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Kane At MCW Tribute To The Legends 10/5; Future Of Honor 8/16

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Kane at MCW Tribute to the Legends 10/5; Future of Honor 8/16 – MCW Pro Wrestling returns to action with the WWE’s Kane on Saturday, October 5 with a day long Tribute to the Legends! Convention from 12-5 pm, Bell Time 7 pm!

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On Friday, August 16, see the Future of Honor LIVE at their new home – The MCW Arena, 1000 Joppa Farm RD in Joppa, MD! Meet and greet 6:30 pm, bell time 8 pm!

Meet The Briscoe Brothers during the meet and greet!

In live action:
– Top Prospect Tournament Showcase Tag Match: Ken Dixon and Dak Draper vs. Joe Keys and Austin Gunn
– Brian Johnson vs. Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup winner Brandon Scott
– …all this and more!

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PWO Exclusive Audio – Mike Outlaw Interview – January 2019

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*A Pro Wrestling Opinion Exclusive*


Check out our recent interview with Dynamo Pro Wrestling D1 Champion Mike Outlaw as he joins us once again to discuss his next match with Savanna Stone, influences, favorite/worst parts of the business and more!



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Review – Jim Ross/Paul O’Brien – Slobberknocker

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


Whether he wanted it to or not, the raspy Oklahoman growl from a modest man in a jet-black cowboy hat named Jim Ross has become synonymous with numerous signature moments in professional wrestling’s heyday.

Ponder back to Mankind’s descent from the roof of the meshed mayhem that was the still-new “Hell In A Cell” structure by The Undertaker and tell us Ross’ “As God is my witness, he’s broken in half!” call isn’t etched in your memory.

Or his repetitive-yet-emotional screams of “Stone Cold!” as The Texas Rattlesnake hurled Kane over the top rope to seal his third Royal Rumble victory in 2001.

In fact, many consider “Good ‘Ol JR” the voice of pro wrestling, bar-none. His ability to focus on talent’s strengths and paint a storyline’s picture with heart made it feel like you needed to be there with him for the match he called, that anything else wasn’t worth the bother.

It was only a matter of time before JR penned his own autobiography and with help from Sports Publishing, Paul O’Brien and the late Scott E. Williams, “Slobberknocker” was born in 2017.

Let’s face it – if there was going to be a book on JR, “Slobberknocker” has a better ring to it than “Government Mule Dude.”

Right off the bat, if you seek input from Ross about World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Owner Vince McMahon’s “less than celebratory” segments that degraded his Bell’s Palsy disability, you won’t get it here. Ross speaks only highly of his old boss for the opportunity to take the ball and run behind the desk and curtain. McMahon actually pens the foreword, appropriately enough.

Ross does makes it sound as if Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock wouldn’t had gotten over without his input to Vince and for what it is, that may be true. They certainly needed it at the time to overtake World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and their stronghold grasp of the industry via “The Monday Night Wars.”

A chapter highlight is his confidence in the Mankind character and how that eventually pays off despite his concern for Mick Foley’s “hardcore” work ethic. It shows you his expertise in talent relations, just a glimpse of the backstage magic he provided.

With WCW in mind, JR goes in-depth about his childhood upbringings and how he worked humbly with the likes of “Cowboy” Bill Watts in Mid-South territory days behind the scenes by offering to do what he could to help the company whether through advertising, ring announcing or even to set up the ring.

JR’s biggest advice seems to be that he landed luck in the industry through paid dues and an almost obsessive fixation with the business, part of which he regretted from lack of family time. Through it all, he never lost who he was and it was that aspect that gave him success in talent relations.

His struggles with Bell’s Palsy dominate the last few chapters and set up the “finish” (return to the booth at WrestleMania XV in Philadelphia) in dramatic fashion, yet provide a keen sense of closure you might not get otherwise.

As “JR” as the book is, there are some elements that aren’t there. He has a strong social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter as well as a well-known podcast called The Ross Report, yet none of it is ever mentioned. Hell, not even a whimper of Barbecue sauce supremacy graces one page. Given his stature, it would’ve been interesting to get his perspective on how to stay relevant in the “digital age” when information on professional wrestling is ever present.

That said, “Slobberknocker” delivers what it promises and gives wrestling fans some insight behind one of the best minds in the business. Respect goes a long way, but it builds the foundation to personal success. JR’s story is one that needs to be heard for anybody that wants to pursue their passion but aren’t sure where to begin. All it requires is heart and the mind will follow.

With God as our witness, this book will break you in half. Don’t do this. You’ve got a family at home, dammit.

Nah, we’re just kidding.

Check it out. It’s quite the slobberknocker.

Manopera! Episode 55: Royal Rumble 2018

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Check out the latest edition of “Manopera: A Wrestling Symposium,” where PWO’s own Nick joins Hosts Chris Butera and “Spaceman” Frank for a discussion about WWE Royal Rumble 2018 and predictions for WWE WrestleMania 34!






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The Shining Wizards – Episode 337: Never Meet Your Heroes

Photo courtesy of The Shining Wizards Podcast.

*Courtesy Of The Shining Wizards Podcast*


Check out the latest episode from our friends at The Shining Wizards Podcast, which features discussions on WWE TLC 2017, AJ Styles Vs. Finn Balor, Asuka’s debut, Kurt Angle’s in-ring return, Kane defeating Balor on Raw, Nia Jax’s leave of absence, Chris Jericho-Kenny Omega Twitter war and Ric Flair’s 30 For 30!





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Wrestle Talk Podcast – BOOM Feat. Team Vision Dojo And Ric Savage Ep. 165

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*Courtesy Of Wrestle Talk Podcast*


Check out the latest episode from our friends at the Wrestle Talk Podcast With Joe & Rene featuring Guests Team Vision Dojo and Ric Savage.

Also discussed are Nia Jax rumors, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal Vs. Brock Lesnar, Kane returning and much more! 





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Review – AJ Mendez Brooks – Crazy Is My Superpower

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


With the Mae Young Classic Tournament here, it’s evidently the effect that women’s wrestling has now had on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in recent years.

At one point endlessly endeavored as the “Bathroom Break Segment” where fans would evacuate their seats in drones for the concession stands, female talent (branded “Divas”) in the billion dollar company were more accentuated for their looks than wrestling abilities. That known, matches would last about four minutes to the most.

Even though some female pioneers like Trish Stratus and Lita served as an athletic alternative to the rampant eye candy, WWE still treated the majority of women as an undercard attraction, if at all. Valets in bras and panties. Nothing more.

Just before the “Women’s Revolution” graced us with its presence on NXT with the likes of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Bayley, we had Paige, Kaitlyn and AJ Lee. Somewhere between the “PG Era” (shorter matches and irrelevant hosting gigs) and the “Revolution,” Paige/Kaitlyn/Lee also came up through developmental and scratched and clawed to steal the show.

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Review – Daniel Bryan/Craig Tello – YES: My Improbable Journey To The Main Event Of WrestleMania

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez



If anybody from World Wrestling Entertainment has had an up-and-down career in and out of the ring, it’s Daniel Bryan.

Elevated from “Indie Wrestler Comes To WWE” status  in 2010 to an actual main event player in 2014, he went though a journey like none other.

His own “Cinderella Story” occurred between 2013 and WrestleMania XXX where he emerged an Undisputed Champion and married five days later to Brie Bella. It’s literally as perfect as one professional wrestler could dream of, especially one who didn’t fit the “corporate style” of what WWE traditionally spotlights.

How would this all translate in a book? With some help by’s Craig Tello, we’d finally get that tell-all where Bryan describes his joyous upbringings and subsequent dream chase, with all the little things in-between.

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Notes In Observance – WWE SmackDown Live 11/29/16: Proven Loyalty

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 11/29/16)

Proven Loyalty 

– The opening contract signing segment for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship match for TLC between Alexa Bliss and Champion Becky Lynch was a good start, as the events were also shown throughout the episode. Renee Young initially mediated, but was a ploy for Bliss to lay in some early insults, eventually hurled towards the Champ. The exchange here was strong, as Bliss continued to deliver her case that Lynch had “dumb Irish luck,” while Lynch argued that she earned everything she got so far. Lynch dipped into the Bad Pun Sea, but luckily they switched it up before eyes could roll. The physicality only made this out to be a typical contract signing segment, but was necessary. Lynch got revenge for Bliss’ attack last week as she initiated the brawl, but it was Bliss who stood tall, since she pushed Lynch off the top rope and through the table. Hey, if it worked for Sheamus in 2010…

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Notes In Observance – WWE SmackDown Live 11/22/16: Mountie-Bred Madness

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 11/22/16)

Mountie-Bred Madness 

– The opening video highlighted Survivor Series, where Team Blue emerged victorious over Team Raw with the “stakes higher than ever.” We saw the bickering between WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose cost the team an elimination. Another highlight was James Ellsworth’s “revenge” against Braun Strowman as he held down the big man’s feet and prevented him from beating an in-ring count. Of course, Ellsworth was thrown off the stage and through a table, but it counted. The biggest story though – Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton were the sole survivors, as they defeated WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns.

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