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“Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know” With Author Amy Dresner

Photo courtesy of Stitcher.

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Phillip Stamper*

“Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know” With Author Amy Dresner – Jimmy Jacobs continues his journey to figure out answers in life with “My Fair Junkie” author and writer, Amy Dresner.

Experience Amy in using humor to talk about treatment and recovery, as well Jimmy’s own exploration of searching for social validation from others and his phone becoming his new addiction.

Amy discusses:
– Trying to use exorcism to aid in her addiction.
– Being the person you used to make fun of for being healthy.
– The happiness of writing vs. the depression after her book was done.

Jimmy reflects on his own experience, stating, “stopping doing drugs does not solve the problem, it only allows you then to solve the problem.”

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Next week, hear comedian, activist, and podcaster Jamie Kilsteen talk with Jimmy Jacobs about success and losing it.

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