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The RSN Wrestling Podcast – “Shoot” Edition – 1/17/18

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*An RSN Wrestling Podcast Exclusive*


Check out the latest episode from The RSN Wrestling Podcast, where Hosts “Mastermind” Sal, “Big Guy” Rich and “The Knight That Runs The Site” PWO’s own Nick talk about the latest happenings in wrestling news – WWE’s new signings, Roman Reigns, the return of The Curb Stomp, Braun Strowman in catering, Royal Rumble 2018 speculation/ideas for men and women and more!





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WWE In Your House 12: It’s Time Reaction

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


While its progression to realism from a cartoonish image was evident towards the latter half of 1996, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) still struggled to shake control from its rival organization – World Championship Wrestling (WCW). WCW was in a stretch where it’d dominate television ratings for 84 consecutive weeks.

This show was peppered with potential from a standout opener between Leif Cassidy (now known as Al Snow) and Flash Funk (better referred to as 2 Cold Scorpio), a passable “Armageddon Rules” match from The Undertaker and The Executioner that went all over the arena/set and a good effort from its WWF Intercontinental Championship bout between Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Marc Mero.

The rest was showered in shrouds of ridicule as enthusiastic as the sights of Fake Diesel and Razor Ramon on our screens. Even good ‘ol Jim Ross on commentary couldn’t do much for us. We’ll also investigate the ideological mess that was the WWF World Tag Team Championship match.

In the battle of “Powerbomb Vs. Sharpshooter,” powerbomb emerged victorious, but it was our collective brains that got powerbombed in the end.

You could tell how much the WWF needed a shakeup headed into 1997.

To top it off , the namesake of the show – Vader – wasn’t even on the card. Good riddance to WWF 1996.

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Review – Daniel Bryan/Craig Tello – YES: My Improbable Journey To The Main Event Of WrestleMania

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez



If anybody from World Wrestling Entertainment has had an up-and-down career in and out of the ring, it’s Daniel Bryan.

Elevated from “Indie Wrestler Comes To WWE” status  in 2010 to an actual main event player in 2014, he went though a journey like none other.

His own “Cinderella Story” occurred between 2013 and WrestleMania XXX where he emerged an Undisputed Champion and married five days later to Brie Bella. It’s literally as perfect as one professional wrestler could dream of, especially one who didn’t fit the “corporate style” of what WWE traditionally spotlights.

How would this all translate in a book? With some help by’s Craig Tello, we’d finally get that tell-all where Bryan describes his joyous upbringings and subsequent dream chase, with all the little things in-between.

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PWO Exclusive: “Wind Of Destruction” Makaze Interview Pt. II

Photo courtesy of Dynamo Pro Wrestling.

*A Pro Wrestling Opinion Exclusive*


Check out Part II of our interview with Dynamo Pro Wrestling’s “Wind Of Destruction” Makaze, as the 18-year veteran discusses his scariest moment out of the ring, stories on the road, his moniker significance, influences, what he’d like to see happen in mainstream/local wrestling and more!





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WWE Payback 2016 Reaction

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Payback was christened as the “first pay-per-view of a New Era,” and to a degree, this was true.

With beloved Shane McMahon running Raw lately, we saw an array of main roster debuts (Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, The Vaudevillains, Enzo/Cass), big returns (Sami Zayn, Cesaro) and a main event scene you wouldn’t expect (AJ Styles, Roman Reigns).

One could argue that masking new feuds and NXT call-ups as a “new era” is a tad bit deceiving since that kind of thing happens every year.

However, thanks to the debuts of Karl Anderson/Luke Gallows and having them inserted into the Reigns-Styles storyline, the prominence of the Zayn-Kevin Owens feud, a tag team tournament to determine #1 contender’s, recent storylines and an amped-up Chicago crowd were bound to make this a night to remember.

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Top Five WWE Returns We’d Like To See

By Anthony Zevoteck



Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

WWE can be a “make it or break it” territory for a wrestling career. It has been proven that when things go great, they go very great, to the point that when a superstar leaves the company, it can leave a hole that while Creative fills, fans can’t help but fantasize “what if.” 

“What if they had been given full time to blossom?” 

“What if they actually got that push?”

Of course, the biggest: “What if they ever come back to WWE?” 

In 2015, we saw both The Dudley Boyz and Alberto Del Rio make their returns and that proves that anybody could come back to WWE no matter how bad the departure might’ve been.

Below are five returns we think are possible sometime down the road and of course, fantasized by WWE fans daily. 

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Top 20 Of 2015

Top 20 Of 2015By Nicholas Jason Lopez

*Graphic by Angel Ancantara*


2015 certainly had unmemorable moments – a Global Force Wrestling invasion, a “Divas Revolution,” a ridiculous love rectangle, tater tot promos, among others.

However, we also saw fantastic ones – a Money In The Bank Briefcase Cash-In during the WrestleMania main event, a revamped Undertaker-Brock Lesnar feud, “four horsewomen,” John Cena’s United States Open Challenge, TNA World Title Series and that’s scratching the surface.

Below’s our list of the top 20 moments of 2015.

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WWE In Your House 4 Reaction

WWE In Your House 4By Nicholas Jason Lopez


With the first WWE Pay-Per-View held in Canada since WrestleMania VI five years prior, the “In Your House” series continued to invade the houses of professional wrestling fans in the 90’s, giving us trademark mid-90’s WWE – outlandish characters, strong emphasis on promos and athleticism in the tag team and main event matches.

Compared to some of the past IYH’s, this show ranked up in the better half, with a fast-paced two hours with some riveting matches, nothing ever getting slow or boring, even though some of the overbooked finishes were questionable.

All on that below.

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WWE In Your House 3 Reaction

WWE In Your House 3By Nicholas Jason Lopez


In Your House 3 was mostly known for its unique “Tripleheader” main event, which was the WWE Tag Team Champions Owen Hart/Yokozuna fighting against WWE World Champion Diesel/WWE Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels, with every Title up for grabs, as whoever got pinned would lose their respective belt(s) to the person who pinned them.

The rest of the event was well… very 90’s. We saw glimpses of future failures (Savio Vega’s initial babyface run, Dean Douglas, the list goes on) and we also saw some breakthrough performances from the likes of The British Bulldog, Bam Bam Bigelow and Bret Hart.

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Notes In Observance – PWS Wrestling 6/30/15: Foley Turns 50

Pro Wrestling SyndicateBy Nicholas Jason Lopez

“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 6/30/15)

Foley Turns 50

– David Adams and Big Deal Craig Steele did a solid job setting up the night’s matches, especially going in-depth in the longest PWS rivalry between Habib From The Car Wash and Matt Macintosh, which spanned two continents and a deportation angle.

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