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Notes In Observance – AML Wrestling LIVE! 12/23/16: Beyond Regulation

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

By Nicholas Jason LopezĀ 


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 12/23/16)

Beyond RegulationĀ 

– This round of reviews will chronicle AML Wrestling LIVE’s Episodes #68-72 and an “online exclusive” bout. It has been some time since AML had been around, so we were eager to dive into the pool. The Online Exclusive match between The Regulator and JR Reynolds was the result of Regulator’s (a masked, agile Braun Strowman-esque monster) backstage assault on his former opponents in a tag team called LaBron James. Yes, that’s their names. A constant with these episodes was that the mic audio was hard to pick up with the crowd out there. Luckily, Regulator had a great manager in “THE” Tommy Thomas and we didn’t even need to hear him to get what he said. Reynolds came out as “the next victim” and had a fair, though generic build with a beard, tattooed body and muscles. It was noted to be his debut, as he expected a Regulator squash at the least. Commentator Blake Chadwick noted the improved entranceway, though it looked unspectacular. The match’s story was decent as we saw Regulator dominate early on with a body scissors submission before Reynolds battled back. In fact, this was the most vulnerable Regulator has looked, especially when he almost lost after Reynolds hit a modified frog splash. However, as quickly as that came, the momentum switched again and Regulator hit his double underhook sit-down powerbomb finisher to end it. Might we suggest they name it “Pure Regulation”? Anyways, Thomas’ post-match promo christened his protege a “future Champion” as he bullied around Interviewer Tim Blaze.

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Notes In Observance – AML Wrestling LIVE! 4/15/16: Walking The Talk

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

Photo courtesy of Eventbrite.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent televisions shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 4/15/16)

Walking The Talk

– This recap follows episodes #51-54 since #55/56 are simply “best of.” Episode #51 was spearheaded by the Caprice Coleman-Vordell Walker bout. We had some good hype beforehand with a backstage segment that showed some nice interaction between the two. Coleman has some charisma, even if we’re unsure exactly what his character is supposed to be, though it borders on “Black Priest.” Walker on the other hand, has been pushed as a juggernaut heel, seemingly a better role for him. Think of Lashley’s current TNA character if one needs a comparison. It was a good mesh of personalities and with both guys on “hot runs,” something had to give. A little disappointing as far as the match, since the pace was deadly slow and almost sleep-inducing, but there were moments of clever ring psychology and painful-looking technical maneuvers. Also some cool highlights, like Walker’s top rope belly-to-belly suplex and Coleman’s Frankensteiner, but things ended before they reached second gear. We liked the finish though, which was essentially Walker using brass knuckles to get a pinfall before the decision got reversed when he was caught after the object fell off his hands when the Referee raised his hands. Ever the muscleman, Walker took out a table and set it in the corner, also shoving the Referee down. Walker’s spinebuster on Coleman through the table looked vicious, giving Walker some great heat. Owner Tracy Myers being at ringside also made it feel bigger.

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