Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 3/2/17: Money Is For Marks

Photo courtesy of Inside Pulse.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 3/2/17) 

Money Is For Marks

– The Last Knockout Standing match for the TNA Knockouts Championship between Champion Rosemary and Jade with Madison Rayne on commentary sparked things off as the two traded punches on the ramp. They set it up with last week’s decent segment. Jade performed a suicide dive and a few German suplexes. She was being walloped with a garbage can and asked for more. Would we get a Van Terminator spot from Rosemary? Yes. Jade powerbombed Rosemary onto the trash can. Rayne actually improved on commentary here, she added a lot to emphasize Jade as a thirsty challenger who has withstood other harsh matches. Jade jumped into the mist from the top rope and was hit with the Red Wedding. She got up at 8. RW on the floor now. She got up at 9, but way to miss it, camera. Sigh. Jade spit water at the Champ and connected with a powerbomb onto the steps. Ouch. Rosemary got up at 9. Jade attempted another powerbomb, but got spit with mist again. A third RW on the ramp. That’ll probably do it. It’s cool to see a female break out the F5, though it’s not quite as effective as Brock Lesnar’s. That was it.

– Backstage, Moose sent a message to Cody that he made a huge mistake when he laid his hands on him and planned to call him out. Well, that should be a doozy.

– Back to Cameron, North Carolina. We got the whole Broken Hardy Universe family here, Señor Benjamin included. Apparently they’d spend the day at Matt Hardy’s personal zoo. This was about Brother Nero testing the strength of his new “Broken Brilliance” since he houses his brother’s abilities in his own vessel. Very Hardy.

– Moose came out, which should be good. We like the storyline that fits into Cody’s new “American Nightmare” heel ways in that he thought his wife was getting swooped up while he was away on tour. Moose pulled no punches and was as tongue-in-cheek as possible with an ounce of intensity in his promo. He even said the word, “Club.” Oh, snap. He referenced several things from the universally-known “American Nightmare” vignette seen in other places like Ring Of Honor. Charismatic stuff, but apparently, Cody wasn’t there. Oh shoot, he actually was and attacked from behind. Nice swerve. About time security shows up. Decent brawl, but nothing special. Insert “LOL TNA” joke here. Poor guy took a powerbomb over the top rope. That clothesline over the top on Cody perked our interests some more. Moose made a third spear onto Cody. That was cool. The locker room getting involved made this more of a segment. “We’re gonna need five more Robbie E’s,” said Commentator Josh Mathews. Hilarious. Brandi Rhodes came out and begged him to stop with the words, “We’re done.” Yeah, not confusing to us either. In a sudden move, Cody threw Mathews to the ground. Holy crap. That may instill riot. Moose did a nice tope plancha on damn near everyone by the commentary booth.

– James Storm came out and awaited his opponent, Jessie Godderz. The story was that Godderz had The DCC’s number as of late. Mathews put himself over for still being there and not needing to leave the booth, like “other esteemed announcers would have.” We also quote: “In the chaos, I don’t even think Cody knew that it was me that he threw, we’re great friends.” Not much action, though Kingston came out to distract Godderz. DCC actually received their own chant for a minute there. Blockbuster by Godderz for two. Mathews brought up his flying abilities from a decade prior to get over his new heel persona. Did getting tossed to the floor by Cody flip a switch in his ideologies? Kingston tried to stop the Adonis Crab, but it failed. However, Bram to the rescue, as he, a chair and a Last Call did Godderz in. Guess DCC have to win one of these battles.

– The TNA X-Division Championship match between Andrew Everett and Champion Trevor Lee had an alright backstory with Everett finally on that babyface push he should’ve gotten two years ago. They played the memorable springboard dropkick on Lee/Gregory Shane Helms last week. Nice tope plancha by Everett. He followed with a moonsault variation and then a springboard version. The “New Owners” were hyped to be in the building next week with big changes to be made. Cool. Everett hit his head hard on the corner turnbuckle on an Irish whip. Everett did a Frankensteiner and attempted a pin, but Helms grabbed the Referee. Shouldn’t Everett had already expected this from his old manager? Everett landed a shooting star press, but landed on Lee’s knees (that rhymes), as the Champ retained with a scoop pin with the tights pulled. That was what we’d call “empty action,” though Everett was served well. We like the story of the long chase for him more anyway.

– Nero searched the zoo amongst the mules for Vincent Van Gogh. This part was a little on the lamer side of the Broken Universe. Nero had a “premonition” (whilst he made horse sounds) and claimed that they’d be soon outnumbered. They transported to a flea market and searched for the Tag Team Champions of the “territory.” Okay, then. They demanded a Tag Title match to the promoter. Señor Benjamin just freaking tased the #1 Contenders that apparently won a 64-team tournament. “Money is for marks,” Nero argued to the promoter. Funny. This looks like Maryland Championship Wrestling by the MCW letters. This may had even been a TV taping for all we know and we only get highlights here. Sigh. They faced Ecktourage for the National Tag Team Championship. We got that alien music in the background again. Nero got taken backstage by two goons to the flea market. At least this match has a little bit of a story. We wouldn’t recommend fireworks indoors, but it was a nice homage to the Hardy past. Nero tagged back in at the right time and the Swanton Bomb got the pin. Guess they’re the new National Tag Champs? They celebrated and then disappeared in the middle of a photo shoot/press conference.

– Backstage, Moose was approached by TNA Impact Grand Champion Drew Galloway, who had an offer. He defended his argument that he was making the belt bigger as he competed worldwide and would give Moose a shot, but not right away, but rather in 10 minutes. Glimpse into that slimy heel character who is right by his own actions.

– Laurel Van Ness was still in her wedding dress backstage, champagne bottle in hand. Why was she so devastated by the wedding turnout if she was only using Braxton Sutter anyway? She said on the phone to Maria in one of those segments that she loved Sutter “for now, anyway.” Anyways, sell the fact that a week later, the bride left at the alter is still drunk and angry and it works. If you go for comedy anyway.

– The TNA Impact Grand Championship match between Champion Galloway and Moose saw Galloway come out with new music. Mathews mocked critics that referred to Galloway as the “heel and villain.” Mathews even claimed he was in better shape than Moose, who had time to recuperate. He added in that Cody texted an apology to him. Ha. Galloway controlled most of round one, which culminated with a Celtic Cross onto the steps. Galloway got the first round. Moose began round two with a big boot, powerbomb and a senton. Galloway responded with a Death Valley Driver onto the apron. Moose landed an apron powerbomb of his own. Moose won round two. They gave each other big boots to start round three. Game Changer with the foot on the rope for two. Galloway hit the Claymore Kick and a Tombstone Piledriver, all for two. Another Claymore attempt was countered with another Game Changer. Both men were laid out by the end of the round, so it went to the judges. Moose ended up as Champion via split decision. Hmm.

– We got a hype video on Josh Barnett that aired a week too late. This whole main event feels more flat than it should be. At least it was hyped well for this episode.

– Backstage, Rosemary laughed as she spoke about Jade’s failure to overcome her in a cage, a Monster’s Ball and a Last Knockout Standing match. It does sound about right. Jade’s a big loser.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Champion Lashley and Barnett began after they decided to show highlights of the opener again for some reason. Things here went the way of a traditional mixed martial arts match, more submission based. Yup, it was overall pretty flat and not hype with the crowd. Barnett got caught with the spear and that was it. How eh of you guys.






Quick Results 

  • TNA Knockouts Championship – Last Knockout Standing Match – Rosemary (Champion) def. Jade to retain 
  • James Storm def. Jessie Godderz via pinfall 
  • TNA X-Division Championship – Trevor Lee (Champion) (w/Gregory Shane Helms) def. Andrew Everett via pinfall to retain 
  • TNA Impact Grand Championship – Moose def. Drew Galloway (Champion) via judges’ split decision to become new Champion 
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Bobby Lashley (Champion) def. Josh Barnett via pinfall to retain 

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