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“Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know” With Zach Gowen

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*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Phillip Stamper* – Jimmy Jacobs is joined this week by his friend, former WWE and TNA star Zach Gowen.
Jimmy and Zach share stories of their struggles with addiction and how Jimmy feels Zach went from a “piece of shit to an actual adult and inspiration”.
Hear Zach talk being “lost as a human being” to being of service to his family, community, and God. Zach also shares:
* His cancer diagnosis and thinking about death all the time.
* “I experienced drugs and alcohol. I experienced self destruction on a life and death level.”
* Pro wrestling as “scratching an itch that nothing else can scratch”.
* “The mainstream media is basically pro wrestling now. How you have characters and how they portray these stories to illicit an emotional reaction out of their audience.”
You can also pick up Zach’s book, “High Risk Manuevers: How I Turned My Handicaps Into Opportunities” on!
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Reminder about the “Bryan and Jimmy” book club with Bryan Danielson (aka WWE’s Daniel Bryan), currently reading “The 5 a.m. Club” by Robin Sharma. Danielson will return to the podcast soon to discuss the book and more with Jimmy.
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Next Wednesday, Jimmy talks with anarchist, vegan, and Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley!
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Preview “Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know” with Daniel Bryan!

Photo courtesy of Stitcher.

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Phillip Stamper*


Preview “Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know” with Daniel Bryan!
Jimmy Jacobs is a professional wrestling personality and recovering addict. 
Hear the trailer for Jimmy’s new podcast, “Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know”, talking with people in his journey to answer life’s big questions – with his first guest, former WWE champion Daniel Bryan.
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