Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 2/15/17: Moustache Mounting

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 2/15/17)

Moustache Mounting 

– The opening video hyped the first-ever defense of the WWE United Kingdom Championship, as Champion Tyler Bate would battle Trent Seven. Color us stoked.

– Out came NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors Of Pain with Paul Ellering for an apparent match. Their opponents were Lance Anoa’i/Garrison Spears. This was every bit of your advertised mauling. AOP did stereo death valley drivers in the corner. The Last Chapter ended it faster than we remembered it beginning. The crowd was just warming up to Anoa’i with “Uso” chants. Ah well. AOP hit the Super Collider (powerbomb clanks) and their awesome music hit again.

– Billie Kay/Peyton Royce made their entrance for tag team action. They’d take on Liv Morgan and a partner of her choosing. Remember they skipped out of a room holding hands and laughing last week to that news? In the record books, it also stated that Morgan had a win over Kay last week. We glanced at the screen during Morgan’s entrance and forgot that “201” was a New Jersey area code and rather that they forgot the “7” in “2017.” Her partner – Ember Moon. That’ll do it. Wait – didn’t we get a variation of this match back at Toronto? Alright wrestling thanks to Moon and easily the most over with the crowd. Moon was kicked in the face by Kay and knocked off the apron and to the floor where she hit her head. Sell and a half. Morgan was left alone to the Aussie Besties (Aussties?) and this time, it was Royce that kicked her in the face before Kay pinned her. At least it gets the heat on the heels.

– No Way Jose/Roderick Strong were interviewed at the WWE Performance Center regarding their save of Tye Dillinger from SAniTy last week. It was straightforward on Strong’s end, as he disagreed about the bullying aspect of things. Jose’s defense was a lot more realistic, as he painted Dillinger as a longtime locker room leader and they needed to stand up for him. We all know this is leading to an inevitable six-man tag. Enjoy it while you can.

– #DIY’s music hit to a wail of a pop, miss in hand. It was known they had a contractual rematch for the NXT Tag Titles and their promo reminisced on the good times and accolades, but they wanted their rematch. Ellering answered the call with his boys and announced in two weeks, it’d go down. Random hook. The “Make peace with your loved ones” line was also funny here, in a homoerotic way. Anyways, the true gold came with The Revival’s sneak attack on #DIY before they ran away when AOP tried to attack them. It showed AOP as fearless, gave us a match to look forward to and established Revival as opportunistic cowards. It all came together well.

– We got a hype video for Kassius Ohno, back and with new catchy theme music. A swift kick of personality to the nuts. However, we only kept thinking how great a “reunion” with Cesaro would be. One day.

– General Manager William Regal stood by and announced a Triple Threat next week between Royce, Moon and Morgan that’d determine NXT Women’s Champion Asuka’s next challenger in two weeks. We like the idea and all, but why not put Kay/Royce/Moon there since Morgan just lost cleanly? At the same time, we get it if they don’t want to push Moon to that point just yet. This show in two weeks sounds pretty good.

– The WWE United Kingdom Championship match between Seven and Champion Bate was a typical protege-mentor alignment for the story. They were also tag partners in Moustache Mountain and they actually felt each other’s mustaches. Can’t make this stuff up. The announcement of Pete Dunne against Mark Andrews for next week got us stoked. It was actually a UKCT rematch. To the match – Bate performed an overhead plancha. Seven got angsty and got a two on a falcon arrow. Swift transitions where Seven executed a German suplex, rolled into a powerbomb and then when Bate kicked out, turned it into a single-leg Boston crab. We loved that because it was smart wrestling. A Seven Star Lariat was the first big near-fall. They teased a superplex into the crowd before Bate countered and hit an exploder superplex for two. After some intense exchanges, it was the Tyler Driver ’97 that ended it. That was what we’d hoped for. Seven stood out a bit more and Bate was successful in his first defense. Everyone wins. Sportsmanship was exchanged after the bell. We hoped for a Dunn run-in, but eh. It was what it was.






Quick Results 

  • The Authors Of Pain (w/Paul Ellering) def. Garrison Spars/Lance Anoa’i via pinfall 
  • Billie Kay/Peyton Royce def. Liv Morgan/Ember Moon via pinfall 
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship – Tyler Bate (Champion) def. Trent Seven via pinfall to retain 

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