Notes In Observance – WCWC 2/18/17: Birthday Brawlin’

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/18/17) 

Birthday Brawlin’

– We’re so happy they finally managed to work in heel Eric Right into the opening montage. Continuity is key, folks.

– In the ring already were Alexander Hammerstone/Adam Thornstowe (we’ll just call them ThornStone) to hype the highly-anticipated (by West Coast Wrestling Connection standards anyway) main event where they’d battle Matt Striker/WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion Grappler III from The Wrecking Crew. While all this stemmed from a backstage assault angle last week by the heels at a catering table (or a table with Voodoo Doughnuts, take your pick), Hammerstone got over that their opponents were “unfair” and now they were ready for a fight. Decent stuff. Thornstowe said the same thing to a lesser extent.

– Out came Julian Whyt with Mr. Tubbs, as his opponent was Mikey O’Shea. Whyt apparently had a plan according to the backstage pre-taped promo. Vague stuff there. This went the way of the usual, as O’Shea battled on, while Tubbs was a physical obstacle at ringside multiple times. O’Shea hit a nice clothesline that turned Whyt inside out. Whyt was pushed into Tubbs’ cane as the “plan” backfired and O’Shea delivered the Gunslinger to get the victory. It was sort of weird how the Referee mainly stood there and watched the attempted blatant interference, but okay. Whyt shoved Tubbs to the ground and subsequently “fired” him to “do right by his people” and transformed into a pandering babyface. He actually showed some personality there, which makes us think his heel character was just for show. Let’s see how it goes.

– We got a hype video that transformed from Right’s cameo in the Brunch Box commercial and turned into one of those newly turned heel “You thought you knew me” promos was well done, as he explained that he had Richard Syncyr as an ally all along and their plan was to “take over WCWC the old-fashioned way.” We also still like how they stuck in Brunch Box’s address at the end.

– Out came The Heavenly Bodies to take on The Northwest Express, a rematch after HB failed to unseat the WCWC Tag Team Champions, Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi last week. In fact, it was brought up that these two teams battled in HB’s WCWC debut six weeks ago and HB were the victors. Nothing special in terms of the action besides for Phlex Walker getting the hot tag sequence, but not the reaction that typically follows it. HB struck the Pearly Gates on Walker as Marcus Malone was isolated on the outside. With HB 2-0 against the NE, are they building them back up again?

– Right/Syncyr cut a backstage promo as Right tried to claim that him and “The Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews got off “on the wrong foot” and he simply wanted to go out and say there were no hard feelings. Well, we can’t possibly trust that. Nope. The two were set to do battle.

– The Right-Matthews match started on the right foot. See what we did there? We loved that Right/Syncyr came out to no music or kiddie fanfare. It was a distinct way to separate from the “Gentleman Brawler” face character. It’s this old example of Jerichoism that can do wonders for a newly turned heel. We figured this match would follow up on the original turn angle. We were fine with that though. They called Matthews the “angry adrenaline guy.” Why not? Matthews’ anger actually painted the story as he did numerous overhead suplexes. The piledriver attempt was thwarted in favor of a back body drop. Right accidentally spit the tonic in Syncyr’s face, which allowed Matthews to hit the Adrenaline Rush to get the win. A different twist on things and it builds momentum for Matthews.

– Backstage, The Bonus Boyz were about to be interviewed on the way to the ring when the Champions attacked them from behind as revenge for last week. The action spilled out of the curtain and at the ringside area. Gangrel even grabbed a chair and began to use it. It was just a long brawl while commentary reminded us of all their past battles, namely that weapons match. It didn’t really have that chaotic feeling, but we respect Commentator Kris Kloss’ high-selling of it. Gangrel took both of BB and collided them together. The belts were supposed to be on the line, as the idea of it happening was supposedly now in question. We didn’t understand the “accident in production” thing they were mentioning. Couldn’t they just send out the whole locker room like they’ve come out when The Wrecking Crew overstepped their boundaries? There was a great moment when they cut to Kloss/Commentator Morty Lipschitz onscreen and as Kloss spoke, their camera was knocked out of place and almost fell on them. Kloss used it to help sell the destruction. We almost died of laughter here. The bell did eventually ring and we ended up having a match. BB sandwiched Bodhi and Gangrel was kept out of the ring as we suddenly had a Title change. The belts went back to BB and we surely didn’t see that one coming. Guess the Champs hoped they would’ve just brawled it out. All of this was a success, as it elevated the feud on Kloss’ own birthday no less. Birthday Brawlin’ happened so fast.

– The main event between Striker/G3 and ThornStone hit a little bit of a lull at the start, but was necessary due to the heel stalling. Striker did a crotch chop towards Thornstowe, so you know things got real. In a “turnabout’s fair play” angle, Hammerstone struck a low blow to Striker behind the Referee’s back. We also give props to Thornstowe for having Rancid’s “…And Out Come The Wolves” album cover on the groin of his attire. After we stopped noticing that, we returned just in time to see Thornstowe go for the Scum Stomp but miss. G3 prepared the loaded boot, but missed his strike. Thornstowe used the momentum to execute a bridge pin to get the win over G3. Not a bad finish and we suspect we’ll see Thornstowe get another shot at G3’s belt sometime soon.






Quick Results

  • Mikey O’Shea def. Julian Whyt (w/Mr. Tubbs) via pinfall 
  • The Heavenly Bodies def. The Northwest Express via pinfall 
  • “The Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews def. Eric Right (w/Richard Syncyr) via pinfall 
  • WCWC Tag Team Championships – The Bonus Boyz def. Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi (Champions) via pinfall to regain Titles 
  • Adam Thornstowe/Alexander Hammerstone def. The Grappler III/Matt Striker via pinfall 

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  1. Right’s heel turn has had consequences throughout the year. Can’t really say the same for Whyte’s face turn. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Thornstowe. Guess Impact’s keeping him busy. Phlex Walker seems to have disappeared as well.

    There’s always a lot going on in WCWC. That’s why I watch it every week.


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