Notes In Observance – WCWC 2/11/17: Chair For A Chair

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/11/17) 

Chair For A Chair 

– We start out with the unfortunate note that Ethan HD/Kate Carney were cut out from the opening montage and their plug for Burger Box disappeared too, so that’s not good. Anyways, Caleb Konley marches to the ring and declares his infinite hate for one Mikey O’Shea, as he promised in a pre-taped promo to squash “the cockroach” for good. Meh. They’ll probably fight again in three weeks. Did O’Shea watch his promo beforehand since he already knew what Konley called him? Also didn’t know O’Shea was from New York, but even so, is being a “New York Cockroach” a redeemable quality? It was noted that Konley won their last two matches, which sounds right. There was a little botch where O’Shea was supposed to catch Konley as he did a cross body to the floor. They covered it well though. Sort of silly to waste a replay on a guy being thrown into the ring post. It’s kind of an everyday occurrence. To answer Konley’s frustrated question of how many times he’ll need to beat O’Shea, approximately 167. Konley brought in a chair, which began a tug of war. O’Shea won it, but the referee came to as he wielded it around. One look at Konley “selling” that he was hit and the bell was rung. Your classic Eddie Guerrero finish. Didn’t they use instant replay on a previous episode though? Couldn’t they just review it? Whatevs. A chair outsmarts O’Shea. Wasn’t much of a match anyways, as they’ve had better encounters in the past.

– Out came “The Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right, along with his family member, Richard Syncyr. Right bore a stern facial expression and now used his tonic as a “pre-game” before the bell. This was the most intriguing part of the show headed in since he turned heel last week. Could be the jumpstart the undercard needs. His opponent was Marcus Malone. Hmm. This could be set to establish the new heel Right alliance. It’s a welcome twist for sure. Right also moved more gingerly and manipulatively, which was good. Syncyr also did some outside damage. Maline did work some comeback spots, until he was grounded on the top rope when the heel nudged the rope. We laughed at Morty Lipschitz’s “oops.” Right used the tonic and spit it in Malone’s face to transition to the piledriver, a move banned in 14 states, for the pin. Oh, we like this. A lot. He poured the rest of the tonic on Malone and stomped on him some more.

– WCWC Legacy Champion, “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson, cut a promo on “Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews backstage and threw in some rock-related puns of course. It’ll be a good defense for Gibson, who seems to be someone WCWC genuinely wants to push as a big singles act.

– Backstage, Christy Olson waited for Right/Syncyr to arrive as she dropped the news that the tonic was now under review by the front office. If they seen that, then couldn’t they see what Konley pulled in the opening contest? Consistency, guys. Come on. Anyways, we liked Right’s response that Olson needed to go back to the kitchen. Snarky and a throwback perspective.

– The WCWC Legacy Championship match between Matthews and Champion Gibson began as we saw Gibson come out with the belt on Janice, his guitar. We like that. We guess this Janice is better than Abyss’. It’s an alright match, not really an excitable pace, but they did have Matthews show his grit at certain points. That was, until he hit the Adrenaline Spike and posed on the top rope for the fans too long. That rookie mistake painted an opportunity for Gibson to strike and he grounded him on the turnbuckle and used his feet on the ropes to get the pin. We like the inexperience aspect factored into the finish, but will the front office also review that? They should have an episode where they just come down hard on these heels.

– Adam Thornstowe sent a message to The Wrecking Crew backstage that he was ready for his Street Fight against Matt Striker, which may or may not main event this show. Who knows?

– Guess it was next. What the hell was Striker’s theme music? We did like his Pro Wrestling Illustrated red tank top though. Thornstowe cane out from behind and had fun at Striker’s expense with a broom and a cone. This might be the first WCWC match we’ve seen venture upon the merchandise stands almost. Striker’s facial expressions here are gold. Someone finally went into that giant steel door that bares the WCWC banners on the hard camera. Striker was put on a garbage can with wheels, but he didn’t go too far. We figured with these lazy rules, it shouldn’t be long before WC gets involved. Don’t get too safe. Striker had a chair wrapped around his neck and was thrown into the ring post. He should’ve sold that a little better since people used to bleed from the mouth when Taker used to do it. They teased Striker using a hammer to the ring bell placed on Thornstowe’s unmentionables, but they had the spot done to him instead. Did Striker really stop to let Thornstowe check on the area? Thought this was a family show. Striker did bust out the hilarious Ric Flair selling when he took a boot to the face from the top rope. Also great selling by Striker on the DDT on the chair. Instead of going for the pin, Thornstowe elected for more punishment, which makes sense since he finally gets the chance for revenge. A Scum Stomp to the back and it was over. A good revenge win for Thornstowe, though it bordered on comedy a bit much for a retribution theme, especially considering what opportunities WC have cost Thornstowe in the past.

– Backstage, Thornstowe was asked by Olson who was next, which then saw Striker rush into the shot with an assault as WCWC Pacific Northwest Champion Grappler III was with him. Alexander Hammerstone suddenly appeared to the rescue. We guess a tag team match happens next week? We also liked the touch of the monitor to give the impression that talent are watching the matches backstage.

– The WCWC Tag Team Championship match between Champions Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi and The Heavenly Bodies was hyped for a little while at least. The Champs busted out some wicked offense, particularly from Bodhi. Gangrel soon tagged in to do a lot of rest holds, but it’s fine, he’s a veteran. Bodhi broke out a double money flip and then did his self-chokeslam. We do wish HB had been given more of a chance here. They looked like goofs barreling into each other. We knew there was no way back after that, as the Champs retained with their double-team finisher. That was almost a little too easy. Could’ve given HB some promo time beforehand to save face. Post-match, The Bonus Boyz, the former Champs, delivered a mollywhop of a beatdown. Looks like we’re due for another rematch with these guys. BB did look more sinister than usual. That was more like some Usos-ish. Good stuff.






Quick Results 

  • Caleb Konley def. Mikey O’Shea via DQ 
  • “The Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right (w/Richard Syncyr) def. Marcus Malone via pinfall 
  • WCWC Legacy Championship – “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson (Champion) def. “Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews via pinfall to retain 
  • Street Fight – Adam Thornstowe def. Matt Striker via pinfall 
  • WCWC Tag Team Championship – Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi (Champions) def. The Heavenly Bodies via pinfall to retain 

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