Notes In Observance – WWE 205 Live 3/7/17: The Greatest Message That Ever Lived

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 3/7/17)

The Greatest Message That Ever Lived 

– The opening video recapped the previous night’s Raw where WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville pushed Commentator Austin Aries to his boiling point and was blindsided in the jaw by a microphone. All of this came after Neville’s two consecutive stellar performances in defenses against Gentleman Jack Gallagher at Fastlane and Rich Swann on Raw. The guy carries the division in the ring, Aries carries it on the mic, why not combine the two in WrestleMania season? They made it clear he was the new challenger, without the official announcement. Props to the video package as it worked in the loud chants for Aries brilliantly.

– As promised on SmackDown Live, Aries came out at the top of the hour to deliver a message about why he did what he did. In true Aries fashion, he conducted an interview with himself, almost as if to pass the torch from his journalist self to his in-ring persona. His reasons for his actions was essentially his need to prove himself to the “toughest man in the room,” aka Neville. On top of that, he had him smartly scouted from the broadcast booth and was ready. We didn’t expect Neville to come out so quickly, but it spiced things up some. He dealt with the “What?” treatment from the crowd, but played off it well. The talk of levels was good for what it was. The Champ rocked some nice bruises too. His point to use “karma” as a way to get revenge on Aries was smart, though slightly unlike Neville. The guy has no friends, but now suddenly brandishes the fact that Aries has to deal with a pissed-off locker room that heard his widespread commentary ridicule. Anyways, they left it in the air like an open challenge, but didn’t go further than that. We assume someone like Drew Gulak or “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese step into this role. They are 205’s Token Angry Guys. That should be a thing.

– Backstage, Swann/Gallagher were deep in conversation about well… something. To break this up, we saw Noam Dar come into the shot and inquire about the flowers that were sent to his girlfriend Alicia Fox last week. To sum it up, Dar pretty much took credit for flowers delivered at ringside that we’re confident Swann sent given how they CUT BACKSTAGE to him smiling strangely as he watched it from a monitor. They used this time for Dar to brag that he had a girlfriend with a great last name for his Scottish accent to pronounce. That was it. Then he left. We kid you not. As if that wasn’t enough, Gallagher asked Swann to “tell him about this hip-hop thing.” Good lord. They’re so dense. Don’t want to be a fly on the wall in that room. We may fall off it.

– The Dar/Ariya Daivari-Swann/Gallagher match built off last week’s flower angle. It’s easy to see from this alone that the plan is just to take Neville’s last two failed challengers and stick them together. Way to have no plans to go forward. During Swann’s entrance, they cut to a guy who got down a little too much in the crowd. Imagine being that guy who is best known to dance while entrance themes play at WWE shows? No life. While we’re on the topic of lifeless things, there wasn’t much to this bout besides for Dar’s persistent shows of affection. Swann pinned Dar with a Phoenix Splash, which has to be a first in some time. Now, we’ll really go nuts if a three occurs for a Blue Thunder Bomb for Sami Zayn. One day. Anyways, the faces celebrated on the ramp, as another courier walked past them to bring a chocolate heart box to the ring. Dar hastily shouted at the courier for “his lateness,” though it was obvious that he covered up for another gift he didn’t send. Like last week, he took credit for the gift, which again, had no label as for who it came from. Does this company just not believe in labels? That’s the only ounce of realism that stops us with this angle. Hey, if we eventually “buy in,” we’ll just deliver it to Foxy. Of course, Dar will take credit. We digress.

– Hot off the announcement press – it’ll be Nese to take on Aries later. No surprise there.

– Backstage, The Illustrious Brian Kendrick was asked about what he told Akira Tozawa on Raw when he wanted a fight. He made it sound as if he was ready for a match. It did seem awfully anticlimactic for the typically timid Kendrick to suddenly be like, “Okay, I’ll fight him. No problem.”

– Tozawa came out for his match against Kendrick. We were honestly surprised they didn’t save this for a future 205 Live main event. The angle was pushed enough for it to be one, but we guess they’ll squeeze it in before Aries-Nese. Anyways, Kendrick came out and revealed his next lesson – “always read the fine print.” Tozawa would fight a Kendrick, but not THE Brian Kendrick, but rather “A Bryan Kendrick.” We see what they did there. Bait and switch, much? We at least dig this because it prolongs the angle. The other Kendrick was a burly bearded dude with zubaz and seemed like a good, agile worker, but this was straight-up Squashland. Tozawa won with the bridged German suplex. AHH. AHH. We tried to sound like Tozawa and utterly failed. Next segment please. Let’s never speak of this again.

– Backstage, Neville was asked about his expectations for Aries’ 205 in-ring debut. His initial reaction of “Are you stupid, Lady? Did you not hear me out there earlier?” matched ours, so we liked that. He again emphasized his opinion that Aries would regret the “career decision” enter the ring. The only thing that rubbed us the wrong way was that he made it sound like Nese was his friend. Didn’t they have issues not too long ago? Eh. Whatevs. We doubt even THEY remember their quarrels.

– The Aries-Nese main event was a smart way to get Aries to look good with momentum against a formidable opponent with a similar style. That was one furry coat Aries wore to the ring, a little bit like Squidward’s eyelash sweater. He was nifty in the ring as he did some amateur-style maneuvers and added that Aries factor as he kissed his own biceps. Troll. Nese began to take control soon after. We want to get more into this match, but they just didn’t portray Nese as the same level as Aries. They got back on track as Nese mirrored Neville’s Raw comments that taunted Aries for his commentator gig. Aries grew visibly flustered and transitioned to a believable offensive sequence while some bloke in the crowd repeatedly yelled “Delete” in the first row. After an initial tease, Aries hit his laser-like suicide dive. He landed the Roaring Elbow for the three. Seems eh as a finisher, but we guess it works. We’re Last Chancery marks though. Sue us.





Quick Results

  • Rich Swann/Gentleman Jack Gallagher def. Noam Dar (w/Alicia Fox)/Ariya Daivari via pinfall 
  • Akira Tozawa def. Bryan Kendrick via pinfall 
  • Austin Aries def. “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese via pinfall

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