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Notes In Observance – WCWC 3/4/17: Go With The Fro

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 3/4/17) 

Go With The Fro

– Matt Striker came out decked in Rush gear, as Blake Chadwick checked in on commentary. Guess he did good enough last week? Sweet. “The Irish Juggernaut” Mikey O’Shea was his opponent. Apparently, he waited a year and a half to get redemption on Striker. We don’t even remember them having any conflicts. Can’t you just bury a hatchet, O’Shea? If the idea is to build O’Shea back up from last week’s loss in an attempt to win the WCWC Tag Team Championships with Damian Drake, we get him being in the ring with the veteran Striker. Smart matchup actually. Striker struck a flatliner, attempted a Pedigree and hit a Codebreaker, all for a two count. Geez, WWE much? They flirted with a Gunslinger finish, but they countered around each other (to the point where it looked like a ballroom dance routine) to where Striker finally hit the Pedigree to get the pin. Not sure why he’d need the clean win here, though it emphasized the Heart Strike as another move in his arsenal. What an emo maneuver.

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