Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 2/22/17: Ohno Way Jose

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/22/17)

Ohno Way Jose 

– The opening video hyped the NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Triple Threat match between Peyton Royce, Ember Moon and Liv Morgan to set up Champion Asuka’s next challenger. That’s a marquee right there.

– Guess we’re starting right off it then, alright. The NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Triple Threat between Moon, Royce and Morgan came around at a good time with Asuka in the wings. Conventional wisdom would tell us that with her unpinned/unsubmitted streak still strong, Moon would be the formidable favorite. However, once Billie Kay accompanied Royce to the ring, we liked her odds as a temporary obstacle to delay the inevitable Moon-Asuka Title feud. They don’t have to rush it right away. Of course in the middle with plenty to prove was Morgan, who still seems too close to Carmella for our liking. We liked that commentary reminded us that Morgan held a recent pinfall victory over Kay. The Aussie Mean Girls shined as they entered the first commercial break. The ongoing theme of the bout was that Royce kept Moon at bay (there’s a poem in there somewhere) as she repeatedly pushed her off the apron about five or six times in a row. It was entertaining at one point. Morgan did an inventive stretch to transition into a head scissors. She still moves a little awkwardly between moves, but there has been improvement. Moon got back into the ring to break up a pin attempt. She pulled off the spot of the match when she dove over the top rope and set up a powerbomb/superplex tower of doom spot. Kay tried to block an Eclipse attempt on Royce and took the lunar bullet instead. With Moon temporarily grounded, Royce struck Morgan with the jumping knee/bridged fisherman suplex to get the win. We actually liked that since it sets up a potential Kay-Moon match to keep things busy while Royce goes for the belt. Moon even retains her unpinned/unsubmitted streak.

– We got a hype video that meshed Mark Andrews and Pete Dunne together so we could see their differences in style and character. Andrews was the fun-loving, high-flying underdog from Wales, while Dunne was confident and smirktastic. Based off what we got at the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament, this should be a riot of a clinic. It’s next? Yes.

– OHNOOOOOOOO. OHNO. Yup, it was a Kassius Ohno hype video, catchy theme song and all. He should certainly get a “Hero’s Welcome.” Wink, wink.

– The Dunne-Andrews match are reasons why we love NXT point-black. While we deal with Raw’s long-winded absurdity and SmackDown Live’s logical, yet “not quite there yet” potential, we know NXT can deliver on their in-ring promises. These two tore it down at UKCT and bring the best out of each other. Based off WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate’s successful defense against Trent Seven last week and Dunne an easy threat to him and a storied rivalry already thanks to the Tourney, it’d make all the sense in the world to have Dunne go over here. We started with some whimsical insight from Commentator Nigel McGuinness, who informed us that Andrews’ theme song was actually from his own band. That was actually awesome. Obviously, the Full Sail faithful gave Dunne the more favorable reaction based off his UKCT work. He got right back into that essence, as he worked over Andrews’ fingers. He actually makes it look painful, comparable to Ring Of Honor’s World Television Champion Marty Scurll, that same methodical technical style. To add to his arsenal of affliction, he pressed his fist onto Andrews’ nose, which just has to feel lovely. Outside, Andrews was caught on a moonsault attempt, but countered it into an arm drag. Dunne connected with a wicked forearm and stomped Andrews’ hand on the steel steps. He even did his hex-plex release suplex that saw Andrews land on the apron. WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens would be proud of that. Andrews did a roll through Stomp-182, but spun himself into another forearm/hex-plex combo. Andrews looked smart for being able to thwart two Bitter End attempts and even did a sick reverse huracanrana. Some close calls for Andrews as he nearly pinned Dunne on a surprise rollup. Dunne targeted the left hand again and struck another stiff forearm. Andrews fought back with the Stundog Millionaire and tried to go for a shooting star press, but landed on Dunne’s knees. That was enough to send him on a journey to the BE and Dunne secured the victory. Easily a great match. You can just tell Dunne is being groomed for that rematch for the belt. That’s just good for everybody.

– Backstage, AMG were excited at the prospect that Royce would take on Asuka next week. Royce was quick to dismiss Nikki Cross as “Crazy Nikki” and the overall reason she wasn’t NXT Women’s Champion. Her “dropping some facts” promo was something different and she actually sounded convincing here. They did that thing where they skipped away, laughing and holding hands. We were amused. They must do that everywhere they go.

– A hype video for Patrick Clark aired, as “The Velveteen Dream” proclaimed he’d be in action next week. Color us purple, we mean, um, excited.

– Also hyped for next week was a NXT Tag Team Championship match as Champions The Authors Of Pain would battle #DIY. Next week sounds loaded already. Get us there.

– Cameras followed “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger as he entered the WWE Performance Center and was asked about Eric Young and SAniTY. He remarked he had numbers now with Roderick Strong/No Way Jose at his side. He said he had their back as well. For the ups and downs they’ve had Dillinger suffer so far, this was one of his more motivated promos.

– The NXT Champion Bobby Roode-No Way Jose match sounded like an easy Roode win on paper that’d let Jose shine in defeat and keep the newly crowned NXT Champion fresh in his heel act of taking NXT global. As you’d imagine, the entrances stole the early spotlight with a lot of dancing and “Glorious.” They did a funny spot where Jose did a mini-wave that caused Roode to raise his arm inadvertently going with it. Jose put in some hope offense and hit the big right hand, but Roode rolled out of the ring on impact. He brought him back in and was the victim of the possum as a Glorious DDT awaited him. Three-count. Just what we figured. Post-match, Roode inflicted more damage upon Jose’s knee, reminiscent of the way he dissected Shinsuke Nakamura at TakeOver: San Antonio. Liked the reference there. At that point, Ohno’s music hit and the timing couldn’t be better. He was comfortable on the mic and had a great reaction. Looked like he never left. He brought up his “unfinished business” and how Roode had what he wanted. That set Roode up to tease a match right there for the belt and used it as a chance to attack Ohno’s leg with his back turned. Ohno turned it around (Ohyes – sorry, we had to do it just once) and cleared the Champ from the ring to a nice pop. They handled that return well. We assume the plan is for Roode to knock off Ohno while Nakamura waits to strike, or they could just put them all in a Triple Threat at the next TakeOver.






Quick Results

  • NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender – Triple-Threat – Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay) def. Ember Moon and Liv Morgan via pinfall 
  • Pete Dunne def. Mark Andrews via pinfall 
  • Bobby Roode def. No Way Jose via pinfall 

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