Notes In Observance – ROH Wrestling 2/8/17: Taking Umbrage To The Umbrella

Image provided courtesy of Ring Of Honor.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 2/8/17) 

Taking Umbrage To The Umbrella 

– The Punishment Damien Martinez/BJ Whitmer-War Machine match carried off past quarrels where a match went to the wayside for the purpose of pointless brawling. At least it gives the four something to do, as Martinez’s future’s the most to gain here. It also helped this episode that Colt Cabana was on commentary in classic boastful heel mode. We also liked the little touch that WM wore face paint. It adds to their look, albeit in a “Braveheart” way. Whitmer seems to get “go away heat” and that continued here as not much action occurred. There was a moment where Hanson performed a spot where he repetitively ran his opponents in the corner, to the point the fans did the rally cries with him. It lasted about a minute, legitimately. There were some consistent double-teams on both ends, including an impressive pop-up powerslam by WM. The finish is where things get silly again, because the four men are so into the brawl, the damn 20-count passes them right by. Countouts in ROH are just ridiculous. The only solace taken here was that Martinez/Hanson could make an intriguing singles match one day. Let’s hope they go that route.

– Matt Taven came out with some sort of baton twirler, as he introduced his Kingdom mates – TK O’Ryan/Vinny Marseglia. They are collectively the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions. Already in the ring were their opponents, Joe A’Gau, Corey Hollis and John Skyler. This was Squash City if we ever heard of it. The Code Of Honor was followed, but led straight to an early heel advantage, as Kingdom reeled their rivals in. A’Gau was taken out early with a triple powerbomb to the outside. This began to take more of the shape of a mugging than a real match, but that was by design. It works for them. Maybe we could use this time to learn more about Marseglia/O’Ryan, so they’re not merely “Taven’s friends.” Commentator Kevin Kelly did repeatedly call the tattooed Marseglia “a wild card” and branded O’Ryan as the “angry horse” or something similar. The momentum briefly switched as Hollis got the advantage. Marseglia used his teeth for offense, which unleashed this real quote from Cabana – “Come on, you can’t just eat a dude!” and we laughed to ourselves. It was right to the finish not long after with some hope teases thrown in, as the triple powerbomb won the Champs the match. It would look pretty embarrassing if the Champs had lost there. There was a bigger purpose, as post-match, Taven put themselves over, before Dalton Castle’s music hit, which drew an audible groan from Cabana. Nice. Before we could think Castle had some outside friends, he implied the Boys were capable of a fight and had them shove him around on stage. When it appeared we’d get an impromptu Title match, Cabana left the booth and aggressively attacked The Boys. We loved this, because it furthered things and made Cabana look more heelish.

– “The American Nightmare” is on his way to ROH and we couldn’t be more gracious. Of course, we already got Cody at Final Battle, but this was the chance to see his Bullet Club persona break out. The shots done here were sleek and it was very Cody. His face never was fully shown, but you could tell it was him. Love the close-ups of the suit, cigar lighting and how he spoke of this “being the next chapter.” Extra cool points for that BC tag at the end.

– The ROH World Tag Team Championship match between Champions The Young Bucks and The Tempura Boyz was set up from last week when TB outlasted two other teams, not knowing that it put them in Title position as YB simply gave it to them, but at the price of a double superkick. With YB also entangled in a feud with TNA World Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardys, we also knew that those four men would collide at the Supercard Of Honor show on Apr. 1. They shot to Cabana as he tried to rejoin the booth, but was soundly shut down by Kelly, who reminded him that commentators are faced with a zero-tolerance policy towards violence. Cabana did throw a pencil, so there was that. We saw some classic heel shenanigans as YB trolled production as they mocked TB as pretending to be them reeling from the superkicks and made fun of their accents. Ironically after that, we got a YB backstage promo that put themselves over as teachers of sorts. They certainly stuck a lot of action in that commercial break, but they showed us everything, as well as continued shots at the Hardys on commentary and with a “Delete! Suck It!” chant they led the fans in. TB did pull out one memorable move through stereo German suplexes on the floor. YB mostly showed off their aerial ways, as the springboard 450 splash eventually dashed the TB Title hopes. Better yet, they used the post-match angle to have YB “show respect” all the while setting them up to be taken out by the returning Hangman Page. BC looks stronger than ever.

– Backstage, ROH World Television Champion Marty Scurll cut a promo on the main event – a Six-Man Scramble to determine his next challenger, as set up by last week. In confident fashion, he claimed he didn’t care who won because they’d “fall to the villain.” You have to love this guy. Better yet, he was joining commentary for it all.

– The Six-Man Scramble main event for a shot at the ROH World Television Championship with Scurll on commentary between Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Lio Rush, Jonathan Gresham, Jay White and Donovan Dijak was set to be an action ball. What impressed us most here was being able to hear Scurll on commentary, as he expressed disgust towards most things with the personality of a loudmouth. You just want to see this guy get his ass kicked. Not crazy about everyone hugging it out to start, but Scurll’s fake vomiting made up for it. Rush/Dijak particularly had a great exchange, as they countered each other’s moves and landed on their feet. The Motor City Machine Guns teased physicality, but hugged it out. Hilariously, Scurll opened his umbrella at the booth and denied Kelly access to it. Then began the inevitable suicide dives, the most impressive of which came from Dijak, as he did a springboard corkscrew. Rush also did a brutal reverse huracanrana on Dijak on the floor. Ouch. The Rebellion came out when Rush was in danger of being pinned by Gresham, but were quickly taken out. We actually kind of like that, because it could be spun that they were out to save Rush. Once they were eliminated though, it was mostly down to Dijak/Rush, the two guys we hoped would either come out on top. Rush attempted a frog splash, but Dijak caught him by the throat. After they battled it out some more, Dijak struck with the Feast Your Eyes and the intriguing Scurll-Dijak TV Title match was born. Good stuff.

– Senselessly, they cut backstage to WM, Martinez and Whitmer all still brawling backstage. You mean to tell us they’ve been fighting the whole hour and no authority figures or security backstage had noticed yet? Well, at least the camera personnel caught it. Sigh.






Quick Results 

  • Punishment Damien Martinez/BJ Whitmer and War Machine to a double countout 
  • The Kingdom def. Joe A’Gau/Corey Hollis/John Skyler via pinfall 
  • ROH World Tag Team Championships – The Young Bucks (Champions) def. The Tempura Boyz via pinfall to retain 
  • Winner Receives ROH World Television Championship Shot – Six-Man Scramble – Donovan Dijak def. Alex Shelley, Jay White, Chris Sabin, Lio Rush and Jonathan Gresham via pinfall 

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