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Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 6/10/15: Destination X-Lax

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 




(Aired 6/10/15)

Destination X-Lax

– The opening video dramatically put over the “innovation” of the X-Division and hyped all the qualifying matches that would lead to a three-way with the winner to crown a new Champion. Also hyped was Rockstar Spud-Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, where the winner would defend against Austin Aries.

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Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 5/29/15: Last Friday Night

TNA Impact WrestlingBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 5/29/15)

Last Friday Night

– The cold tension between Eric Young and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle was captured excellently on this episode form start to finish. Starting things with a random cameraman in the passenger seat of Young’s car made us wonder just what was going on in the first place, but was used as a set-up to the apparent parking lot brawl that ensued seconds later since Angle was already waiting for him.

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Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 2/13/15: The BDC Gets Revenge

TNA Impact Wrestling“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 2/13/15)

The BDC Gets Revenge

– The opening video was decent as it highlighted the Lethal Lockdown match where Bobby Lashley joined Team Angle after several turndowns.

– This was more or less a solid night for The Beat Down Clan, as MVP looked like a mastermind manipulator here, giving his group a motivational talk before the show, which set the tone for the rest of the show.

– The first in-ring segment with Kurt Angle, Lashley and the BDC was good in establishing the main event for later. The Scotland crowd was hot for Angle and his proposal for a Title match against Lashley gives us something to look forward to. Note that the BDC finally have their own attire and ring gear, so they look like more of a unit.

– The backstage interaction between Austin Aries and Bobby Roode set across their long history and Roode put over the importance of the World Title and looked to just put on a good match. As good as you can do with this.

– Ethan Carter III’s backstage promo put over his desire to scalp Spud, and at the same time expressing his anger towards Jeremy Borash and proposed the handicap match later with him and Tyrus against Spud/Borash/Mandrews. Good stuff.

– The concept of next week’s gauntlet match is finally a smart use of the ranking system that actually made the Roode/Aries match matter a little bit more. This needed some logic and that’s what we finally got.

– The Aries-Roode match was okay and didn’t last too long. Certainly not the “five star classic” Josh Matthews called it, but good. Roode winning by submission was the right move being that he’s on a World Title push and Aries already has a shot for it. The attacks that followed by Eric Young were very good and got Young over as a deranged maniac. This likely “took out” Roode, leaving next week in doubt for him.

– Al Snow played a great heel as he called out Grado. This was obviously to play to the home crowd. Grado’s an interesting character, though he doesn’t have the “look” of a star wrestler, but Snow’s someone that can definitely make him look good. The hook for next week was decent too.

– The Bram-Crazy Steve match obviously was made to put Bram over as he is in a storyline with Magnus. His obsession with wanting Magnus to come out was also good.

– The Spud/JB/Mandrews backstage segment had Spud look like a great motivator, urging JB to wrestle and said he had backup, which was revealed later on obviously.

– The Gunner/Angle backstage segment showed Gunner’s doubt in teaming with Lashley and Angle put his plans over. Kept the story going.

– The EC3/Tyrus-Spud/Mandrews/Borash handicap match was good for what it was. Borash was tough here and even surprisingly got good air from the top rope but the fun ended there as Carter pinned Spud. The return of Mr. Anderson was nicely done here as we can assume he is now thrown into the mix.

– The backstage promo of Gunner had him focused on next week’s gauntlet and that set up the assault by Low-Ki and Kenny King done mugging style.

– The Madison Rayne in-ring promo had her gloating with Awesome Kong’s “stomping” music coming on and off, which nicely set up Kong’s entrance. That aside, this was pretty much a squash. Would’ve been nice to hear from Gail Kim or even a followup with Havok, but what we got was good enough.

– The Aries/Angle backstage segment had Aries put over the World Title and how being Champion puts a target on your back. There’s been good hype in making the World Heavyweight Championship Belt important.

– The in-ring segment with Matt Hardy and James Storm/The Revolution was good in looking in the rear view mirror (Jeff Hardy’s “injury”) and setting eyes towards the future, with The Wolves making the save. Storm was good on the mic bragging about doing what no one else did in taking Jeff out. We can expect something will go down next week with everyone involved.

– The backstage assault on Aries by the BDC was solidly done, but why on earth would Aries want to reveal his briefcase plans either way? Also, did we need a replay of the segment that just happened?

– The Angle/Lashley-MVP/Samoa Joe (w/Kenny King and Low-Ki) match was good for what it was, but nothing special. MVP pinned Lashley with the tights taking advantage of miscommunications between Lashley and Angle. Lashley and Angle argued to end the show, which set up next week pretty well.





Quick Results

– Bobby Roode def. Austin Aries via submission

– Bram def. Crazy Steve via pinfall

– Handicap Match – Ethan Carter III/Tyrus def. Rockstar Spud/Mandrews/Jeremy Borash via pinfall

– Awesome Kong def. Madison Rayne via pinfall

– MVP/Samoa Joe def. Kurt Angle/Bobby Lashley via pinfall 

Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 1/23/15: Melee On 34th Street

TNA Impact Wrestling“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 1/23/15)

Melee On 34th Street

– “Feast or Fired” was always too gimmicky to take seriously. Why would anybody even want to participate in a match like that when you can just earn your title shot the old-fashioned way? Perhaps this is just TNA’s lazy way of writing someone off television. Either way, it needs a re-do of some sort. As it is right now, it’s pretty lame.

– This oh-so-special Feast Or Fired contest featured Gunner, The Wolves, Bram, Magnus, The Bro-Mans, Sam Shaw, Rockstar Spud, Austin Aries, DJ Z and Crazy Steve. There were some decent spots like you’d expect – like when The Wolves monkey-tossed DJ Z over the top rope and over Velvet Sky on the apron onto the competitors on the floor. This would all have an effect later on in the show, but with Magnus and Robbie E recently returning to television, it would have been poor to fire either of them.

– We knew we would get some kind of confrontation between Lashley and The Beat Down Clan at some point. God, that name still sucks.

– The backstage exchange shared between Magnus and Bram over Magnus getting a briefcase foreshadowed a potential feud between the two. With Magnus winning the Tag Title shots, it should be interesting to see if he shares it with Bram or goes against him. A tiny hook can do wonders and this was one of the few times it happened on this show.

– The Lashley-Kenny King (w/BDC) match was just another set up for the BDC to continue their dominance over Lashley. The “forced” BDC hype video at the beginning seemed nWo-esque, but the BDC is just the newest TNA heel stable and as we’ve seen every year, they’re a dime a dozen. Lashley was also way too monotone in his promo delivery for someone who should be livid about having their Belt stolen. Where’s the rage? Roode showed it last week perfect. An eventual feud between King and Lashley would be good down the road though. Lashley being a face now opens these possibilities. Why did this need to be an official match though? Couldn’t Lashley have just attacked MVP and gotten the belt back? The DQ finish was lame. Mission failed for Lashley – a recurrent theme this show.

– The Awesome Kong hype video was necessary to introduce her to new viewers, though most TNA fans are familiar with her work.

– The Havok-Gail Kim Knockouts match was decent while the action lasted. Havok’s relentless anger was the story here, as she attacked the Referee for a DQ and assaulted Kim, who looked strong before that, putting up a big fight. Of course, this just set up Kong to make the save and confront Havok once again. Kong got the better of Havok, clearing her from the ring, something normal people don’t do. Where will Kim factor into things? The Knockouts are one of the few bright spots in the company right now, so no complaints here.

– Khoya looked okay in the two minutes of action we saw him rip apart Tigre Uno, who decided to show up for whatever reason. The basic story was that Storm was brainwashing everyone and “rebranded” Khoya from who he was before. Storm is the new Bray Wyatt, blah blah blah. Storm also seemed to want Matt Hardy to join his “Revolution” of mid-card disappointments. Pointing to the group’s increasing size doesn’t help things when you look at who is in it that is noteworthy besides Storm and Abyss.

– It didn’t seem necessary to play up tension between Roode and Kurt Angle, being that they both had common enemies and never had conflicts before. Angle makes a good “motivator,” but it just seemed irrelevant.

– The brief segment where Josh Matthews wrapped up storylines and updates on the show was good in retrospect, but those viewers who tuned in at the beginning – yes, us – know all of this stuff already. Why do you need to show highlights of a show in progress unless it’s a major event?

– Rockstar Spud’s post-match promo brought up the quite real possibility of him being fired. That would have killed his momentum flat, huh?

– The Angle/Roode-Eric Young/Low Ki tag team match was more flaky overbooking. Basically, the BDC helped Young take advantage of Roode and helped secure the win for Low Ki and Young. They have to be careful not to overexpose these guys now.

– The hype video for the Spud-Ethan Carter III feud was at least sleek and they had a decent backstory to go off of. It’s one of TNA’s few ongoing feuds lasting from this summer.

– The biggest event to come out of the Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus)-Jeremy Borash (w/Spud) “match” was the appearance of Mark “Mandrews” as he attacked Tyrus and performed a Shooting Star Press on him on the floor below. It looked like Tyrus didn’t catch him well enough. It took a few good minutes for the crowd to warm up to Mandrews, but it’s obvious this will lead to some kind of match between Carter/Tyrus and Spud/Mandrews with baldy Borash as the cheerleader somewhat. To his credit – The hoodie-wearing Borash also looked somewhat strong, as he stood right up to Carter and even put on an array of fists and fury on him in the corner briefly. Carter was also entertaining on the mic as a bully figure, but this was nothing new.

– The James Storm-Matt Hardy match wasn’t anything special, besides for Hardy getting a surprise inside cradle for the win. This just set up Monster’s Ball next week, with Jeff making the save.

– The Jeff Hardy-Abyss Monster’s Ball match and Lashley defending the Title was hyped for next week’s show.

– Robbie E admittedly took the spotlight and ran with it during the briefcase unveilings, going over-the-top and praising his brains and ditching Velvet to the curb. The way it all played out though made it insanely obvious that Aries would get the World Title shot. As if they would really give it to Robbie E or Velvet Sky. Yeah, that would sell surely.

– The “Street Brawl” between MVP and Lashley was basically them fighting all over the entrance of the Manhattan Center, until the BDC did their BDC thing. Roode and Angle seemed to be a cooperative unit by the end and Roode had his eyes on the prize again, his once-coveted Title. See: the most awkward staredown ever with Lashley that concluded the show.





Quick Results

– Feast Or Fired Briefcase Winners – Austin Aries (World Heavyweight Title Shot), Rockstar Spud (X-Division Title Shot), Magnus (Tag Team Title Shot) and Velvet Sky (Fired)

– Bobby Lashley def. Kenny King via DQ

– Gail Kim def. Havok via DQ

– Khoya (w/The Revolution) def. Tigre Uno via pinfall

– Eric Young/Low Ki def. Bobby Roode/Kurt Angle via pinfall