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Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 5/27/15: Life After Death

Lucha UndergroundBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 5/27/15)

Life After Death

– The opening video solidly previewed the upcoming death match between Mil Muertes and Fenix as well as the Lucha Underground Championship match between Prince Puma and Hernandez, also mixing in the newest threat of one Johnny Mundo.

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Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 5/20/15: Unlimited Heights

Lucha Underground“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 5/20/15)

Unlimited Heights

– The opening video as always, does a good job of reeling the viewer in to current issues and feuds, by using clips from weeks prior. Highlighted here were the Hernandez-Prince Puma, Delavar Daivari-Texano and The Crew-Ivelisse/Son Of Havoc/Angelico feuds.

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Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 2/18/15: Can’t Cheat Death

Lucha Underground“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 




(Aired 2/18/15)

Can’t Cheat Death

– The Mil Muertes-Chavo Guerrero match was already billed as Muertes seeking revenge on Guerrero. Catrina’s absence was first noticed with crowd chants. Lucha Underground has this bad habit of putting a giant spotlight on anyone who makes an appearance during a match, it can distract the viewer from in-ring action. The blatant DQ finish with the chair was lame, but the story here was bigger than the match. Muertes developed his own heat by pulling Catrina by the hair, grabbing her by the throat (questionable) and was about to do his finisher on her on the chair. This was a great spot for Fenix to make the save and it was sealed with Catrina’s tongue kiss to make Muertes jealous. This tied everything together and we now know a showdown with Fenix-Muertes over Catrina is in the cards.

– The segment with Dario Cueto and The Crew in his office was decent in that it established Cueto’s ruthless nature in making The Crew want to “eliminate the weak” as he targeted Sexy Star, Pimparnela Escarlata and Mascarita Sagrada. This would be natural heat, as this was seemingly easy pickings for The Crew.

– Having Ivelisse fight Son Of Havoc’s battles, calling out Angelico was a good way to progress the ongoing storyline of her relationship with Havoc, challenging his manhood. Angelico was in a tough spot as he was popular and couldn’t put too much offense on her to risk drawing heat for attacking a woman, but he sold well enough for her to make his retaliations believable. The match was okay, nothing special. The finish made sense as Havoc interfered to help Ivelisse win, with her practically ignoring the fact. Angelico’s proposal to fight Ivelisse without Havoc around could be something to look for in the future. Could Ivelisse turn on Havoc for Angelico?

– The interview with Vampiro and Tejano put over Tejano’s focus to destroy Alberto El Patron and take back what he felt was stolen from him. Showing footage from AAA also helped a lot here, to show fans the magnitude of their feud elsewhere and how it has now spread to Lucha Underground.

– The Super Fly-Texano match served as enhancement to put over Texano as a big threat. The attack by El Patron on Texano with the bullrope was well-done and believable that this was indeed personal. Having this early in the feud was also a wise call.

– The segment with Cage and Cueto in his office hyped his match next week with Prince Puma well, as it’s no secret Cage looks to be World Champion, demanding to be called Champion and wanting a better belt. This established Cage as fearless to get what he wants. Chavo coming in quitting was a ho-hum development. Have we really seen the last of Chavo in Lucha Underground?

– The segment with Angela Fong by the cage was too vague to make anything of.

– The No Disqualification Trios match with The Crew and Mascarita Sagrada/Pimparnela Escarlata/Sexy Star had good storytelling, as The Crew systematically eliminated it down to Sexy Star, who gave fans hope in the match. Big Ryck making his appearance in the arena and coming down, distracting The Crew long enough to see Sexy Star pull out the win makes you want to see how Cueto will punish The Crew for not getting the job done and then obviously, the showdown between Ryck and The Crew will be the ultimate payoff. Keep in mind The Crew needs a slight pick-me-up, as they couldn’t even beat Sexy Star, though they clearly had moments in the match they could’ve pinned anyone. They could use this to push Sexy Star, but how far could her character really go? The Crew could’ve won this match and nothing would’ve changed in terms of that.





Quick Results

– Mil Muertes def. Chavo Guerrero via DQ

– Ivelisse (w/Son Of Havoc) def. Angelico via pinfall

– Texano def. Super Fly via pinfall

– No Disqualification Trios Match – Sexy Star/Pimparnela Escarlata/Mascarita Sagrada def. The Crew via pinfall

Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 2/11/15: The Revolution Begins

Lucha Underground“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 2/11/15)

The Revolution Begins

– The interaction between Alberto El Patron and Dario Cueto in Cueto’s office was a decent way to set up Patron’s eventual debut in-ring promo. It could’ve been looked at as him as the next big heel out to do Cueto’s dirty work, but it turned out to be the opposite.

– The Argenis-Fenix match seemed to go through the motions as friendly competition until Catrina made her appearance in the stands, cheering Fenix on “in silence.” From that point, Fenix winning was predictable. Catrina made herself seductive as she gave the “Lick Of Death” on Argenis for Fenix, something she previously did for Mil Muertes. Transition style match that will lead to some kind of interaction between Catrina, Muertes and Fenix down the road.

– The scene between Mil Muertes and Catrina in the cell with the up-close shot of Catrina’s shoes off the ground, suggesting she was being held by her throat may had been a bit on the misogynistic side, but it made sense with their relationship. Chavo Guerrero coming into the shot to be assaulted being told he’d pay his debt was an interesting development that we can assume will be settled… next week.

– The “confession” segment with Big Ryck was a creative way to show his yearning for payback on The Crew. Of course with the eyepatch, he now looks like a bootleg Nick Fury, but it follows the continuity of the storyline perfectly that makes us want to see how he follows through with that promise.

– Son Of Havoc’s pre-match promo set forward his love of Ivelisse and having some “real competition.” This led into the match well and made Havoc appear confident, as if this may be the first time he gets a big win.

– The Johnny Mundo-Havoc match was given enough time to please and told a good story. Havoc was surprisingly over with the fans, who wouldn’t have minded a victory from him here, but with the recent storyline being his “struggle,” it wasn’t likely. The finish was good in capturing this – that Havoc took too long to go for his finisher trying to impress Ivelisse and it cost him, which likely makes Ivelisse more angry. The postmatch attack by King Cuerno on Mundo also put Cuerno over well.

– The Ricky Mandel-Pentagon Jr. Match showcased more of Pentagon Jr’s darker side, wanting to impress his “master.” Mandel had no chance here, so it was pretty much the same as last week, which kept Pentagon’s momentum going. It’s over with the crowd too. The reveal of the “master” will be interesting down the road.

– The El Patron in-ring promo definitely had the fans go crazy, as he played the fan favorite. The attack by El Texano Jr. which carried over their AAA feud was random, but it’ll be cool to see what comes from this on an American platform. For Lucha Underground itself, say someone like Cage could’ve gotten over big with the spot of attacking El Patron, but alas, what we got was still good enough to roll with.





Quick Results

– Fenix def. Argenis via pinfall

– Johnny Mundo def. Son Of Havoc (w/Ivelisse) via pinfall

– Pentagon Jr. def. Ricky Mandel via submission 

Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 1/14/15: A Man Called Cage

Lucha Underground“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 1/14/15)

A Man Called Cage

– The opening video which featured a look back at Chavo Guerrero’s turn on Blue Demon Jr./attack on Sexy Star with a steel chair and Prince Puma’s victory in Aztec Warfare was well-done. Also note that Lucha Underground’s backstage segments are sharply produced a la “Reality Television.” The interaction between Fenix and Dario Cuerto pretty much set the stage that Cuerto wanted someone to uncrown Puma as Champion and embarrass Konnan and that Fenix would only do it for himself, not for Cuerto. Off the bat, we knew this match would be a good main event.

– The four-way elimination match between Aerostar, Argenis, Angelico and Cage was a smart way to introduce all four men to new viewers. Everyone essentially had their own character – Aerostar was branded as the high-flyer, Argenis was the one who could adapt to many styles, Angelico was the crowd-pandering one and Cage was the “jacked-up bad boy.” When personalities clash, it makes for good competition. Everyone had their time to shine, as Aerostar in particular had a great outing, bouncing off the ropes without effort. At one point, Cage caught Aerostar in mid-air during a Lariat and turned it into a Brainbuster Suplex. Angelico even leaped over the ring post onto the men below on the mat in a breathtaking spot. Cage pinned Argenis, Aerostar and Angelico. That’s about as strong as you can look. He looks like a more ripped Robbie E. His post match promo was decent as he called himself a “machine.” The ending of the show would only back this up.

– The segment/brawl between Guerrero and Blue Demon was solid, as it appeared that Blue Demon got the best of the exchange after seemingly being outwitted to be Guerrero’s victim in a brass-knuckled ambush, hitting Guerrero twice with the chair. The initial focus of the promo started with the chair for a nice touch, as Guerrero sat in the ring. Even so, we kind of got the feeling Guerrero wasn’t done for good with Blue Demon Jr.

– The Drago-King Cuerno match was a bit more slowed down than the opener match. Matt Striker and Vampiro solidly put Cuervo over as a hunter and emphasized the deer head that was placed in the corner. The table spot off the balcony was excellently done, but the referee counted both men out to a draw, which wasn’t the pretty part.

– The hype video for Fenix made him look determined and like someone who comes back from anything, and there was a lot of fire in there too.

– The Lucha Underground Championship match between Fenix and Prince Puma had a very strong start as both competitors literally danced around each other’s maneuvers and it was Suicide Dives galore. The finish was well done as Puma kicked Fenix off the top rope after Fenix walked along it and then hit his finisher. The post match attack by Cage on Puma was well done and it established Cage as someone to deal with, sort of taking notes from the WWE NXT playbook.





Quick Results

– Four-Way Elimination – Cage def. Aerostar, Argenis and Angelico, eliminating all three opponents 

– Drago and King Cuerno to a Draw/Double Countout 

– Lucha Underground Championship – Prince Puma (Champion) def. Fenix via pinfall to retain

Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 1/7/15: Aztec Warfare

Lucha Underground“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 1/7/15)

Aztec Warfare

– The opening video was sleek and dramatic as it introduced the “Aztec Warfare” match concept; basically a glorified version of the Royal Rumble with entries by wrestlers every 90 seconds, but different in that eliminations were by pinfalls and submissions and “anything goes” rules.

– Off the bat, Matt Striker and Vampiro sounds like an odd pairing for a commentary booth, but it works. Could it be better? Of course. However, Striker’s expertise – both of the subject and as a wrestler, combined with Vampiro’s in-ring experience, makes them credible to both the casuals and diehards.

– The Dario Cuerto promo was straight-forward about the match, with a heelish confidence in being the match’s mastermind. His delivery was similar to the former Alberto Del Rio in WWE.

– The match itself had action aplenty with a little bit of everything. The concept of the Pimpinela Escarlata drag queen character was definitely an eye-opener, but that’s good for a company that is making strides for being different. Women were even in the match, so gender was no factor. Katrina even took a kick to the face on the apron. The final sequence between Mundo and Puma was superb athleticism with great near falls. Konnan even showed up at the end. All in all, the match showcased many – Puma, Mundo, Ryck, Chavo and Muertes had memorable performances.






Quick Results

– Entries: #1 Fenix (pinned by Chavo), #2 Johnny Mundo (pinned by Puma), #3 Mr. Cisco (pinned by Mundo), #4 King Cuerno (pinned by Mundo), #5 Son Of Havoc (pinned by Puma), #6 Pimparnela Escarlata (pinned by Son Of Havoc), #7 Prince Puma (winner), #8 Ivelisse (pinned by Cuerno), #9 Drago (pinned by Big Ryck), #10 Bael (pinned by Puma), #11 Cortez Castro (pinned by Mundo), #12 Ricky Mandel (pinned by Big Ryck), #13 Big Ryck (pinned by Fenix and Chavo), #14 Pentagon Jr. (Pinned by Chavo), #15 Super Fly (pinned by Chavo), #16 Chavo Guerrero Jr. (Pinned by Sexy Star), #17 Mascarita Sagrada (pinned by Big Ryck), #18 Sexy Star (pinned by Mil Muertes), #19 El Mariachi Loco (pinned by Mil Muertes), #20 Mil Muertes (w/Katrina) (pinned by Mundo and Puma)

– Prince Puma Becomes New Lucha Underground Champion