WWE Hell In A Cell 2012 Reaction

WWE Hell In A Cell 2012

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


Hell in a Cell will be best remembered as the night Ryback got screwed by the referee.

Also shockingly enough, it will be remembered for Sheamus and The Big Show.

The rest wasn’t all that special despite some quality matches.

There are only three weeks until Survivor Series (as opposed to Hell in a Cell’s six-week build), so things will pick up fast.

When Hell in a cell was said and done, it wasn’t as newsworthy as you’d expect, but some matches delivered.





(Aired 10/28/2012 – Originally Published on Ringside Rundown) 

The Breakdown 

– Despite the hype, the pre-show was filler that saw John Cena beat up Dolph Zigger. Cena’s done that too many times for it to mean anything anymore.

– Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton had a decent match and upped the ante with a few big spots. The finish was cool, but what does Orton really gain from this victory? Where does Del Rio go from here? He’s been on the losing side of feuds against Sheamus and Orton. Orton will probably challenge Show for the Championship with Sheamus thrown in the mix.

– While the Team Hell No/Team Rhodes Scholars match was entertaining, the DQ finish was much weak. On the plus side, these two teams will most likely continue to feud.

– The Kofi Kingston/Miz Intercontinental Championship match suffered from lack of crowd response. Actually, that seemed to hapen for most matches. For a big wrestling city like Atlanta, the crowd sure didn’t show any spirit. Kingston won as expected. This feud will probably continue, because who else is there to challenge Kingston?

– The Antonio Cesaro/Justin Gabriel United States Championship match also had the same dead crowd problem. Cesaro’s a great talent, let’s just hope Vince McMahon doesn’t blame him for the dead crowd.

– The Prime Time Players vs. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio match served as good Pay-Per-View filler. Both teams took it to each other with high-flying maneuvers. Sin Cara/Mysterio came out on top and woke up the crowd a bit.

– The Sheamus/Big Show World Heavyweight Championship match started out slow, but once it got going, it became a fantastic match. The numerous false finishes got the crowd as loud as they had been all night. It was a surprise to see Show go over clean and they kept Sheamus stong in that it took two KO Punches to put him down. No Dolph Ziggler cash-in either. It’ll be rare to see Sheamus once again in chase mode, but that’s exactly what’ll happen. Show deserves his time in the spotlight with a serious go as Champion and it actually opens up the Title picture to other guys like Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton. A Ziggler cash-in on Big Show won’t nearly be as exciting on Show as it would’ve been on Sheamus. Not to mention Sheamus’ reign sort of ended with a whimper. He had been Champion since Wrestlemania, a near seven-month reign.

– As expected, Eve retained the Divas Championship in a so-so match with Layla and Kaitlyn. More of a buffer to calm the crowd down between the two Championship matches.

– Punk/Ryback had a good match. Punk did a great job as he sold for Ryback. They also used the Cell to their advantage. Towards the end when Ryback no-sold Punk’s kendo stick shots and hit his Meathook Clothesline, the crowd suddenly woke up. Ryback went for the Shellshocked, but referee Brad Maddox low-blowed Ryback and counted a quick Punk roll-up fast to seal the deal. This was certainly unexpected. This may have a storyline tie-in since this was the same official who made the “bad call” on Punk on Raw some weeks ago. The Ryback spots on the cell (throwing the official at the cage from the ring/The Shellshocked on Punk on the Cage roof) did get a little bit of his momentum back and somehow, things are exactly the same as they were before the match: Ryback is still a monster and Punk is still Champion.

– Perhaps a loss was the best thing for Ryback. Maybe the “Goldberg” chants will stop now. Plus, a loss could help in the way that his streak really wasn’t all that impressive. The true test for a big star is if they can take a loss and still remain over and by the crowd’s reaction post-match, Ryback is still very much over.







  • Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) via pinfall 
  • WWE Tag Team Championships – Team Rhodes Scholars def. Team Hell No (Champions) via DQ; Team Hell No retains 
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship – Kofi Kingston (Champion) def. The Miz via pinfall to retain 
  • WWE United States Championship – Antonio Cesaro (Champion) def. Justin Gabriel via pinfall to retain 
  • Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara def. The Prime Time Players via pinfall 
  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship – The Big Show def. Sheamus (Champion) via pinfall to become new Champion 
  • WWE Divas Championship – Triple-Threat – Eve Torres (Champion) def. Layla and Kaitlyn via pinfall to retain 
  • WWE Championship – Hell In A Cell – CM Punk (Champion) (w/Paul Heyman) def. Ryback via pinfall to retain 


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