Notes In Observance – WWE SmackDown Live 2/14/17: The Era Of Wyatt

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/14/17)

The Era Of Wyatt 

– The opening video brought us back to the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View, with highlights of all the matches headed in and the big finishes. The most progressive developments were obviously Luke Harper proving himself in the ring with Randy Orton, Naomi taking home the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship and Bray Wyatt finally being WWE Champion.

– We wasted no time as Wyatt made his entrance. It was already announced that he’d defend the Title against John Cena. Big “You deserve it” chants rained down. He spoke about Sister Abigail speaking the truth like he always did and “the whole world was finally in his damn hands.” It looked for a second like he might sing, but instead transitioned to the original labeling of this moment as “The Era Of Wyatt.” Can’t they use another word other than “Era”? Period, moment, time, reign, term, etc. Dictionaries can save lives. Cena came out to ruin this intellectual moment. He focused on the chants, which only drew them on stronger, all attributed to “brainwashing.” Oh, that Wyatt. He suggested the match happening right there. AJ Styles then came out. He accused Cena of using his legend status to line-jump and wasn’t like “us normal people.” He demanded the One-On-One rematch he was promised. Cue General Manager Daniel Bryan’s music. He officially booked the Triple Threat, which angered Styles understandably. Get us to the main event already.

– Backstage, WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose screamed for Baron Corbin, which was tied to that attack at EC. He waited two days to want to find the guy?

– Out came WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions American Alpha. Their opponents were apparently The Ascension. Do they stand a chance as potential challengers of the month? This was the usual “gutsy performance” they like to label AA matches with, though Ascension did get some offensive leeway before they were finished off with Grand Amplitude. Post-match, The Usos reminded the Champs about those injuries they caused and wanted to get in their heads. Good stuff, though they looked like they were in a boxing gym. How menacing can one look there?

– Backstage, James Ellsworth spoke about Valentine’s Day dinner plans, but Carmella shut that down in preference to “keep things professional.” Ambrose walked up and informed his old protege (we think) that she only used him. Carmella called him a “gas station attendant” and up walked Bryan. Ambrose blamed Corbin and wished to get his aggression out on Ellsworth. Bryan made it happen. Poor Ellsworth.

– CarmEllsworth were in the ring. He made a formal introduction, as Ambrose was due out next. Instead, he was dragged out onstage by Corbin and so began a brawl. Corbin did a Deep Six that put Ambrose through a table in the production area and of course, pyro went off, though just before the table broke. Can’t we ever have nice things?

– Backstage, Bryan showed Nikki Bella footage of what happened at EC and told her things needed to end. Natalya walked in and took offense that only Nikki was being heard out on it. They got physical again right there, as Bryan called for security and out of rage, booked a Falls Count Anywhere match for next week. We like that hook. We think it’ll be a worthy payoff.

– Backstage, Corbin was asked for an explanation. He simply gave a Corbin answer that he blamed Ambrose for not being Champion, so he happily took the blame for Ambrose not being able to stand. Makes sense.

– Backstage, Dolph Ziggler reacted to the “sore loser” accusations and directed his motivations to not let Apollo Crews/Kalisto steal his spotlight. Apparently now he was against everyone in the New Era. He wasn’t afraid to wash out an entire generation to prove a point. Sounds close to genocide if you ask us. Just another empty Ziggler promo that didn’t progress anything.

– The Becky Lynch-Mickie James match was a rematch from EC, not the worst case scenario. James made comments from Talking Smack about how she still wasn’t being appreciated for her legacy. Yeah. We get it. A lot of grappling and rest holds, also squirming around the Referee. A collision on the floor led us to break. A snap Bexploder got a two. James sold her shoulder as she fell off the apron to the floor. Possum plan? Yup. She pulled her in for a Mick Kick to get the win. Nice.

– In the ring was WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi, who’d address the crowd after her big win. Her attire bothered us, as they were somewhere between shorts and pants. She spoke about her injury that she wasn’t even aware of until she got backstage at EC. She put in a good speech about overcoming big injuries in the past and promised to bring the belt home at WrestleMania. Alexa Bliss interrupted and mocked the injury. She even called her a flop and suggested a spoof 30 For 30 where they could discuss her failures. Naomi done called her a flea in response. Bliss announced she’d give her a week to forfeit the belt or have it taken from her. Nice. Hopefully she heals up by then.

– TJ Perkins addressed WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville with some bad king puns and promised to bring the Title back to “the man where it all began.” Some audible boos. Yeah.

– The Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship between Champion Wyatt, Styles and Cena was about as big as it gets. Luke Harper attacked Wyatt before he could get to the ring and laid him out with a superkick. Yes. Styles hit a forearm plancha onto Wyatt. The Phenomenal Forearm knocked out Wyatt, as Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Styles for a close two. Crowd was into that. Styles stopped a pin on Cena as he was hit with Sister Abigail. Styles dove onto Wyatt on the announce table, but it didn’t break. It did on a second leg drop attempt though. Cena hit an AA and tried to roll into another, but got caught in the Calf Crusher. That was countered for the STF, stopped by Wyatt’s senton. Great match. AA on Wyatt for two. Styles Clash on Cena for two. Styles was grounded on the top rope, which left Cena prey for SA again, this time which got the three. Another shocking clean finish for Wyatt. It’s surprising how three days of action can make a difference for four years of lost potential. Post-match, Orton’s music hit and we got a staredown. He didn’t want to face “his master” at Mania because he was devoted to him. We even got an Undertaker-esque bow from Orton. They posed together to end the show. Nice stuff all-around, plus it opens the door for Harper to walk right in.





Quick Results 

  • American Alpha def. The Ascension via pinfall 
  • Mickie James def. Becky Lynch via pinfall 
  • WWE Championship – Triple Threat – Bray Wyatt (Champion) def. John Cena and AJ Styles via pinfall to retain 

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