Notes In Observance – WCWC 2/25/17: Throwing Caution To The Whirlwind

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/25/17)

Throwing Caution To The Whirlwind 

– In the ring already were WCWC Tag Team Champions The Bonu$ Boyz and Kate Carney, as they mentioned how they deserved respect and whatnot. They were interrupted by some rather familiar music, The Whirlwind Gentlemen. Oh snap. Sadly, the audio went in and out at this moment so that pop couldn’t be fully soaked in. Jack Manley felt more natural on the mic and suggested a challenge for the belts. Of course, we’d imagine that the Champs wouldn’t be inclined to accept given that WG literally just returned. This moment was interrupted by The Heavenly Bodies, who laid claim to being the #1 Contenders and “not yesterday’s news.” A three-way brawl and a lot of stumbling later, it was WG left alone in the ring. It didn’t look as though they “cleaned house,” but we get it and all. WG back in the fold should open some fresh feud ideas. They’re also featured again in those furniture commercials, so it must be for the foreseeable future.

– Blake Chadwick was on commentary with Morty Lipschitz for the week. We were sad not to see Kris Kloss there, but we’re used to Chadwick from the America’s Most Liked Wrestling LIVE shows, so we weren’t worried. Beast The Butcher made his ever-so-friendly entrance to take on his opponent, Alexander Hammerstone. Oh, when the one who used to squash now becomes the jobber. The more we listened to Chadwick, we almost wondered why they never gave him a run at commentary in the first place. He was almost a natural with Lipschitz. They noted that even Referee “Smilin'” Dave was back in the ring. Can we just christen this the official show of returns? Butcher continued to take bites out of his opponent, such obvious rabid cannibalism. Hammerstone eventually hit the Nightmare Pendulum to get the win in what was actually more of a competitive match than we’d give credit.

– The Eric Right-Julian Whyt match already felt fresh this time around because of their recent turns, so the roles were switched. This was something that would’ve felt stale a few months ago. Given how Whyt just turned face, we would be shocked to see him take the fall here. Chadwick accidentally called Lipschitz “Lipschizz” which was hilarious in of itself. Whyt worked in some offense and got the crowd behind him. Syncyr distracted the Referee to allow Right to spit the apparently reformulated tonic in Whyt’s face. We also liked the not-so-subtle attire color change for Right to go from red to black. You know, like his soul.

– Backstage, Jeff Akin from the WCWC Board Of Directors broke the news to Right/Syncyr that the tonic was now officially banned and needed to be confiscated. Right purposefully dropped it on the floor and got in the camera shot and threatened that the tonic wasn’t what they needed to be scared of. It’ll actually be cool to see how this dastardly duo comes back to stick one to the WCWC Gods.

– The WCWC Tag Team Championship match between Damian Drake/Mikey O’Shea and Champions The Bonu$ Boyz had some marquee appeal. The running joke is that O’Shea just can’t find a partner to get that tag gold with. Ironically, shouldn’t these guys have been involved in the opening segment since they were the evident #1 Contenders? Some good double-teams on the faces’ side as Drake used O’Shea to trip one of the Champs and O’Shea used Drake as a crash test dummy on a whirlwind slam. Actually some good, competitive action as the match wore down. Drake was actually the source of a hot tag. He got a near-fall on a springboard forearm and went for it again, but this time, fell right into Clutch Kucera’s right fist. That was it. Makes sense for BB to retain given the plethora of new challengers they have now.

– Backstage, Christy Olson was with WCWC Legacy Champion “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson, as he spoke about being Champion through all the obstacles and opponents thrown at him. He seemed to lose hope when he learned this week’s challenger was “The Vampire Warrior” Gangrel.

– The WCWC Legacy Championship match between Gangrel and Champion Gibson began as we learned the Referee was Senior Official Brian Hebner, as he made his WCWC debut. Gangrel hit an impactful gut wrench suplex, while Gibson tried at various points to get away from him. Gisbon used a foreign object on Gangrel that he slipped back in his tights, but Gangrel no-sold the punch. With no other alternative, Gibson struck Hebner to get the disqualification finish and scurried away still Champion. A cheap way to extend things and some solid action, disappointing finish aside. It was easy to deter that this was far from over and it certainly was. What we wondered though was what that weapon was? Why even include that in there?






Quick Results 

  • Alexander Hammerstone def. Beast The Butcher via pinfall 
  • Eric Right (w/Richard Syncyr) def. Julian Whyt via pinfall 
  • WCWC Tag Team Championships – The Bonu$ Boyz (Champions) (w/Kate Carney) def. Mikey O’Shea/Damian Drake via pinfall to retain 
  • WCWC Legacy Championship – Gangrel def. “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (Champion) via DQ; Gibson retains 

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