ECW Guilty As Charged 2001 Reaction

Photo courtesy of IMDB.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


Extreme Championship Wrestling personified its essence through brutality, rampant sexuality and thanks to Owner Paul Heyman, logical booking that accentuated the strengths of his ever-changing roster and deemphasized its weaknesses.

Unfortunately, its biggest weakness came financially.

Without a new national television deal, ECW only lived on Pay-Per-View, but it wasn’t a given that when Guilty As Charged aired in January 2001, it’d be the last time they’d grace airwaves.

Axe the two house shows that followed this and you can even call this the final chapter if you choose to.

What it’ll be remembered best is for the potential of what could’ve been, but it worked out for the two companies to form from ECW’s ashes and for that, we’ll need the jury to be unanimous here. No objections.





(Aired 1/7/2001) 

The Breakdown 

– We began with a clip of Paul E.’s in-ring attack on Cyrus The Virus, which led to a random video package that also highlighted Rhyno on a piledriver-happy rampage. Jerry Lynn was also shown giving a top rope huracanrana to the outside onto a table. Oh, this is ECW at its whoriest and goriest. The music added to it, though it sounded more fit for a BDSM porno. Keep in mind this is the WWE Network version and not the original, which we believe was “Renegades Of Funk” by Rage Against The Machine.

– We were in the infamous Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City as Commentator Joey Styles led the raucous charge of vocal manliness. Joel Gertner stood next to him, while Styles laid in on the show’s name. Gertner added in his own punchline that referred to his genitalia. Better believe it went further, as this was stuff even the “Attitude Era” World Wrestling Federation couldn’t get away with saying at the time. Gertner introduced Joey Matthews/Christian York, who got jumped by Da Baldies. There was already a back body drop into the crowd and Gertner ate a DDT to the floor. Cyrus made his way out to big heat along with Lynn. He gave Matthews a piledriver and tagged in Cyrus to come make the cover for the three. Apparently that was a match. Da Baldies accepted cigars as it became clear they were Cyrus’ hitmen. Lynn fired an angry promo about “being made to look good” by York/Matthews because he didn’t have that job anymore after 12 years. He also stole Rob Van Dam’s catchphrase and said he wouldn’t wrestle anymore unless it was the main event. That was an explosive start. This then led to the traditional ECW video package.

– In the ring were ECW Tag Team Champions Danny Doring/Amish Roadkill and their opponents, Julio Dinero/EZ Money. This was indicative of the humor-heavy indie style that’d come to dominate Ring Of Honor’s early days, particularly in its tag team division. Roadkill was the most over here. Dinero performed a nice plancha onto Roadkill with some extra hang time. Doring tried to hit a springboard forearm onto Dinero that didn’t connect. The crowd caught that. Money backflipped over the barricade and landed into Roadkill. Money took a boot to the face as he came off the top rope and landed on Doring’s groin. Roadkill came in with the hot tag and hit an extreme wedgie on Money and then hit a double springboard clothesline. Money hit a so-so moonsault on Roadkill for two. The Boogie Bang on Dinero won it all for Roadkill/Doring. Post-match, the challengers got revenge as someone’s music hit. It turned out to be Nova, who cleaned house with a new “nasty” persona. Apparently, this began the next match – Nova against Chris Hamrick.

– The Hamrick-Nova match was fast, heavy and competitive. Hamrick did a frankensteiner to “the first fecal chant of the evening” as described by commentary. Funny. Nova dove into his new side and begged for more punishment and unleashed an offensive flurry. Nova might’ve broken Elektra’s forearm. Chris Channing came in to make the count as Hamrick got the win. Lou E. Davis made a great Paul E. impersonator. This brought out Little Spike Dudley to stand against Channing/Davis. Chetty attacked Spike and he responded back with a Sliced Bread Number Two off Lou E. Nova hit the Crucifix Clutch to score the win. A tad overbooked for our taste.

– Backstage, ECW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino spoke about how he was made for a chicken and went from being Rhyno’s manager to ending Dusty’s career and went onto the big Championship. He mentioned that Sandman ruined his last month because he didn’t have his belt. To hype the main event, he ended it with a line that he promised to keep his belt regardless.

– The “I Quit” Match between CW Anderson and Tommy Dreamer began with a collar-and-elbow tie-up that didn’t even wait for the ring introductions. Dreamer hit a suplex onto the mat. The momentum went back and forth before Dreamer got the upper hand with a chair onto Anderson’s arm and the ring post. He also used the hammer and ring bell for the same purpose. Anderson hit an atomic drop as Dreamer landed on his knee with a chair. Dreamer opened a gift box to reveal a razor wire. Towel Boy hit Anderson with a foreign object soon revealed to be cookie sheets. He took a cookie sheet himself and a superplex. Hot damn. Dreamer took a spinebuster onto the razor wire. Holy crap. He then took a suplex through two chairs. Dreamer hit a Spicoli Driver off the top through the table and used part of the broken table to take the eyes over and got the win that way. Best match so far, within the ECW standards.

– Francine was in a backstage room with an Italian sub before Corino tried to pick her up. She wanted the belt around his waist and said Justin Credible was with Missy Hyatt in the bathroom. Apparently, the joke was that Credible couldn’t get it in. Francine said Credible wasn’t getting any of her either. Corino was simply on fire on this night on the mic. Also more of that ECW raunchiness that WWF couldn’t touch.

– In the ring were Tajiri, Little Guido, Super Crazy, Mikey Whipwreck, Tony Mamaluke and Kid Kash. A Three-Way Dance Tag match. Yes. Kash went for a high cross body that was an epic fail. Tajiri hit a buzzsaw kick to Guido to knock him off the apron. There was a trifecta of submissions on the FBI. Kash redeemed himself with an awesome springboard sideways plancha. Big Sal came into the match and squashed Kash with 600 pounds and Mamaluke eliminated Kash/Crazy. Tajiri hit a modified airplane spin on Guido. Great finish as stereo tiger suplexes finished off FBI as The Unholy Alliance became #1 Contenders.

– Backstage, Sandman cut a promo that played off the idea that people were scared that he wouldn’t turn in the belt so it could get hung up. He put himself over as “The King Of Extreme” and a hardcore icon. This painted him as the ultimate face here, well, by ECW standards. He was going to fight fair to get the belt he had unfairly carried around.

– In the ring were Swinger, Simon Diamond and Dawn Marie as The Blue Boy Management Company was called out. Blue Boy came out with Jasmine. Swinger was upset with Dawn’s managerial services of “giving and receiving.” So subtle. Balls Mahoney and Chilly Willy came out. Rhino came out and challenged Mahoney and delivered an emphatic Gore. Diamond, Springer and even Dawn got one. Willy fought back against Rhyno, but was eventually Gored. Blue Boy ate one too. The biggest shocker came with Jasmine taking a top rope piledriver from Rhyno to end it off. He damn near killed everyone.

– Backstage, they followed up Rhyno as he screamed the night just began and ferociously banged on nearby doors. Yikes.

– The Three-Way Ladder Dance for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship between Champion Corino, Credible and Sandman began as Sandman got double teamed. Corino took the ladder to the head from Credible in the corner. Credible used two ladders on Corino off the top. Credible took a bulldog face first into the ladder. Corino got hit by the falling ladder when he knocked Sandman off it. Corino/Credible used a con-chair-to to drive a ladder into Sandman’s groin. The camera panned to Jack Victory at ringside. Sandman was back body dropped through a table outside. Credible was then thrown off the apron through a table. Corino took another ladder on his arm dropped over the top rope. The ladder got bent on a spot, so they switched to another one. Sandman took yet another table bump over the top rope. Credible hit a corkscrew tombstone as Francine landed a “coochie-rana” on Sandman. Credible introduced a bigger ladder as the belt began to increase its height in stance from the ring. Credible put Corino through the table off the ladder, but that allowed Sandman to climb up and win to become new Champion. You can tell they tried to do something out of the box and worked with a broken ladder and likely called an audible, but it was nothing memorable. Post-match, the three combatants went face-to-face and shook hands. Sportsmanship. Tears. Da Baldies came back out and were fought off this time by Credible/Corino. Rhyno was in the ring as he slipped before he Gored Sandman. Rhyno then tore on the fans and asked why he was TV Champion when ECW didn’t even have TV. Throw in some more taunts towards Sandman and he demanded a shot at the Title right now or his family would pay. Sandman accepted the challenge and the bell rang. That’s what – the fourth impromptu match of the night? Sandman ate a Gore through a table in the corner, but kicked out. Rhyno then hit a piledriver off the apron through a table. That barely beat a two. Another piledriver through the table shards this time and we had a new Champion. He was then christened the new “Undisputed” ECW Champion. Cyrus challenged anyone from any company and sure enough, RVD’s music hit. Major pop. Like anyone didn’t see that coming. Lynn attacked RVD from behind as Rhyno dashed out of the ring. This led to the main event – RVD against Lynn.

– The RVD-Lynn match was said to “not be about Titles, but about pride.” Right. RVD was insanely over to paint the picture. He hit his corkscrew guillotine leg drop and got a near-fall on a second rope moonsault. Lynn avoided a shoulder block as he hit a leg drop. Lynn tore away the mat and hit a suplex as the crowd shifted their attention to the bald guy at the barricade. They traded pins before Lynn landed an ugly school boy and heard it from the crowd. Another close two when Cyrus tried to push RVD off the top rope. Gertner came in and DDT’d Cyrus. The Van Terminator was hit with Gertner’s help. That was the finish. Obviously, more of the stellar magic between those two and if that’s the way ECW goes out on PPV, that’s as solid as it gets.

– Backstage, Corino/Credible/Victory/Francine revealed they’d band together to “Make An Impact.” They ended things with the highlight reel package. Great show with Dreamer/Anderson, the ladder match and Lynn/RVD as the highlights. It was obvious plans were set for the way-over RVD to take on Rhyno with the belt on the line at Living Dangerously, but as we know now, that never materialized. For shame.







  • Cyrus/Jerry Lynn def. Christian York/Joey Matthews via pinfall 
  • ECW World Tag Team Championship – Danny Doring/Amish Roadkill (Champions) def. Hot Commodity (w/Chris Hamrick, Elektra) via pinfall to retain 
  • Nova def. Chris Hamrick (w/Elektra) via pinfall 
  • “I Quit” Match – Tommy Dreamer def. CW Anderson 
  • Three-Way Dance – The Unholy Alliance (w/Sinister Minister) def. Super Crazy/Kid Kash and The FBI (w/Sal E. Graziano) via pinfall 
  • Simon Diamond/Swinger (w/Dawn Marie, The Blue Boy, Jasmin St. Claire) and Balls Mahoney/Chilly Willy to a no-contest 
  • Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Canes Match – ECW World Heavyweight Championship – The Sandman def. Steve Corino (Champion) (w/Jack Victory) and Justin Credible (w/Francine) to become new Champion 
  • ECW World Heavyweight Championship – Rhyno def. The Sandman (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 
  • Rob Van Dam def. Jerry Lynn (w/Cyrus) via pinfall 

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