Notes In Observance – WWE 205 Live 2/21/17: Kings And Queens

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez 


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 2/21/17) 

Kings And Queens 

– The opening video recapped the previous night’s Raw contract signing segment for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match at Fastlane on Mar. 5 between Champion Neville and Gentleman Jack Gallagher. They showed all the important parts, as Neville painted Gallagher as a live caricature of the things people laugh about British culture, to which Gallagher argued that being a gentleman was who he really was and not a part played. In the end, Gallagher got the last laugh as he outlasted Neville in impromptu combat and embarrassed him with William III, his trusty umbrella. Makes sense as Fastlane draws near. Gallagher should get as warm as possible for the belt.

– Out came Brian Kendrick, as we were taken back to his rabid attack on Akira Tozawa on Raw when Tozawa, who has blatantly refused the shifty Kendrick’s request to mentor him, didn’t want to shake hands. Tozawa began aggressively as he clearly shouted, “I don’t need you!” at Kendrick. To his credit, Commentator Mauro Ranallo name-dropped some awesome Japanese wrestlers like Mitsuharu Misawa and CIMA as influences on Tozawa. Undoubtedly, the highlight was where Kendrick took Tozawa’s head and rammed it against the LED side of the ring post. They flirted with each others finishers, but for naught. Tozawa used his head as a ram on a tope suicida. He couldn’t follow up because Kendrick, in all his veteran prowess, tied Tozawa’s leg up in the ring frame and went back in the ring to get the countout win. We actually kind of liked that as a cheap Kendrick victory and it tells us that there’s way more in this rivalry than we’ve seen.

– Backstage, Kendrick was asked if tonight was the end of his problems with Tozawa and he got over that this was simply lesson two and he wasn’t done teaching lessons. All the more reason to have it continue and eventually let Tozawa get the best of Kendrick, but with added pressure.

– Backstage, Noam Dar was asked about Rich Swann’s pre-match comments from last week when he dedicated the bout to Dar’s girlfriend, the “lovely Alicia Fooooooooooooooox.” Dar rocked a shiner under this left eye and remarked that Fox wasn’t there because she was under the weather, but they were fine. He said her name again, as you know. That’s the joke, folks.

– The Dar-Mustafa Ali match was random on paper, but it fit both men’s styles. Dar continually stalled for time outside, which angered Ali to the point where he was the latest to do a tope con hilo over the Referee bent over in the ropes. He also broke out some more shiny offense like his roll through neckbreaker. The finish saw Dar kick Ali in the leg, which knocked him off the top rope and hit his head on the turnbuckle, which left him prey for the running knee for the win. It was apparent that Dar can win without his lady around. That’s the lesson, we think. Unless it gets revealed that Fox/Swann are a new item. Ew.

– We got a hype video for Austin Aries, which was a lot of NXT footage mixed with soundbites from Commentator Corey Graves. It was ironic since it was the last thing we expected, but it obviously hints that Aries is close to being cleared to compete again.

– We were shown footage after the segment from Raw as they caught up with Neville, who simply said that Gallagher went from an annoyance to someone who had his full attention now. He promised to squash the “little cockroach” in his angry tone and all. Well, Neville never says anything happy these days anyway.

– Backstage, Gallagher did squats with William III and addressed his strategy into the main event with Tony Nese, as he compared Nese to Neville and called it a preview for Fastlane. Makes sense. Yup.

– The Gallagher-Nese main event saw Gallagher lay back and do a playful stretch for the fans as he extended a submission hold. Nese came back with a cartwheel off the apron and followed with a kick. There was an impressive counter/submission/pinfall exchange that ended when Gallagher struck a headbutt that actually knocked both men down. Nese powered back with a “spider German suplex” that took Gallagher from the top rope to the canvas. A belly-to-back superplex by Gallagher received a decent pop. The corner dropkick gave Gallagher the predictable, yet needed win as Fastlane draws near. Would Neville come out for advancement? Nope. That was fine though. We like that they’re not burning all their resources just yet. The Cruiserweight Division is in a better place as the weeks go by, we just hope they have some more steady character development for the ones who need it.






Quick Results

  • Brian Kendrick def. Akira Tozawa via countout 
  • Noam Dar def. Mustafa Ali via pinfall 
  • Gentleman Jack Gallagher def. Tony Nese via pinfall 

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