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WCW Starrcade 1991 Reaction

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


Known as World Championship Wrestling’s proverbial “answer to WrestleMania” from the then-World Wrestling Federation, Starrcade was always about making history and was aptly placed where a “payoff” Pay-Per-View should be – the end of December.

It’s only fitting that all the big storylines would come to a halt here, naturally.

Oh wait – not in 1991. Ha. What were you thinking there?

In Ric Flair’s absence, WCW appeared to put a lot of faith in its biggest draw, the blonde-haired, face-painted babyface Sting, as he sought the World Heavyweight Championship.

As an obstacle, he had to go through not only Lex Luger, but as well as a group called The Dangerous Alliance, consistent of members like Rick Rude, “Stunning” Steve Austin (who had blonde hair of his own, that’s how old this show is) and were led by none other than Paul E. Dangerously, who we now know as Paul Heyman.

The melodrama was certainly there and all stages appeared to go towards a big showdown for the Title between Sting and Luger. Nope, you’re not going to get that match straight up at Starrcade. They’re going to “make history” and introduce a concept never heard before – the “Lethal Lottery.”

Come join us for this 1990’s-tastic journey.

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The RSN Wrestling Podcast – TNA

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

*An RSN Wrestling Podcast Exclusive*


Check out the latest episode of The RSN Wrestling Podcast, as PWO’s own Nick, “The Mastermind” Sal and “Big Guy” Rich take the time out to discuss all things TNA, from the early Asylum days to the many faction warfares in its heyday to that time Impact competed against WWE Raw on Mondays in 2010. 

The Knockouts, Dixie Carter, The Miracle, Ethan Carter III, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, you name it, it’s spoken of! 





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The Bischoff Family

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Anthony Zevoteck 


If you read the article title and hoped for me to talk about Garrett Bischoff, you may leave now.

The Bischoff of topic is Eric.

Arguably one of pro wrestling history’s greatest minds, the man worked his way up from the corporate office to become the face of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), an organization that almost put Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) out of business in the late 1990’s.

He first made an impact as a backstage interviewer and announcer in the American Wrestling Association (AWA), which allowed him to get a job for WCW, where he’d eventually change the wrestling world. After he positioned himself as Executive Vice President, he turned into a pivotal character and introduced the genius concept of television as he mixed the mainstream “New World Order” storyline with fast-paced ring action from international stars in Mexico. Before long, he’d be directly involved in the nWo storyline as their manager.

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Cesaro – The Real “Money In The Bank”

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

By Anthony Zevoteck


The six-foot-five, 232-pound Cesaro debuted on WWE television in April 2012. For those of us who knew of him in his time in the indies with companies like Ring Of Honor. Chikara Pro and Combat Zone Wrestling, we knew we were getting an exciting main event-level superstar.

When he successfully won the United States Championship that August from Santino Marella, we rejoiced in a fairly talented newcomer holding a then-dying Championship.

After having the belt for an impressive 239 days, Cesaro lost it to Kofi Kingston and once that happened, everything seemed to slow down.

Three years, an inaugural Andre The Giant Battle Royale Trophy, a failed Paul Heyman endorsement and a Tag Team Championship reign later, Cesaro seems to have improved one-hundred percent… at least in the fans’  point of view.

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The RSN Podcast – The Rise And Fall Of WCW

RSN PodcastCheck out the latest episode of The RSN Podcast, as Rich, Sal and Nick – PWO Resident Head-Honcho – each discuss their picks for the reasons behind both WCW’s rise and fall.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed are not those of PWO. Just three guys shooting the real breeze about a fake sport.)


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