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Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 6/24/15: Hard Hits And Superkicks

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 6/24/15)

Hard Hits And Superkicks 

– Now, here’s what sucks with ROH’s TV and Pay-Per-View schedule: they had a big company moment when Television Champion Jay Lethal defeated ROH World Heavyweight Champion Jay Briscoe at the end of Best In The World. ROH had plenty of momentum coming from that show into this one. It had to suck if you were a casual fan who watched the PPV hoping to see some form of fallout/aftermath and were promptly left empty-handed on that front. That said – ROH cleverly filled the hour with mostly top-notch quality wrestling that was entertaining regardless of what happened at Best In The World. Still though, it would’ve been nice to see some sort of highlight reel or teaser video for what happened from the show. Or promos. Something. Anything. That’s what happens when you see a show air in June taped in May after a buzz-worthy PPV. Things opened up with the Roderick Strong-Shinsuke Nakamura match thankfully. Nice to see Nigel McGuinness join the commentary booth with Kevin Kelly and King Corino, as he had a lot of veteran expertise to hand down as far as ring positioning and differences between American and Japanese styles of pro wrestling. At least they glossed over Best In The World with a few mentions, but it just seems odd that there wasn’t more than that with all of the hype they gave the show. This match saw both guys feel each other out, so the start was a bit slow, but once things settled in, we got very good, hard-hitting action. Props for that finishing sequence that saw Nakamura go over – a questionable booking decision based on the pacing of the PPV where we saw Strong become the new Number One Contender, which obviously didn’t get a mention since it was outdated. Still, Strong looked great in defeat and lost nothing. If you’re able to check out the match, do so.

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Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 6/10/15: Smashburger

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 




(Aired 6/10/15)


– The Addiction promo addressed reDRagon’s title shot opportunity at their Tag Team Championships, tying into last week’s promo. Christopher Daniels’ portion of the promo was very strong with his “You saw what we did to win these titles, just imagine what we’ll do to keep them” line, which was good hype for the match.

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Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 2/15/15: Singapore Swingin’

Pro Wrestling Syndicate“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 2/15/15)

Singapore Swingin’ 

– The opening video reminded us of last week’s controversial ending to the PWS World Heavyweight Title match that saw Bonesaw just beat Mario Bokara, with Fallah Bahh coming out to cash in his Title shot. Things continued where that pretty much happened single-handedly. Bahh got his big moment here, though Dan Maff also teased a potential attack, but he was there just to remind everyone he was number one contender. Lost in the shuffle sadly is Bokara, who was built up excellently as Champion. How will he bounce back from this?

– Cool to also see Katarina Leigh join the PWS Broadcast team backstage – or the former Katie Lea Burchill of WWE fame.

– Nice to also see PWS cash in on what is the pro wrestling phenomenon of The Bullet Club, showcasing the IWGP Tag Team Champions Doc Gallows and “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson along with Amber O’Neal and hyping them up as already “conquered the world” with something to prove against Reality Check’s Craven Varro and Devon Moore. Being that The Bullet Club is somewhat of a household name, wouldn’t it have helped to hype this match last week? Good match that showed off Varro’s never-ending supply of aerial skills, but what kind of benefit did Reality Check get in being decisively beat by Bullet Club here?

– The “Big Deal” Craig Steele-Chris Payne backstage segment was similar to last week but hyped the upcoming mixed tag match well. As for the match itself, it was okay. Joe The Drifter being “special guest referee” was a random use of his character, but it was at least given storyline explanation. Payne’s victory was expected, but the way he won with the school boy pin suggested that he simply “got one over” on Steele and that it’s not over between those two. Steele attacking Drifter and Eddie Kingston joining in, eventually cornering Tessa led to what stole the segment: Tully Blanchard making the save, dropkicks and all. Solid moment that will probably lead to a Drifter/Payne-Kingston/Steele tag match in the future.

– The Untouchables backstage segment from two weeks earlier expressed their frustration and how they’d discuss things in the snake pit with Jake Roberts, which set that up well. The segment was best remembered for Monster’s Island making their second appearance, saving Roberts from certain doom. Everyone came out of this looking good – Untouchables got heat, Roberts and Monster’s Island had their moments. Only thing that would’ve helped was having it be treated like a bigger moment what with all the hype behind Monster’s Island.

– The Brian Myers-Kevin Matthews feud hype video was same as last week, but the upcoming Singapore Cane match was also hyped well by Leigh, Sam Roberts and David Adams in the production studio. The match itself had a nice “blood feud” feel to it. Even the little things like Myers wearing an altered version of Matthews’ t-shirt provided a bit of perceived hatred. The match was paced understandably fast from the bell and there were some inventive uses of the ladder in play, though in retrospect, the rules involving it were silly at best. Regardless, brutal match with some sick-looking welts on Matthews’ back. The towel being inadvertently “thrown in” by Devon Moore after Craven Varro teased it was somewhat disappointing, but fit the moment. The added question of Moore accidentally or deliberately throwing the towel in the ring causing the match to finish was also interesting to bring up. Could be followed up with next week.

– The “wrap up” video package that featured Steele, Maff, The Heavenly Bodies and Bahh in celebration, Team Espana randomly playing soccer, Phillip Simon II and Jesse in “shower confession,” Johnny Howl showing some random in-ring maneuvers, Aesthetics Enterprise having Beefcake Charlie do forced exercise and The Untouchables retained the silliness it’s been known for. They should keep these.

– Not sure what to think of short-haired Habib From The Car Wash walking around “Somewhere In Pakistan” washing cars just yet. Are we supposed to laugh? Cry? Laugh and cry? How did Matt Macintosh finish cutting his hair so well? Guess we’ll find out next week.





Quick Results

PWS World Heavyweight Championship Match – Fallah Bahh def. Bonesaw (Champion) to become new Champion

– Doc Gallows/Karl Anderson (w/Amber O’Neal) def. Kraven Varro/Devon Moore via pinfall

– Mixed Tag Match – Chris Payne/Tessa Blanchard def. “Big Deal” Chris Steele/Vanity via pinfall

– Singapore Cane Match – Brian Myers def. Kevin Matthews via Thrown-In Towel from Devon Moore