Notes In Observance – ROH 2/27/17: Less Handshake, More Finger Break

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/27/17 On FITE) 

Less Handshake, More Finger Break 

– With the focus on Christopher Daniels and his quest to become an ROH World Champion, the opening video wasted no time to remind us of his journey, as it culminated with his defeat of Jay Briscoe in the ROH Decade Of Excellence Tournament Finals. It was all “15 years in the making,” you know. It was good to see Daniels in this kind of light, as his recent underdog gimmick makes ROH World Champion Adam Cole and his Bullet Club stand as good foils.

– The Addiction made their entrance as Ian Riccaboni/Bobby Fish checked in on commentary. It was good to have Fish here since he got his own shot at Cole at Manhattan Mayhem VI on Mar. 4, a full nine days before Daniels. “ROH” chants lit up the joint, which Daniels used to mix it into his career journey promo. We were confused when he said he had long hair, so we were happy to see him correct that. He mentioned Cole by name and of course, his music hit. Who wouldn’t want “Story Time”? Old age insults are right up the juvenile BC humor alley, so no surprise there. We expected him to send a BC member down there to do his bidding and sure enough, Hangman Page appeared in the frame. After a minute, Frankie Kazarian came to make the save. Wasn’t he already out there? Anyways, this was an easy set-up for an Addiction-Page/Cole match. Nothing official yet though. Oh, there’s the bell. To the next column?

– The Addiction-Page/Cole match began with a feisty pace as Daniels broke out his suicide dive. Fish referenced a conspiracy theory brought up by Silas Young that Kazarian was somehow in cahoots in BC. Ew, we hope not. That would be so lame at this point. We did like that Fish was there to critique Cole’s tactics and how they wouldn’t work against him. Granted, of all Cole’s challengers, Daniels is probably the most believable to actually unseat him as Champ, but it’s the little things that paint the big picture. Kazarian looked pretty good in hot tag mode. Cole got the pin on Daniels as he scooped him up after a Best Moonsault Ever was blocked with his boot. Anticlimactic if you ask us, but decent match that gave us a little taste. It also builds Daniels’ underdog story to have Kazarian there as a potential obstacle. To top things off, Fish cut a great promo at the announce table to the TV audience about his match with Cole. The fans chanted for him at one point, so maybe they heard it too? Anyways, they’re pushing that match strong. Good to see.

– We got some followup back from the break as we were shown Addiction in conversation backstage. Kazarian doubted Daniels could beat Cole since he was “already in his head” and said a suspicious line that he wasn’t the only one with everything on the line. Perhaps BC has something over Kazarian’s head?

– Brutal Bob Evans joined commentary as John Skyler came out, who called himself “The Southern Savior.” He cut a pre-taped promo that was rather generic, but he had a commanding voice to him. His opponent was Sean Carr, who only had a slightly worse pre-taped generic promo. Ah well. Let’s start the 2017 ROH Top Prospect Tournament, shall we? Fun stuff. That said, our money was on Skyler off name recognition already. Decent chain wrestling to start, but it ended awkwardly and abruptly. Things lulled along until a nice superkick by Skyler. Carr one-upped him with a gritty suicide dive. Skyler landed a spear on the apron and not soon long after, got the win with Southern Salvation, a fireman’s carry from the top rope. Alright.

– Because not every ROH match is great, we got some hype from ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Kingdom, as they spoke about how they’d battle The Rebellion next week. To sum things up, Vinny Marseglia is insane. He uttered something about farting in dog food. Whatever works for you, buddy. The more interesting part came when Matt Taven called out Dalton Castle for wanting to be a part of the fracas. With Dalton & Peacock Co. in the wings of whoever wins Rebellion-Kingdom, we’ll be waiting for when Castle gets his opponent.

– On paper, The Tempura Boyz against The Motor City Machine Guns already felt like filler. TB are nothing special despite “racking up wins left and right.” MCMG feel like they’re in a holding pattern too. Their music hit, but they didn’t come out. Riccaboni confirmed there was an attack in the back. They cut to break. That’s not very ROH, but okay.

– Because what we got earlier simply wasn’t enough, we got another hype video for Cole-Fish which meshed together pre-taped promos from both. Cool. At least they ran down the rest of the card. We wish that show was a Pay-Per-View itself. It’s PPV quality.

– The ROH World Television Championship match between Donovan Dijak and Champion Marty Scurll had strong potential as a main event. Dijak could benefit from a great showing and who can really top Scurll right now? It was noted that Scurll had the bigger reaction and some “woop woop” chants to suit the occasion. Dijak came out fast with a moonsault plancha and a top rope splash for a two. Scurll slowed things down and eventually hit a tornado DDT off the ring post as a stepping stone. Scurll worked over the hand next, which began when he kicked it into the rope when Dijak again demanded the Code Of Honor be followed. This was an ongoing theme of the match, but we like that they used it to translate into some spots. Lio Rush was shown seated on the stage to scout, which made sense since he had a shot at the belt at the 15th Anniversary too. Intense exchange between Champion and challenger. Certainly lively. Dijak kicked out of a piledriver at one and hit Feast Your Eyes for a close near-fall. Dijak again wanted a handshake and that led to the finger snap by Scurll. Just ow. Dijak countered with a rapid-fire choke breaker and attempted the corkscrew, but missed. With that, Scurll locked in his Chicken Wing submission and after some extra strikes for good measure, Dijak was left with no alternative than to submit. That… was… good. Let us catch our breath there. Better yet, we have Rush-Scurll to look forward to at the 15th Anniversary. Post-match, Rush hit the ring and faced off with the Champ. It also helps their own backstory that Rush owns a victory over Scurll. For “Villainous” purposes, Scurll laid out Rush with his belt and wanted to go for the Chicken Wing, but The Rebellion ran him off. That was at least consistent with their attempts to recruit Rush. If only we cared. MCMG/Jay White came down after them as Rebellion backed off, but the show pretty much ended right there, so that didn’t even sink in. Go figure.






Quick Results 

  • Hangman Page/Adam Cole def. The Addiction via pinfall 
  • ROH 2017 Top Prospect Tournament – Round One – John Skyler def. Sean Carr via pinfall to advance to next round 
  • ROH World Television Championship – Marty Scurll (Champion) def. Donovan Dijak via submission to retain 

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