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Worst 10 Of 2016

Graphics by Salwinder Singh.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


2016 was possibly professional wrestling’s most newsworthy year.

Whether it was “Broken” Matt Hardy, Chris Jericho’s transformation into a walking meme, Goldberg’s unexpected return or the Cruiserweight Classic, everywhere you looked, there was something to talk about.

For all those moments however, came some head shakers.

With the unenviable task to cover every single 2016 episode of Raw, SmackDown (even before it was “Live”), NXT, Impact Wrestling and Pay-Per-View/Live Specials (all 29), we’ve seen things that cannot be forgotten.

We’re here to bring them to light.

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The RSN Wrestling Podcast – Best And Worst PPVs

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

* A RSN Wrestling Podcast Exclusive*


Check out the latest episode of The RSN Wrestling Podcast where PWO’s own Nick, “Big Guy” Rich and “Mastermind” Sal discuss the best and worst pro wrestling pay-per-views in history! 






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