WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Preview/Predictions

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


The main roster has been in a place of recovery in recent weeks after the announcement of both Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as Executive Directors of Raw and SmackDown respectively.

Although Bischoff is expected to begin his role after this event, it has been said that Heyman had his “fingerprints all over” Raw the last two weeks. The first week was complete with Corey Graves swearing on air, a stage explosion/pyro angle and logical storyline developments, a key aspect to Heyman’s creative skills.

This most recent Raw episode felt like more of the same filler we had previously, yet SmackDown was the better show, so who knows if Heyman had his way with the blue brand just prior to Bischoff’s beginning?

Extreme Rules is being looked forward to by many, only because it will mean the end of one era (hopefully the dreadful Wild Card) and the start of a more meaningful one. Enthusiasm is dead with the current main roster product and if anybody knows what to do to rejuvenate it, it might as well be Heyman and Bischoff at this point.

Let the games begin.





The Card 

– WWE Raw Tag Team Championships – The Revival (Champions) Vs. The Usos – There was a time when this was a dream encounter and when it finally became reality, all we got was underhanded childish humor, lame backstage segments and cringe-worthy shenanigans. Arguably the two best in-ring tag teams in the company were being told to do anything but wrestle each other. Now, it finally appears that we’ll get what we’re supposed to get. The Revival have benefitted from being buddies with Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre, while The Usos have just bounced back and forth between Raw and SmackDown, kind of directionless. The story needs some kind of advancement, so we think The Usos should get the win here to shake things up a little bit and give fans a reason to want to tune in to a Heyman-controlled Raw with a revamped Tag Team Division.

Prediction: The Usos



– Last Man Standing Match – Braun Strowman Vs. Bobby Lashley – A feud that was dead in the water with arm wrestling and tug of wars and whatever godawful ideas Creative might’ve had were immediately washed away with the big angle that occurred on Raw two weeks ago when Lashley was speared through the LED boards and both fell into the electrical/pyro area. How does one follow up an angle that huge? We think it’s a mistake to go with the same exact stipulation for this show as it sets a bar that just can’t match what we got on Raw, unless something happens off the damn roof of the building. At this rate, who knows? Will this even have a finish? We’re not sure. Strowman at one point seemed to be groomed for the top spot in the company as a babyface before a senseless heel turn and back around again to the good side. If anybody has stop-and-go momentum, it’s this guy. This is someone WWE should fully get behind, so why not get things back to where they once were? Lashley is still a great heel (not to the level of 2016 TNA Lashley) but they’re trying. The guy can cut a promo for himself and maybe “getting rid” of Lio Rush was the best thing for him. There should be highlights galore, but with SummerSlam looming and Rollins seemingly out of formidable challengers, Lashley is someone who has been at the top before, so he might get revenge for the stage and the win to “build momentum” as they love to call it.

Prediction: Bobby Lashley



– WWE United States Championship – Ricochet (Champion) Vs. AJ Styles – What would’ve been a “cool for the eyes, forgetful for the story” match a month ago now actually has one in it with Styles’ recent heel turn and reunion with The Club, which was a long time coming. While it can be said this is repetitive since literally the same thing happened in 2016 when you just replace John Cena with Ricochet, it can also be said that Styles had some of the best matches in the company as a snarky heel during that period. He was treading water as a babyface at this point and Ricochet is meant for great things. Hell, he’s a Champion right now. The problem with the timing of this is that he hasn’t been a Champion long enough for it to mean anything should he lose the belt, yet Styles could use the gold to advance his reunion. This feud is looking to be long-term, so we think Ricochet should retain here, but lose when they go at it again at SummerSlam. Maybe they’ll go even further with this reunion and bring Finn Balor into the mix. It’s not like the guy is doing anything important these days.

Prediction: Ricochet



– Aleister Black Vs. Cesaro – God, that sounds so good on paper. The story was a bit flat though. Black has cut promos from a dark room looking for someone to knock on his door for about two months now, which is kind of silly. Cesaro has revitalized himself in recent weeks thanks to his ever-present in-ring prowess and if his attacks on No Way Jose proved anything, it’s that he still has an edge to him. We’ve all been wondering when “that day” will come for Cesaro and that still remains to be seen. At the same time, Black was buddies with Ricochet when they were a team, but promptly disappeared around the time the Wild Card Rule was implemented. This match comes at a good time for both men, but the thing is someone has to lose. We thought for a moment that it would be Bray Wyatt to answer the challenge. You tell us “Knock on my door” and “All you have to do is let me in” aren’t connected in some form. We guess not, but this is the best case scenario. Cesaro can put in a memorable performance as always, but the story to tell is Black’s, so he needs the win more here.

Prediction: Aleister Black



– WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships – Triple-Threat – Daniel Bryan/Rowan (Champions) Vs. Big E/Xavier Woods Vs. Heavy Machinery – SmackDown has done a decent job of getting their Division over the past couple of weeks with the use of these three teams. Heavy Machinery proved they can go in the ring at Stomping Grounds, but the problem for them is that they’re in a Division with heavy hitters. Bryan/Rowan kind of need to stay Champions so that Bryan has something to do. Big E/Woods will always do what they do, but they’ve yet to do anything of note this year. It’s a toss-up as far as who wins and this has potential to be a show-stealer, but the best thing to do is probably keep things the same. Bryan/Rowan continue to get better as a team as time goes on and Bryan’s scathing promos about the Division being treated as a joke ring true.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan/Rowan



– WWE Cruiserweight Championship – Drew Gulak (Champion) Vs. Tony Nese – The Cruiserweight Division continues to shine when it needs to and with two of the best in-ring competitors it has to offer, we should get another worthy bout. The funny thing with the Cruserweights is that they have the ability to start the match with a quiet crowd and end things with people on their feet as they count near-falls. We don’t keep tabs with 205 Live how we once did, but based on how Gulak has been Champion for a cup of coffee, it makes no sense to take the belt off him at this point.

Prediction: Drew Gulak



– WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship – 2-On-1 Handicap Match – Bayley (Champion) Vs. Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross – In what has turned out to be one of the better long-term storylines in the company, the development of the friendship between Cross and Bliss continues to intrigue us. They storyline is a little logically flawed in how Bayley has showed an edge lately, but in more of a “bully” style. Cross is actually the most sympathetic of all three right now and that’s not her fault. Maybe that’s by design, it’s hard to tell. Our question is where things will go when they’re finished. Bliss has already been the “manipulative friend” to the point to where it’s already the assumed finish for this story. Boring. Give us something we haven’t gotten. Make Cross be the one who has been manipulative. Bliss turned to Cross and gave her the time of day when nobody else did and in reality, she alienated all her former allies. What if she is actually being genuine this time in her own way and gets betrayed for it? It’s said that Cross is in line for a big push, but it should be as a heel, even though her tweener character makes her more relatable. We just don’t know where they’ll go with this one, but thankfully there have been no kendo sticks or “This Is Your Life” segments. We think despite the stipulation, Bayley finds a way to pull through, but things break down at SummerSlam time because they always do.

Prediction: Bayley



– WWE Championship – Kofi Kingston (Champion) Vs. Samoa Joe – Kingston has been pushed strong as Champion and rightfully so. He has gone through Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, Bryan and now he has Joe to contend with. Kingston has suffered due to a lack to top heels in the company, but Joe feels like someone who can carry the show and get some bigger gold for the time being. How long does he truthfully have? After Joe, who’s left? This might be a long-term feud, but this is the tricky thing, because for things to move forward, Joe has to get the belt at some point and that means Kofi’s reign has to end. We don’t want that and it seems that neither do the fans, so where do we go? It will be best to keep things the same for now. This is tailor-made for a SummerSlam match with a bigger stipulation, so again, keep things the same for now until then.

Prediction: Kofi Kingston



– No-Holds Barred Tag Team Match – The Undertaker/Roman Reigns Vs. Shane McMahon/Drew McIntyre – Two words – Graveyard Dogs. On an actual t-shirt. Yes, that is currently something you can buy from WWE Shop right now. Not sure how we feel about the tacky name and merchandise, but this is newsworthy nevertheless. We’re still shocked to see Taker still involved with main roster shows in some capacity, as the guy has earned the right to hang it up and retire, but it seems they have no one to battle Super Shane and his trusty Scottish Psychopath friend, so here we are. There’s no way that they would hype Reigns/Taker up so much for them to lose on a throwaway show, but Shane’s ridiculous win-loss record has us thinking a second time around. We’ll go with the safe choice though. It seems the long-term goal is to do something to write Shane off, but with SummerSlam so close, it makes sense to do it there. Deep down, we hope it happens here and Shane gets Mohammed Hussan’d right out of the main roster storylines. One can dream.

Prediction: Shane McMahon/Drew McIntyre



– Last Chance Winners Take All Mixed Tag Team Extreme Rules Match – WWE Universal Championship/WWE Raw Women’s Championship – Becky Lynch (Champion)/Seth Rollins (Champion) Vs. Baron Corbin/Lacey Evans – For some reason, we’ve been forced to suffer through another month of Evans/Corbin as challengers for belts they’re just not ready to hold. To make things worse, Rollins/Lynch have turned into this cutesy couple that just doesn’t work for their image. It has completely taken Lynch’s badass character and flipped it 180 degrees. The stipulation was needed just for the sake of match enjoyment, but this should have a happy ending, if you even want to call it that. We’re starting to get tired of Lynch/Rollins together and as long as they are still Champions, it’s only going to get worse we think. For the purpose of a prediction, we’ll go with the obvious result – Lynch/Rollins are victorious, Even/Corbin go cry in a corner somewhere and the REAL-LIFE BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND (you know, if you missed it the first 13,799 times it was said on air) celebrate to close the show. Sigh. Give us formidable different challengers for SummerSlam please.

Prediction: Becky Lynch/Seth Rollins

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