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Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 11/30/16: Not Perfect Enough

WWE NXTBy Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 11/30/16)

Not Perfect Enough 

Raw and SmackDown Live went back to the States, but NXT stood North Of The Border, as the action took place in Ottawa for the hour. Anyways, the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka-Nicole Matthews match was another formulaic squash to remind us that nobody can stand up to the Champ. Matthews had some regional notoriety from Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling amongst other places, but flaunted nothing more than a fierce forearm or two. In terms of character, Asuka remained in the grey area, with her gestures pointed towards overconfidence more than crowd-pandering. We got a kick out of the part where she kicked Matthews, who keeled over before a big one could be delivered. An Asuka Lock later and Matthews was history. The overconfidence contemned as she posed directly over Matthews and “kicked the dirt.” Now, that’s hardcore.

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