TNA Final Resolution 2012 Reaction

TNA Final Resolution 2012By Nicholas Jason Lopez


Final Resolution was the last TNA Pay-Per-View of 2012 and it was highly unspectacular.

There was nothing outrageously horrendous (except maybe the lackluster commentary) but there was nothing tangible to leave this show with.

There were no matches that left us speechless, nothing that made the internet orgasm, just slightly below average.






(Aired 12/9/2012 – Originally Published On Ringside Rundown)

The Breakdown:

– James Storm and Kazarian had a decent match. It’s still a shame that Storm practically went from the main event to the opener, but his time as Champion will come soon.

– Rob Van Dam and Kenny King’s match was everything expected: high-octane, non-stop energy. King looked strong and it almost looked like we would have a new champion there for a second. However, Van Dam came out with the win. The random roll-up pin served disappointment as a finish but at least King wasn’t decisively put away.

– The bout between Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez and Matt Morgan/Joey Ryan just felt like a filler match. Dumb finish. Morgan might as well had just let the referee count to three if he was just going to pull the referee out of the ring and cost his team the match anyway. Guerrero and Hernandez feels like the fourth rehash of LAX and their offense is no more than tributes to Eddie.

– Austin Aries and Bully Ray had a good match, right up until both Hogans became involved. Aries won, but it was overshadowed by all of the other nonsense. This is exactly what shouldn’t have happened.

– The contest between Mickie James and Tara was a bit of a bore. The Jesse act continues to get shoved down our throats, but him and Tara have enough chemistry to pull it off. Velvet Sky is on the horizon for a Knockouts Title shot, but she doesn’t possess enough in-ring bravado for a feud with Tara to really be anything superb.

– Perhaps TNA tried to swerve us by not swerving us at the end of the Kurt Angle/Samoa Joe/Wes Brisco/Garrett Bischoff and Aces and Eights match. Brisco nor Bischoff turned on Angle despite how much it looked certain. However, take note: Before Angle could hit D.O.C. with the hammer, Brisco speared D.O.C. to the canvas. Either way, it’s hard to take Aces and Eights seriously when they lose nearly every damn match.

– Tenay said on the Pay-Per-View that A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels have had a total of 115 matches in TNA, yet it felt like two-thirds of those matches took place within the last year. That said, hopefully they will stick to their “one final time” stipulation. The finish, which had Daniels beat Styles with Styles’ own finisher, played great into Styles’ most recent frustrations. The broadcast team did not need to play off the loss as if Styles was fired because of it. It wasn’t exactly “life changing” now.

– Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode had a pretty entertaining match. It wasn’t up to par with the matches Hardy had with Aries, but it was good enough. The little twist with Aces and Eights gave enough hope to wonder if maybe Roode would regain his old Belt, but by the end after they never helped Roode and beat him down as well as Hardy, it was clear that they just took Roode’s money for the hell of it.







  • James Storm def. Kazarian via pinfall
  • TNA X-Division Championship – Rob Van Dam (Champion) def. Kenny King via pinfall to retain 
  • TNA World Tag Team Championship – Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez (Champions) def. Matt Morgan/Joey Ryan via DQ to retain 
  • Austin Aries def. Bully Ray via pinfall 
  • TNA Women’s Knockouts Championship – Tara (Champion) def. Mickie James via pinfall to retain 
  • Eight-Man Tag – Kurt Angle/Garett Bischoff/Wes Brisco/Samoa Joe def. Aces & Eights via pinfall 
  • Christopher Daniels def. AJ Styles via pinfall 
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Jeff Hardy (Champion) def. Bobby Roode via pinfall to retain 

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