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NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable Reaction

Courtesy of WWE

Courtesy of WWE

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


So, this is just the week that keeps on giving and giving, huh?

The internet has practically broken itself three times in the span of four days.

First, The Shield reunited for a good 45 seconds with a Triple Powerbomb at WWE Payback. Then, NXT Champion Kevin Owens came out on Raw and dropped John Cena on his head after a memorable promo exchange.

Now, Samoa Joe makes his NXT debut in a standoff with Owens at the conclusion of TakeOver: Unstoppable, a show that was already delivering on all fronts with yet another excellent effort.

With Joe recently taking independent bookings, the sight of him in NXT also fell on the rumor mill, but seeing it for ourselves was almost like the heyday of WCW’s rise in the 90’s when main eventers jumped ship.

Coinciding on a day where TNA reportedly was cancelled by Destination America (still not officially confirmed), it only made sense one of its former top stars (and original Beat Down Clan member as recent as March) came to “the place to be.”

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