once again to discuss his next match with Savanna Stone, influences, favorite/worst parts of the business and more!



Listen Below:

PWO Audio Exclusive – Billy McNeil Interview

*A Pro Wrestling Opinion Exclusive*


Check out our interview with Billy McNeil as the 19-year veteran trained by “Bastion Booger” Mike Shaw discusses his career, scariest in-ring moment, whether the industry has gotten better or worse over time, what’s left for him to accomplish and much more! 





Video Below: 

PWO Audio Exclusive – The Snitch Interview

*A Pro Wrestling Opinion Exclusive* 


Check out our interview with The Snitch from Dynamo Pro Wrestling as he discusses the RIOT On The River Tournament, his Semifinal match against Billy McNeil, what he’d do if he were in charge, future plans and much more!





Video Below: 

PWO Audio Exclusive – Luke Roberts – Dynamo Pro September 2018 Update

*A Pro Wrestling Opinion Exclusive*


Check out our interview with Luke Roberts from Dynamo Pro based out of St. Louis, Missouri, as he discusses the promotion’s happenings in September 2018 and more!





Video Below: 

PWO Audio Exclusive – Mike Outlaw Interview

*A Pro Wrestling Opinion Exclusive* 


Check out our interview with Mike Outlaw as the Dynamo Pro Wrestling star discusses dream opponents, 2019 plans, his upcoming match against “Mr. Extraordinary” Benjamin Trust in the Semifinals of the 2018 Dynamo Pro RIOT On The River Tournament this Friday, Sep. 14 and much more!





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