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TNA One Night Only: Live! Reaction

Photo courtesy of YouTube.

Photo courtesy of YouTube.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


Known for their filler-esque themed cards and subtle-to-mild hype, it takes a lot for one to look at a “One Night Only” show with excitement.

However, TNA in 2016 actually took time to dedicate reasons to hype a live version of “ONO,” including Kurt Angle being in action, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett’s in-ring debut and the marquee factor – a sudden, but enjoyable Beer Money reunion, thrusting James Storm into a storyline from his big return after a brief swim in NXT waters.

Despite a few highlights, this show reminded us why TNA cannot handle live capabilities, making silly mistakes in production and on commentary.

TNA has tried to make some good news, but like always, it always ends up bad.






(Aired 1/8/16)

The Breakdown

– The opening video hyped the night’s matches and occurrences, particularly focusing on the Beer Money-Bram/Eric Young, three-way tag, Lashley-Tyrus and #1 Contender Knockouts Gauntlet matches.

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