Notes In Observance – WCWC 3/4/17: Go With The Fro

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 3/4/17) 

Go With The Fro

– Matt Striker came out decked in Rush gear, as Blake Chadwick checked in on commentary. Guess he did good enough last week? Sweet. “The Irish Juggernaut” Mikey O’Shea was his opponent. Apparently, he waited a year and a half to get redemption on Striker. We don’t even remember them having any conflicts. Can’t you just bury a hatchet, O’Shea? If the idea is to build O’Shea back up from last week’s loss in an attempt to win the WCWC Tag Team Championships with Damian Drake, we get him being in the ring with the veteran Striker. Smart matchup actually. Striker struck a flatliner, attempted a Pedigree and hit a Codebreaker, all for a two count. Geez, WWE much? They flirted with a Gunslinger finish, but they countered around each other (to the point where it looked like a ballroom dance routine) to where Striker finally hit the Pedigree to get the pin. Not sure why he’d need the clean win here, though it emphasized the Heart Strike as another move in his arsenal. What an emo maneuver.

– Backstage, Gangrel spoke about his shot at the WCWC Legacy Championship and its Champion, “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson under No Disqualification rules. He put over his friendly vampire self. Alrighty then.

– The No Disqualification Match for the WCWC Legacy Championship between Champion Gibson and Gangrel played up on last week’s finish where Gibson deliberately shoved the Referee to end the match. Gibson of course cried foul about the stipulation during his pre-taped promo. We also liked that commentary pointed out that there was a different official for the match given the stipulation. Not much action besides for them going outside the ring. Gangrel hit a superplex and signaled for the Impaler DDT, but Gibson clung to the ropes. Striker came back out to land a low blow on “The Vampire Warrior” as Gibson executed the Power Ballad to get the win. Now, that explains the first match finish a bit more. It was a payoff (literally) to Gibson from Striker. Question though – why would Gibson leave Janice behind? A vampire and a guitar can’t possibly be a good mix.

– We got a promo from “The Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right alongside Richard Syncyr about Alexander Hammerstone. They actually disrupted the typical social media plug to display this. They certainly had us. We couldn’t help but think how hypocritical it was for Commentator Morty Lipschitz to want the tonic unbanned when he nearly had a heart attack when he drank it once. Hilarious. This all set up a Hammerstone-Right match. The action bettered as the match progressed. Syncyr interfered a few times. He did it again towards the finish, which helped Right blow a fireball in Hammerstone’s face. Oh geez. We like this because it continues Right’s rebellious attitude toward the company about the tonic being banned.

– Backstage, Adam Thornstowe looked to welcome “Red Hair Don’t Care” Darin Corbin because why not?

– The Corbin-Thornstowe match stemmed back from Thornstowe’s pin over WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion The Grappler III two weeks ago, which was actually the third time he had pinned him. Thornstowe also had his hair slowly growing back to a subtle buzz cut. Lipschitz also noted that Corbin appeared a bit heavier. Weird for a heel announcer to do. Thornstowe hit a standing moonsault, but landed on the knees and was scooped up for a two. He recovered enough to hit the Scum Stomp shortly after to get the win,. It’s obvious that the build is for Thornstowe to eventually get his hands on G3 and his deserved Title shot.

– Backstage, “The” Flex McCallion debuted in segment as The Heavenly Bodies’ new manager. Just picture Chris Jericho’s “List” scarf gimmick with a muscular build and Robbie E’s voice and that’s what you got. He came off awfully pompous and we dug the spray bottle bits. Maybe this is a sign of an actual push?

– The WCWC Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Match between HB and Whirlwind Gentlemen was a first-time encounter. However, based on their return and interaction with the Champions The Bonu$ Boyz, WG were probably the favorites. On the other hand, the heels had a new manager. It was a good time to put him to use. The crowd was certainly hot for The Fro. Entertaining and quick was a good way to describe this main event. Nice finish as Remy Marcel got the school boy pin for a three after he used one opponent to knock the other off the apron. Figured that’s how it’d go. The Tag Title match was set for next week, which by the way, is the company’s 12th anniversary. Should be a fun hour.






Quick Results 

  • Matt Striker def. “The Irish Juggernaut” Mikey O’Shea via pinfall 
  • WCWC Legacy Championship – No Disqualification Match – “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (Champion) def. Gangrel via pinfall to retain 
  • “The Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right (w/Richard Syncyr) and Alexander Hammerstone to a no-contest 
  • Adam Thornstowe def. “Red Hair Don’t Care” Darin Corbin via pinfall 
  • WCWC Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Match – The Whirlwind Gentlemen def. The Heavenly Bodies (w/Flex McCallion) via pinfall 

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