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Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 1/28/15: 3Live Crew

Lucha Underground“Notes In Observation” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 1/28/15)

– The opening video highlighted last week’s events, such as The Crew’s eye-burning cigar attack on Big Ryck and Cage’s assault on Lucha Underground World Champion Prince Puma after Puma successfully defended against Fenix. The Crew and Cage would be the stars of this episode, so to open with these highlights made sense.

– The backstage cinematic cutscenes seem a bit soap opera-like, which takes away from the “gritty” realism of pro wrestling, especially when the Broadcast team refers to the Temple arena building the matches take place in as “run down.” Which image are they going with? Nevertheless – the interaction between Dario Cueto and Cage made sense, as Cueto saw him as the new guy to potentially become new World Champion.

– Mil Muertes was built up by Matt Striker/Vampiro as a credible threat pretty well during his match with Fenix. This was all done to set up the surprise pin and victory as Fenix used the bounce off a superplex to catch Muertes. A rematch is bound to happen, but what does this feud do for either guy?

– The Cage hype video couldn’t have been more cheesy if it tried to be. This could’ve been a good chance to see Cage in the ring training, but instead he beats up a doofus and throws him on a car, like a wannabe Terminator. He’s got the muscles though. WWE would love a guy like him.

– The six-man tag between Argenis/Super Fly/Aerostar and Cortez Castro/Mr. Cisco/Bael was your usual action spot-fest as you’d expect from these guys. The Crew has been built solidly as a group, as TNA’s Beat Down Clan could learn from these guys. The top rope hurricanrana spot to the floor was insane. The Crew convincingly went over and they just can’t be stopped right now. They need better competition though, as it seemed the masked Luchadors they took on were just teamed up for kicks.

– The Vampiro interview segment set Konnan out to be Puma’s assertive mouthpiece, as he didn’t let Puma talk. Vampiro was good in calling Konnan out on this, before the two nearly came to blows. This was okay in making the viewer see that Puma would be better off without Konnan and when he eventually turns on Konnan, people will love him more, but this segment was the reason why the show’s ending lacked emotional impact.

– The Puma (w/Konnan)-Cage World Title match was okay until the pointless low blow by Cage. Did he not know he was fighting for the World Title? Konnan sought revenge by attacking Cage with a pinstick, only for it to be turned around on him and also hit with the belt. Konnan was established as Puma’s heel manager earlier and seeing a heel attack another heel – no matter how brutal – just won’t have an emotional impact on the viewer. Cage ripping the Belt in half was a good visual to close the show, but we needed more of a reason to hate Cage other than attacking another heel and ripping a newly debuted Belt. They didn’t have to have the World Title match this week if this was all they’d set up.

– The Asian woman cornering Cueto in his office looking for “Matanza” was one of those things we can’t really judge at the moment until we see where it leads. For now, it’s intriguing, but doesn’t make it “must-see” stuff.





Quick Results

– Fenix def. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) via pinfall

– Cortez Castro/Mr. Cisco/Bael def. Aerostar/Super Fly/Argenis via pinfall

– World Championship Match – Prince Puma (w/Konnan) def. Cage via DQ

Notes In Observance – Lucha Underground 1/14/15: A Man Called Cage

Lucha Underground“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.




(Aired 1/14/15)

A Man Called Cage

– The opening video which featured a look back at Chavo Guerrero’s turn on Blue Demon Jr./attack on Sexy Star with a steel chair and Prince Puma’s victory in Aztec Warfare was well-done. Also note that Lucha Underground’s backstage segments are sharply produced a la “Reality Television.” The interaction between Fenix and Dario Cuerto pretty much set the stage that Cuerto wanted someone to uncrown Puma as Champion and embarrass Konnan and that Fenix would only do it for himself, not for Cuerto. Off the bat, we knew this match would be a good main event.

– The four-way elimination match between Aerostar, Argenis, Angelico and Cage was a smart way to introduce all four men to new viewers. Everyone essentially had their own character – Aerostar was branded as the high-flyer, Argenis was the one who could adapt to many styles, Angelico was the crowd-pandering one and Cage was the “jacked-up bad boy.” When personalities clash, it makes for good competition. Everyone had their time to shine, as Aerostar in particular had a great outing, bouncing off the ropes without effort. At one point, Cage caught Aerostar in mid-air during a Lariat and turned it into a Brainbuster Suplex. Angelico even leaped over the ring post onto the men below on the mat in a breathtaking spot. Cage pinned Argenis, Aerostar and Angelico. That’s about as strong as you can look. He looks like a more ripped Robbie E. His post match promo was decent as he called himself a “machine.” The ending of the show would only back this up.

– The segment/brawl between Guerrero and Blue Demon was solid, as it appeared that Blue Demon got the best of the exchange after seemingly being outwitted to be Guerrero’s victim in a brass-knuckled ambush, hitting Guerrero twice with the chair. The initial focus of the promo started with the chair for a nice touch, as Guerrero sat in the ring. Even so, we kind of got the feeling Guerrero wasn’t done for good with Blue Demon Jr.

– The Drago-King Cuerno match was a bit more slowed down than the opener match. Matt Striker and Vampiro solidly put Cuervo over as a hunter and emphasized the deer head that was placed in the corner. The table spot off the balcony was excellently done, but the referee counted both men out to a draw, which wasn’t the pretty part.

– The hype video for Fenix made him look determined and like someone who comes back from anything, and there was a lot of fire in there too.

– The Lucha Underground Championship match between Fenix and Prince Puma had a very strong start as both competitors literally danced around each other’s maneuvers and it was Suicide Dives galore. The finish was well done as Puma kicked Fenix off the top rope after Fenix walked along it and then hit his finisher. The post match attack by Cage on Puma was well done and it established Cage as someone to deal with, sort of taking notes from the WWE NXT playbook.





Quick Results

– Four-Way Elimination – Cage def. Aerostar, Argenis and Angelico, eliminating all three opponents 

– Drago and King Cuerno to a Draw/Double Countout 

– Lucha Underground Championship – Prince Puma (Champion) def. Fenix via pinfall to retain