Notes In Observance – WWE 205 Live 2/28/17: Dress Shoes Dropkicks

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 2/28/17) 

Dress Shoes Dropkicks 

– The opening video looked at the previous night’s tag match where WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville looked to put Gentleman Jack Gallagher in his place since he was mocked at the contract signing the week before. They also showed “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese and his concern of only doing what was best for him. Gallagher won the match for his team as he stared through Neville’s eyes and made Nese submit. Run-of-the-mill recap, but still good and where it needs to be with Neville-Gallagher for the belt at Fastlane in five days.

– Backstage, Gallagher was asked about Neville’s Fastlane address for later. He mentioned he expected insults, a throne and delivered a decent line about him winning not to be expected.

– The Noam Dar-Lince Dorado match looked to be set up as a buffer bout for Dar, who seems to be in a feud with Rich Swann. A ringside hand (hilariously noted to be dressed as a ghostbuster) gave Fox some flowers. Guess that’s mind games from Swann? Why was Fox eating the flowers though? We laughed out loud at Commentator Mauro Ranallo’s note that he “hoped they were gluten free.” They showed Swann watching from backstage. A million-dollar corporation and you’d think they’d have a better television backstage. A “We want flowers” chant actually started and she tossed some around. Just what’s going on? A handspring stunner (Lethal Injection in another company) scored a two for Dorado. A big running kick won the match for Dar. Yup. Post-match, Dar spoke about his gift of flowers not comparing to Fox’s beauty. Guess it was Dar’s attempt to cover up that he didn’t actually get them?

– Commentator Austin Aries was in the ring and introduced Akira Tozawa. They showed him footage from two weeks ago of his rejection of The Brian Kendrick’s protege offer. Tozawa wanted to be his own man. That drew some light applause before they worked in footage of Kendrick’s various “lessons” since he felt disrespected. Tozawa yelled he wanted to fight right now and did his “ahh”‘s. Sure enough, Kendrick came out and questioned what made him think he’d fight on his terms. Nice subtle interruption. Looked like he forgot his line for a second. He was getting “What” chants and had to acknowledge them. Drink every time he says “What makes you think.” He insulted the Minnesotans and their accent before he walked away. Good little continuation though the Kendrick promo could’ve been shorter and had the same effect.

– The Six-Man Tag between Nese/Drew Gulak/Ariya Daivari and TJ Perkins/Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander began as we wondered why Daivari was being cheered so much before we realized he came from the same state. This also must be the umpteenth time that Nese/Gulak have teamed up. Looks like filler besides for Daivari’s hometown reaction. Not the best way to start out by having the babyfaces turn down Daivari’s handshake offer. Ali did a springboard cross body after the crowd booed Daivari getting beat up. The Gory Special with a modified stretch on Perkins by Gulak looked ouchies. Big pop for Daivari’s short-armed hammerlock clothesline on Perkins for two. Nice superkick by Nese on Perkins followed by a tope con hilo by Alexander. Ali did a tornado DDT on Gulak, which set up the inverted 450 splash for a two, as Daivari put Gulak’s foot on the bottom rope. That even got us. Nese did a German suplex on Ali to the corner and followed with the Running Nese on Perkins to get the win. Guess the hometown guy technically won, though inadvertently. Action-packed towards the end, but we’ve seen them all.

– Another hype video for Aries. A little bit more decorated with letters and such.

– Neville’s “State Of 205 Address” in-ring promo began with the gut buster line by Aries – “Let’s just hope that Neville got a great look at my package before he came out here.” Dead. He basically put himself over as changing the landscape and said “obliterate” once more. Gallagher came out at the right time. He made a tea and biscuits joke, which would probably set Neville back to his point about stereotypes. Bringing the people into it got Gallagher a pop. He undid his tie and speared the Champ to the ground. Neville got the upper hand afterwards and stomped him down. Gallagher hit a series of drop-kicks and a headbutt. Neville escaped before the running dropkick in the corner, but was hit with it anyways outside the ring to get knocked over the barricade. We’ll give it to them. They’ve done a good job to push this match for FL and portray Gallagher as someone who may just have a chance.






Quick Results 

  • Noam Dar (w/Alicia Fox) def. Lince Dorado via pinfall 
  • Six-Man Tag – Ariya Daivari/”The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese/Drew Gulak def. TJ Perkins/Mustafa Ali/Cedric Alexander via pinfall 

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