Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 2/16/17: That Time In Tijuana

Photo courtesy of Inside Pulse.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/16/17)

That Time In Tijuana 

– The opening video recapped last week’s show, particularly the part where TNA World Tag Team Champions, The Broken Hardys, transported themselves into Tijuana, Mexico, in search of their Tag Team Champions. They called it an “expedition of gold.” We’ll go along with it and anything Broken-related. We were reminded of how they hobnobbed with the Spanish elite and led everyone in a chant of “Delete!” and oh hey, that rhymed. Go us. They were hyped (with big white capital letters and dramatic music) to face Psicosis/Super Crazy later on. That just sounds like a dream match at this point.

– We were also shown a video package that revolved around The Wolves’ long-awaited reunion that transitioned into the ill-fated events of last week where Davey Richards and his wife Angelina Love cost Edwards his last chance at the TNA World Championship. To add insult to injury, Edwards’ wife, Alisha, was also a victim of the assault. Best believe there will be followup.

– The Mixed Tag between Crazzy Steve/TNA Knockouts Champion Rosemary and Brandi Rhodes/Moose with Madison Rayne on commentary had some brief backstory. Rosemary had sought out Brandi for her Decay stable (we question her taste sometimes) and Cody’s wife wanted none of it. She even established she had friends here when Moose stood up for her in a previous segment. That’s what led to this. Still not getting this “Mini-Moose” nickname. Who wants to be called a miniature moose? Does getting called a miniature lion make you any more of a lion? Sigh, TNA logic. Anyways, the most interesting part of this pairing was the opinion of Cody himself, who apparently thanked Moose on Twitter. Of course, they didn’t show it or anything. Given Cody’s recent affiliation with Bullet Club, we find it hard-pressed for him to be thanking anyone. We still have our hopes up for a potential Cody-Moose feud just because. There was nothing too exciting early on besides for an Abyss attack on the outside on Moose, that led to Steve colliding into him and the steel steps together. Things woke up when Moose did a one-armed powerbomb that brought Steve to the outside onto Abyss below. They played up that Brandi was eager to get in. They did a half-assed double-team move together that was also sadly the finish. Moose pinned Steve after a lariat and that was it. By any chance, would they tie in Moose’s feud with TNA Impact Grand Champion, Drew Galloway? Guess not. Nothing there. Next.

– Just like anybody who was beaten down the week before, Edwards was approached by the camera guy and said camera was pushed away. He claimed he was only here to kick Richards’ ass. We guess it’s courteous to wait a full week.

– Backstage, Moose/Brandi raved about their team skills. Wow. Anyways, they thanked each other and Moose excitedly supported her and had her back. That’s a thing now.

– Edwards made a beeline for the ring, sensible. He extended “ass” for some reason. He called bringing his wife into their conflicts the absolute worst point and called out Richards. We got Love instead, who said she’d decide when Richards would come out. Her argument was that Edwards was out for himself while Richards tore his ACL and she was nine months pregnant. No calls or contact was supposedly made at these trying personal times. That’s understandable. Unfortunately, Edwards doesn’t argue this and is just the worst friend ever, folks. Cheer this man. She introduced her husband with new generic music. Richards had some logical quips that he picked Edwards for his team and thus, “created” the Wolves Nation and could now destroy it. Some threats were exchanged and before long, a brawl went out. Security arrived, but we all know that means nothing in TNA. Sadly, the crowd didn’t react much to this, but Edwards challenging for an Anything Goes Street Fight was a step in the right direction. This sort of echoed the whole Hardys storyline last year, except this one lacks any emotional depth besides for Edwards’ underdog spirit (not convincing enough) and Richards/Love making out hard when applicable to be the heels here.

– They cut to a shot of Braxton Sutter awash in his own bachelor party, but hosted by The Miracle. Funny thing was that it was all of Miracle’s friends, as he tried to sell the idea they were all Sutton’s “best friends.” We got a thorough introduction to all the guys there, including an older-looking one who was apparently “28 and seen some stuff.” Even Stifler was there for some reason. The marriage between Sutter and Laurel Van Ness was hyped for next week.

– Backstage, The DCC came on as James Storm angrily suggested subtitles be added to their promos in the future. Sorry guys, subtitles won’t solve your dilemma. He brought up Ethan Carter III learning the hard way about what they do (still not sure what that is even) and he made a threat to Jessie Godderz that they “ran the show.” He encouraged Kingston to gouge his eyes out. How lovely. Real moving stuff here.

– Cut to Tijuana, as the Hardys were brought inside an arena. They appeared to get a nice pop as they even came onto the stage and got their own entrance. They asked for the promoter and we got a sneak peek of Konnan, who implored an employee to sell lots of “Hardy bootleg stuff.” Classic Konnan.

– Allie stood by with her bachelorette party decorations (nothing too shabby either) as Maria, Sienna and LVN came out of an elevator to see it. In fabulous Maria fashion, she verbally tore down the decorations and her assistant’s abilities and rubbed in her face that her crush was getting married next week. Allie’s pouts were perfect here. How could you not fall for her?

– The Kingston-Godderz match began as Godderz had pretty good new theme music. Some energy here, but this had an XPlosion taping feel to it. Godderz did hit a nice blockbuster on his way to a springboard forearm (AJ Styles, much?) for the three-count. Interesting. Post-match, the lights went off and came back on as the two other DCC members stood in the ring. The thing was that Godderz stood outside of it, as it was implied that he avoided their sinister attacks simply by leaving the ring in the midst of darkness. That’s how you develop your heroes. You start to question why everyone else didn’t just start doing that.

– Sutter’s party continued as he was approached by one of Miracle’s friends who was an obvious stoner. He encouraged him to “loosen up.” Sutter’s first attempt to leave the party fails, as Miracle convinced him things just needed to get amped up and riled up a “Ben The Hen” chant for George. In turn, George climbed the ladder on the wall and did a large splash onto Stoner Friend on the couch. What’s even happening here?

– Tyrus hyped a soon-to-come episode of Fact Of Life that was to feature himself and not Eli Drake. This stems back to last week when Drake abandoned Tyrus in tag team action. Guess we’ll see some development here.

– Back to the bachelorettes – Allie continued to offer suggestions of how to celebrate, as she flaunted party horns. Maria frowned at all of them and hilariously blew the horn in her face. Maria really makes these work. To break the awkward silence that followed, Sienna cut in and asked when they could open the champagne already. She held two bottles and made a face like an orphan begging for seconds.

– Tyrus was seated at the desk and hyped a “Not-So-Special Guest,” Drake. Wait, didn’t he just say he wasn’t going to be the guest? Whatever. Drake came out with his arm in a sling and wanted his chair back as the crowd began a “Dummy, yeah!” chant. Drake provided a letter in writing that poorly explained his side of the story. His reasoning for being upset at Tyrus was because he volunteered to face The DCC and they also picked the wrong guys when they held the briefcase. To add on the heel spice, he went with a fat joke and claimed Tyrus was only effective as the “guy in the background.” Zing. The line that sent him over the edge though was that he “owned him.” Tyrus didn’t want none of that and challenged him for next week. Hmm. Wasn’t Tyrus a “hired gun” anyway? Well, a face turn should be something.

– Back to Tijuana we go. Konnan was made aware of the Hardys in the building by his assistant and was flabbergasted that they didn’t want to get paid. Eventually, he was confronted by them backstage. Like you couldn’t crack up at “Hermano Konnan, I knew you’d come!” and it was apparent that Matt could care less about “monetary nonsense.” Konnan looked to make money off them anyway, as we got some more hype screens that hyped their match.

– Back to Maria/Allie. Maria asked Allie if she got LVN a gift. The answer was no, as LVN opened a lingerie gift from someone else. Maria appointed Allie with the task to get them all proper bridesmaid dresses and informed her she would be the ring bearer. She then got enraged over the difference between white and pink. She took a cupcake and dabbed it on Allie’s nose. She took her ladies with her and warned Allie to have everything set for next week. Oh, the bullying. We love it. These are the moments that make Allie.

– Matt told Brother Nero they were now ready to secure the Mexican Tag Team Championships. No promotion name was outright mentioned here. We guess it’s just collectively the country of Mexico and their Tag Team Championships. For outsiders, they even got their own entrance and theme music, well the “Obsolete” song anyways. Still good. Matt did the Delete turnbuckle spot to a rousing pop. They had to blur out the Referee here since it was Lucha Underground’s Marty Elias. How silly is that? They showed glimpses of Vanguard 1 backstage, who got to party with various attractive women. Matt/Nero hit the Twist Of Fate/Swanton Bomb spots to get the win. It was apparent they would leave with the belts, which drew anger from Konnan. He blamed the champagne being robbed on the “drunk drone.” With that, before they could get caught, the Hardys transported back to the Dome Of Deletion. Matt had another premonition that they’d try to get belts closer to home. How close? Try the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championships. We got a great hype video for that. Hopefully, we can get a full actual match this time since what we saw in Mexico was just mostly what we saw in the teasers save for a few spots.

– They showed a hype video that focused on comments from Brooke on her revenge mission towards Sienna/Maria and her eagerness to shut her up once and for all. Not bad.

– The Sienna-Brooke match with Madison Rayne on commentary began as we were reminded how Brooke’s return was spoiled by The Lady Squad and she couldn’t get it back. Of course, to sell that anger, Brooke came out smiling and shaking her booty. They got it on the right track after though, as she ran to the ring and chased Maria around. The story of the match continued to be that Brooke held her own despite Sienna’s dominance and the pesky Maria interfering where necessary. Lots of fallaway slams. Brooke avoided the AK47 and scooped her up in a pin for three. We guess that’s a good bounce back win?

– Back to Sutter, as he again tried to get out of the party. George came up to them with a porn DVD. Miracle said he “had that covered” and answered the door to Roxy, a beastly stripper with a smoker’s voice. He closed the door on her and brought up the DVD again. Funny.

– Drake grabbed a camera backstage and claimed he was the crazy one. He sent a message to Tyrus that he’d put his hands or even a 32-inch bat around him. He promised to lay out the big man and pound on him. We liked this delusional, tough Drake. To add to the effect, they had him tease going after the camera guy again when he panned back on him as he walked away.

– TNA World Champion Lashley came out. He proclaimed himself “too good” and that’s why everyone hated him. He brought up EC3 and Edwards as proof that he’s beaten everybody. When he said there were no more challengers, Josh Barnett’s music hit. Well, that’s different. Barnett was surprisingly good on the mic in front of a live crowd. He shared his disappointment and the crowd had their way with Lashley in the form of a “Doesn’t have it” chant. They amped it up some more with a “Bitch Boy Bobby” chant. Of all the things you’d never think would catch on. Lahsley warned Barnett there were no rules in his world and wanted him to go back where he came from. With that, Barnett attempted an armbar, but the Champ escaped quickly. Lashley was egged on to take him on with the belt on the line. He accepted it of course. That went over better than we figured and we like the idea that perhaps someone in Lashley’s MMA world could be the one who beats him. Then again, Barnett has been in wrestling for a cup of coffee. We’ll guess this is for one of the next two weeks?

– Sutter awoke on the couch as everyone around him was asleep. We’ll guess by the daylight that this was the morning time. Hilariously, Roxy was next to him on the couch. To get revenge, he took Roxy and laid her on Miracle’s shoulder and took a picture of it on Miracle’s phone and called Maria from it. We guess that can be a problem next week? Even then, that seems like a silly payoff.

– The Anything Goes Street Fight between  Edwards and Richards began as Love came out with a mic and introduced her husband again with a tease that he couldn’t compete. That was just a setup so Richards could attack Edwards from behind. He targeted Edwards’ hand. In a Super Calo moment, Edwards performed a suicide dive that actually took him over the guardrail. “Sweet peas and macaroni, what on Earth did we just witness,” asked Pope. Funny. Edwards was lent a chair only so Richards could kick it into his face. Alisha came out and attacked the heels. That backfired when Love handcuffed her to the ropes. She was about to hit her with a chair when Edwards shielded her and took the brunt of it. They forced Alisha to watch a Con-Chair-To though. Even poor Earl Hebner got a kick to the nuts. Love took the chance to count a fake pinfall win. They made out over the fallen Edwards. They certainly got the psychotic couple thing down pat. Edwards will apparently need to up the ante to beat his rival now. Decent hook for next week.






Quick Results 

  • Mixed Tag Match – Moose/Brandi Rhodes def. Crazzy Steve (w/Abyss)/Rosemary via pinfall 
  • Jessie Godderz def. Kingston via pinfall 
  • Taped In Tijuana – Mexican Tag Team Championships – The Broken Hardys def. Psicosis/Super Crazy (Champions) via pinfall to become new Champions 
  • Brooke def. Sienna (w/Maria) via pinfall 
  • Anything Goes Street Fight – Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards (w/Angelina Love) to a no-contest 

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