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Notes In Observance – WCWC 4/2/16: Championship Implications

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 4/2/16)

Championship Implications 

– As a pleasant surprise, we saw an influx of new WCWC talent on the show. The first ones were the superhero-esque Midnight Marvels tag team who’d take on the well-established top heels of The Wrecking Crew in the form of WCWC Legacy Champion Grappler 3/Kassius Koonz, accompanied by Jeremy Blanchard (who revealed he was cleared to compete once again) and it was on. ¬†A battle also brewed on commentary, as Morty Lipschitz kicked Jeff Akin off the booth and brought in Dr. Goldfarb. They did an entertaining job of bullying Todd Keneley while also expressing they’d get payback against Gangrel/The Grappler with a potential lawsuit. Commentary actually overshadowed the in-ring action. The Las Vegas-bred new team established themselves as keen high-flyers, but the gimmick was too generic and they’re still green in the ring – not to the point where it was bad, but they could certainly improve. As you’d expect with the WC around, G3’s orthopedic boot won them the match.

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