Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 2/9/17: The End Of The Wolves

Photo courtesy of Inside Pulse.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/9/17) 

The End Of The Wolves 

– February 2017 has been a disappointing month for fans of The TNA World Tag Team Champions, The Broken Hardys, but alas, they’ve uncovered something new and crazy for them to explore. We started the show with a peak in the parking lot as the Champs, complete with King Maxel/Queen Rebecca, mainly focused on Maxel’s preferences towards unhealthy carbohydrates. Entertaining as always, there was a hook that “everything would be revealed tonight.” Thank god for that.

– In case you’re behind on TNA storylines at this point, the opening video caught you up to speed. We saw all last week’s happenings – The DCC brutally attacked Ethan Carter III/Eli Drake/Tyrus for fun, Trevor Lee uncrowned DJZ for the TNA X-Division Championship in a Ladder match and finally, they lightly hyped the TNA World Heavyweight Championship main event between Champion Lashley and Eddie Edwards. This was being called Edwards’ “last chance.” Right.

– We start things out with everybody’s favorite fighters, up-all-nighters cut from a different kind of cloth. Yup, that’s DCC. There was an apparent explanation in store for us, because why would heels attack other heels? In typical James Storm promo-fashion, the blame goes to TNA management somehow. They also keep trying to get this “Ass-Kicking Business And Business Is Booming” line over and it’s just not working. Here comes Drake/Tyrus, presumably for revenge. They hold the intrigue here after all, to see what their reactions would be. If you’re hoping for a Drake face turn, turn your head away. Tyrus resumes all mic duties and claims we’ve “lost the right to hear Drake’s voice.” Huh. He throws some insults towards DCC’s way and calls them out. This is where EC3 comes out to even things up, right? It becomes your “common enemy tag team partner” storyline. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, He’s nowhere to be found in all of this and the fans just mainly sit on their hands. Tyrus made some kind of “child support” remark towards Kingston and a brawl breaks out. This is lifeless. EC3 needs to be in this story to make it effective. He’s the ultimate emotional hook actually. Team up with the guy who practically bruised your ribs Grimace-colored to take on a bigger cause? That’s money, guys. Sigh. On to the 3-On-2 Handicap match this apparently became after the break. Drake hopped off the turnbuckle and hit an arm drag. He’s “athletic,” folks. Another highlight was Storm’s reference of Tyrus’ “dancing dinosaur” days, before he was laid out. To confuse us even more, Drake narrowly avoids the Last Call to tag in Tyrus and walks away from the ring. With Tyrus on his own, he couldn’t keep up and was struck with the Last Call and pinned by Kingston. DCC goes over and we’re just left rolling our eyes that EC3 was absent.

– Backstage, Brandi Rhodes spoke about wanting to be an example of what a Knockout “should be” and sent a message to one “evil one” aka TNA Knockouts Champion Rosemary. She’s going to call her out. Oh, this should end well.

– Backstage, Braxton Sutter ran into Allie and pleasantly struck up a conversation before Maria graced them with her presence. She demanded Allie to get her coffee, to which she replied, “Whiskey coffee?” which was funny. The basic point of this segment was to show how much control Maria had over Sutter and she basically threatened him into buying Laurel Van Ness a four karat ring. You got to love Maria.

– Rhodes came out, with some unfitting upbeat theme music. At least her promo towards calling out Rosemary was decent. Sure didn’t expect the whole Decay to come out, did she? We still don’t see how Rosemary could see potential in Rhodes, they must have some low standards. As we figured they would, they cornered her until Rosemary applied a guillotine choke, to which Moose awkwardly ran out and made the save. You had to see the way he hobbled to the ring, without a sense of urgency. He got on Crazzy Steve/Abyss and cleared them from the ring. Well, that was all just kind of awkward.

– Rockstar Spud, blue police officer outfit and all, introduced us to Aron Rex. Nope, you can’t just say his name. You have to sing it. Oh lord, this show isn’t getting better. Rex focused this glorious promo time towards Robbie E and insulted his fashion sense. He didn’t confine violence, but of course, he’d make an exception here. Aren’t we lucky.

– Backstage, Moose/Rhodes stood together, as Moose picked on Decay for messing with his new homegirl. She bragged that two can play mind games and that she had friends. Who was doubting that? Not sure the “Mini-Moose” nickname will catch on, however. Too bad they couldn’t get Cody in there to make this a Six-Person Mixed Tag. Unless, they use this as a chance for a Cody-Moose feud.

– Spud introduced Rex in song form, as Commentator Josh Mathews spoke about how Rex was now “true and authentic.” These are ultimately tight waters, since he’s apparently a bad guy now. So, the message you want to send to your viewers (particularly of the LGBTQ variety) is that it’s okay to hide who you are and act nice until you’re ready to “come clean” and then you can act rude and snobby and it’s okay? Hmmm. They used Spud singing Rex’s name as a ploy to make Robbie E’s entrance save things. Oh, did it save a lot. Oh lordy. Now, this is a match. Not much story to this besides Rex’s protected ways and cheap shots, while Spud did some outside damage. We just can’t stop thinking how perfect the Rex/Spud characters were last year, as opposed to this. Why’d they go ahead and change everything? The only aspects of Rex’s “Cheating Impact Grand Champion” gimmick that they’ve kept are his taped ring fists. Of course, that was the finish here. Plus, they made Robbie look stupid for only focusing on Spud in the corner, which made him turn his back to Rex, who was on his feet at that point. This show sucks so far.

– Backstage, Reby spoke about something going wrong to Brother Nero. Matt claimed the “Expedition Of Gold” would begin and magic would be created in the Zone of Impact. Thank god for this guy.

– Backstage, Sutter looked dim and was approached by The Miracle, who showed concern. Miracle promised these were “exciting times” and that they’d practically be family now. He preached Maria’s greatness, that she cared for what was best for the people around her and he ensured that she always got what she wanted. Sutter sarcastically said, “Good talk,” to which Miracle said to himself, “God, I’m good!” and the drama continues. We like this though because it’s right up Miracle’s character to think that way.

– Here comes the Broken Brilliance of the TNA World Tag Team Champions, The Broken Hardys. Some kind of golden pillar from Legends Of The Hidden Temple was covered with a veil in the ring. Let’s see what this is about. This would provide some “information about their future.” Oh, how ironic that is nowadays. Vanguard 1 was apparently upgraded, which drew rabid applause from the fans. Just think – a drone is over in 2017. Anything is possible. Now, he had teleportation abilities and Matt name-dropped other promotions and implied that they’d be in Ring Of Honor taking on The ROH World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (that’ll actually happen) and also show up on the “Meek Mahan Show.” More on that later this year. This segment was just very ironic in that regard. In the middle of nowhere, he had another premonition and the time to teleport was now. They grabbed on to Vanguard 1 and held on tight. The camera shook and some kind of lightning effect came over as we then saw an empty ring and the fans cheering. Actually would’ve been better had they just turned off the lights. Wonder how they shot that to begin with. They teleported to Tijuana, Mexico where “everything is Spanish.” As they discovered this new territory, we are confident that the Hardys just turned this show around.

– Out came Mahabali Shera, as he’d challenge for the TNA Impact Grand Championship and its holder, Drew Galloway. Do they always have to have Mathews say all the rules before the match happens? It sounds so lame when he uses the words “controlling the action,” “being aggressive” and “being physical.” Being a judge sounds like the easiest thing ever. Eye roller. The rules actually came into play as Shera hit the Sky High to conclude the first round and couldn’t follow up with a pin. Galloway came back and owned the second round. The people just don’t want to get behind Shera, not that we blame them. A plus to the storytelling was that Shera’s chest was “beet red.” The Claymore Kick/Future Shock DDT finished Shera off to retain for Galloway. Somebody has got to step up to him.

– Backstage, LVN demanded a backstage hand to set up purple lights. Sutter approached her and she suggested going shopping and “seeing what happens” at her house, or simply, have furious sex. Using the moment to probably back out of this, Sutter expressed he wanted to say this right and dropped the water bottle he held, got on one knee to get it. LVN happily exclaimed, “Yes!” as we laughed. She was eager to go and tell Maria, as Sutter’s face just drops. We’ll admit, that was actually funny. Sutton must forever hate water bottles now.

– Out came The Helms Dynasty, for an apparent announcement. Lee actually spoke here, as he was proud to have broken DJZ down. Of course, the Impact Zone met him with “Kill the troll!” chants. Andrew Everett looked a little conflicted when Lee proclaimed himself “the crown jewel.” Gregory Shane Helms then spoke about how he was an honest man and could see weakness. This transitions to him calling Everett the weak link. The people bought into Everett though, as they chanted he was better. Everett used the mic to turn the tables on Helms and called him a legend abusing his power. With that, Lee/Helms attacked Everett and laid him out, which we seen coming. Good timing anyway, because Everett could be the next star. Of course, it’s the X-Division.

– We got a hype video of Lashley training and an interview promo where he said he was proud to play mind games. They mixed in similar comments from Edwards too. They both spoke about the importance of wrestling in big matches with worthy opponents as a means to prove themselves to be the best. We’ll tell you, it’s all excellent hype. Mix that with the highlights of all the big previous Edwards-Lashley encounters they showed throughout the episode and this felt like a huge deal. TNA has made it a great skill to accentuate their main events to all they can and should be.

– We were back in Tijuana, as the Hardys demanded the tag team champions. They led a random crowd in “Delete!” chants. They also signed a guy’s forehead for what it was worth. Matt enthusiastically asked, “Is this the way to the Tag Team Champions?” Hilarious. This is actually kind of epic. Looks like they’re being led towards a AAA show or something like that. Next week was hyped that they’d take on Psicosis/Super Crazy. Oh, snap.

– The TNA World Heavyweight Championship main event between Champion Lashley and Edwards saw Edwards embrace his wife Alisha and Davey Richards’ wife, Angelina Love, in the crowd before he entered the ring. Yes, they sat up front row in the corner. Lashley had new theme music that was slow and heavy, actually somewhat fitting. There was a unique twist to the usual bouts as Lashley taunted Love/Alisha repeatedly, which set Edwards up to hit that oh-so-infamous “shot of caffeine.” Lashley attempted a powerbomb and was dumped over the top rope with a huracanarana. Another classic suicide dive. They cut to Love/Alisha way too many times here. Richards came down to prevent Lashley from using the belt as a weapon and Edwards hit a blue thunder bomb for a two. Lashley countered a suicide dive with a belly-to-belly suplex. Edwards hit a Boston Knee Party and the referee counted to two before Richards dragged him out of the ring. At that point, Richards pointed to Love, who slapped Alisha to the floor. Oh, snap. Richards struck Edwards (albeit weakly) with the belt, as Lashley connected with the spear to get the three and retain. Okay, that turn was actually pretty well-done. We were confused that Love could just casually hop the rail like that, but alright. She threw Alisha into the ring, as the new heels beat down on the married faces. In a show of wicked imagery, the heels had the faces in separate submission holds as the spouses reached out for each other. Having watched an Authority segment or seven, Richards/Love made out over the fallen Richards/Alisha as the show came to a close. They might be more evil than Miracle/Maria as a duo. We like it because it sets the slate clean for Lashley and begins an obvious Wolves feud.





Quick Results

  • 3-On-2 Handicap Match – The DCC def. Eli Drake/Tyrus via pinfall 
  • Aron Rex (w/Rockstar Spud) def. Robbie E via pinfall 
  • TNA Impact Grand Championship – Drew Galloway (Champion) def. Mahabali Shera via pinfall to retain 
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Lashley (Champion) def. Eddie Edwards via pinfall to retain 

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