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WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Preview/Predictions

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


The main roster has been in a place of recovery in recent weeks after the announcement of both Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as Executive Directors of Raw and SmackDown respectively.

Although Bischoff is expected to begin his role after this event, it has been said that Heyman had his “fingerprints all over” Raw the last two weeks. The first week was complete with Corey Graves swearing on air, a stage explosion/pyro angle and logical storyline developments, a key aspect to Heyman’s creative skills.

This most recent Raw episode felt like more of the same filler we had previously, yet SmackDown was the better show, so who knows if Heyman had his way with the blue brand just prior to Bischoff’s beginning?

Extreme Rules is being looked forward to by many, only because it will mean the end of one era (hopefully the dreadful Wild Card) and the start of a more meaningful one. Enthusiasm is dead with the current main roster product and if anybody knows what to do to rejuvenate it, it might as well be Heyman and Bischoff at this point.

Let the games begin.

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WWE Stomping Grounds 2019 Preview/Predictions

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

Stomping Grounds (Or Stomping Ground? We had to literally look at the poster to remind ourselves) comes at a time when main roster television has become uninspired at best. Is it just Lesser Super Showdown aka Less Than And Not Equal To WrestleMania?

It only made sense that last night, the WWE app accidentally let out a notification that the show was “about to begin,” clearly meant for tomorrow night. It was quite a “universal” problem (wink, wink).

We almost wanted it to happen yesterday, just so we can get it over and done with already.

The Wild Card rule continues to drag down Raw and SmackDown in quality and has made both shows feel the same. We have started to forget who is on which show now. What’s the point of a brand split then?

This probably has to do a little bit with SmackDown’s move to Fox in October. Maybe Creative has saved their best stuff for then, but it’s a chore these days to watch. Give us something. Anything.

Outside of the imaginatively hilarious and outlandish Bray Wyatt vignettes, the storylines have become immensely repetitive – Shane McMahon says stuff, Drew McIntyre is angry, Sami Zayn loses, Alexa Bliss is a disgruntled Starbucks customer, R-Truth loses the 24/7 Championship and wins it back (although not this week), Ricochet may or may not win his match and Baron Corbin is simply terrible.

You have not missed much outside of the aforementioned. Shame.

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PWO Intermission – Episode 12 – Jamaican Me Believe In Kofi

*A Pro Wrestling Opinion Exclusive*


Check out the latest episode of Intermission, the 15-minute podcast where Host Nicholas Jason Lopez shoots on social media and talks current wrestling news!

Classy Topics Include:

  • Why Can’t He Be Named Donovan Dijak in NXT? 
  • Big E/Xavier Woods Should Turn On Kofi Kingston 
  • WrestleMania 35 Rumor Mill – Kevin Owens Vs. Daniel Bryan, Lacey Evans Vs. Asuka 
  • Where Was Tommaso Ciampa Watching That Match Though? 


Listen Below: 

Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 2/8/17: A Stand Against SAnitY

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 2/8/17) 

A Stand Against SAnitY 

– Well, nothing quite says “Welcome Back To Full Sail University” like the darkness and haunting realism of SAnitY’s entrance. Look Mom, Mad Max has some new friends. Once they get in the ring, we’re subjected to some subtle hardcore dancing from Alexander Wolfe as we wonder what the hell this group is out for so soon into the show. The silence was broken by upbeat Indian music, as The Bollywood Boyz came out with a cultured toy to raise some fun or something like that. Nah, they’re gonna get their asses kicked. In case you wondered, Eric Young/Nikki (not NXT Women’s Champion) Cross would sit this one out. As the match begins, it’s rather hard to not notice Killian Dain’s rampant back hair. Just imagine a furry bear and translate that to a human being. You’ve met your match. Funnily enough, at that point, the Full Sail faithful break out a “Shave your back!” chant. See, they’re not all that resentful. The bout goes on and it’s basically Dain having his way with the fun-lovers. He powerbombed one on top of the other and hit a senton on both. Just, ouch. On top of it all, he hits that sweet move that transitions from an electric chair to the Michinoku Driver. Wolfe never even tagged in, which goes to show that they accomplished the goal to make Dain look scary, though his back hair already did that. Post-match, Cross screamed for Champion Asuka, because well, she’s crazy. Young bragged about his victory over Tye Dillinger at TakeOver: San Antonio and again claimed that “The Perfect 10” belonged with them and it wasn’t a choice anymore. Right. This is like the friendliest group ever.

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