Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 2/22/17: Man Up, Daniels

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 2/22/17) 

Man Up, Daniels 

– The opening video focused on the Ring Of Honor Decade Of Excellence Tournament and its “eight pioneers” that fought it out to lead down to the two that were left – Jay Briscoe and Christopher Daniels. The main story was that they stood in each other’s way of a World Title shot. This was a great video intro, actually went the way of those classic “NBA On NBC” intros that Marv Albert used to do. You tell us that doesn’t work.

– Out came “The Last Real Man” Silas Young (autocorrect changed it to “Teal,” that can be a gimmick of its own) as he’d take on Bull James, which extended back to a recent angle two weeks before when Young teased James as a potential Six-Man Tag Team partner only to turn on him. It was a nice heel tactic to use the Code Of Honor as a way to demean James as “not manly.” James’ skull on his attire sort of rang close to the Bullet Club logo. James executed a successful head scissors to roll Young out of the ring. Young did a slingshot maneuver over the top rope and crashed and burned into the barricade. James battled back with some hefty offense. He did a monkey flip on the apron that sent Young back into the ring over the top rope. He did a tornado DDT off the apron on Beer City Bruiser at ringside. After a failed first attempt, Young landed Misery and got the win. Still not doing James any favors here to have him lose, but there’s intrigue to see who Young has up his sleeve to be his eventual partner.

– Briscoe cut a promo about the Decade Of Excellence and spoke about how his “18 year-old skinny pale ass” was the first to walk through the curtain 15 years ago. He also brought up numbers and his only one number mattered to him – one. It was some good old inspired stuff.

– The Bobby Fish promo package revolved around his 2016 Survival Of The Fittest win and how it was set to be his path to the World Title. He brought up the recent submission decision he had over ROH World Champion Adam Cole and hyped his shot against him for the belt at Manhattan Mayhem on Mar. 4. Unlike the typical wordy, yet emotionless promos Fish has hurled out in the past, this one had a goal in mind and you can’t top the desire to be a World Champion. Better yet, he was painted as having a chance. That’s all you need these days.

– Colt Cabana’s new music hit as he got ready for the 2-On-1 Handicap match against Dalton Castle’s Boys. This stemmed back from Cabana’s attack on The Boys two weeks ago. Cabana got on the mic and said hello to Castle before he mocked the boys for being “in the ring he built.” In a funny moment, he called himself the “Iron Jew” and one win by Castle wouldn’t change a thing. Castle joined commentary and stressed Cabana’s mishaps. We also had the chance to find out The Boys’ names and it was revealed they were “Boy One” and “Boy Two.” Well. There were some comedy spots that saw Cabana get spooked out and he also tripped over a Boy at one point. Headed into the break, Cabana grabbed the headset and mocked Castle. He then monkey tossed one of the Boys over the top rope. Cabana threw a Boy into Castle and asked a nearby ringside assistant if he was okay. We like how they’ve tweaked Cabana’s heel comedy to be more bully-esque. Eventually, The Boys tapped out to the Billy Goat’s Curse. A smart way to get heat on Cabana and extend things with him and Castle a little more without any physical contact. That will come in time.

– Daniels spoke about all his past accomplishments and name-dropped “Joe and Punk” to showcase his longtime credibility in the company. His desire was to change the “Best That Never Was” connotation he had fixed with his name. His destiny – be Champion. Solid work.

– A hype video hyped the 2017 ROH Top Prospect Tournament for next week, in case you were curious what television would cover until the 15th Anniversary Show.

– The Decade Of Excellence Tournament Finals between Daniels and Briscoe with Franke Kazarian and Mark Briscoe on commentary set things in good perspective. Either one of these guys could win it and it’d be something tangible with Cole as the brash heel Champ waiting in the wings. However, the Daniels story looks too good to ignore here. That said, we expect a straight-forward great wrestling match. They worked in a pre-taped promo from Daniels about Briscoe being the last obstacle, Briscoe had the same treatment and expressed he took these things personally and was pumped. “Daniels, Man Up” chants spread the area as it was announced the winner would receive a shot against Cole at the 15th Anniversary on Mar. 10. Cool way to have Commentator Kevin Kelly bring up how Briscoe was in the first ROH match and that Daniels was on the main event of the same show. Good, scientific wrestling with an emphasis where Daniels worked over the neck and struck aggressively. He hit a springboard sit-down moonsault. Both Kazarian/Briscoe actually left the booth to root on their respective partners. Daniels plated possum and hit Angel’s Wings for two. Briscoe did the same thing and hit a Death Valley Driver. More great back-and-forth, as they even teased the same finish where Briscoe finished off Jay Lethal. Daniels grounded Briscoe on the top rope and hit a Super Angel’s Wings to get the win. A believable finish with the highest of stakes and worth the drama. Incredible storytelling right there. More of this please. Daniels gets his Cinderella Story setup against Cole. Emotional sportsmanship was how it ended. Could’ve had gone any better.






Quick Results 

  • “The Last Real Man” Silas Young (w/The Beer City Bruiser) def. Bull James via pinfall 
  • 2-On-1 Handicap – Colt Cabana def. The Boys via submission 
  • Decade Of Excellence Tournament – Finals – Winner Receives ROH World Championship Shot At 15th Anniversary Show – “Almighty” Christopher Daniels def. Jay Briscoe via pinfall to win tournament 

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