Notes In Observance – WWE NXT 2/8/17: A Stand Against SAnitY

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/8/17) 

A Stand Against SAnitY 

– Well, nothing quite says “Welcome Back To Full Sail University” like the darkness and haunting realism of SAnitY’s entrance. Look Mom, Mad Max has some new friends. Once they get in the ring, we’re subjected to some subtle hardcore dancing from Alexander Wolfe as we wonder what the hell this group is out for so soon into the show. The silence was broken by upbeat Indian music, as The Bollywood Boyz came out with a cultured toy to raise some fun or something like that. Nah, they’re gonna get their asses kicked. In case you wondered, Eric Young/Nikki (not NXT Women’s Champion) Cross would sit this one out. As the match begins, it’s rather hard to not notice Killian Dain’s rampant back hair. Just imagine a furry bear and translate that to a human being. You’ve met your match. Funnily enough, at that point, the Full Sail faithful break out a “Shave your back!” chant. See, they’re not all that resentful. The bout goes on and it’s basically Dain having his way with the fun-lovers. He powerbombed one on top of the other and hit a senton on both. Just, ouch. On top of it all, he hits that sweet move that transitions from an electric chair to the Michinoku Driver. Wolfe never even tagged in, which goes to show that they accomplished the goal to make Dain look scary, though his back hair already did that. Post-match, Cross screamed for Champion Asuka, because well, she’s crazy. Young bragged about his victory over Tye Dillinger at TakeOver: San Antonio and again claimed that “The Perfect 10” belonged with them and it wasn’t a choice anymore. Right. This is like the friendliest group ever.

– The Liv Morgan-Billie Kay match was what you get when you have other female wrestlers that aren’t Asuka or Ember Moon. Not doing anything special, just there as the weeks pass. Why not put them together? It was already predicted that Morgan would have a hill to climb thanks to Kay’s Aussie Bestie, Peyton Royce at ringside. That’ll fill up a few minutes, eh? Anyways, we just want to address commentary. It already sounds like they’ve got Nigel McGuinness trying too hard to fill Corey Graves’ spot. The guy can be a natural heel, just let him be. Headed in to this match, we basically noticed both ladies have catchy themes, so there’s that. It was so-so action, nothing outstanding or noteworthy. The finish was decent, as it showed Morgan scoring some luck as Royce’s interference attempt backfired. Those Aussies can’t get any lately. Despite this, it all feels like it deserves a bigger angle than “payback for bullying.” Didn’t we get this a couple months back?

– Backstage, Dillinger was notified of Young’s comments and relaxed our nerves when he claimed the group wasn’t what he wanted to be. He barely got out a mention of the Royal Rumble (guess which number he was) before he was struck from behind by his best friends ever. Guess they won’t take no for an answer. The scuffle gets too close for comfort for the commentary table before it hits the ring. Dillinger valiantly fought all four members and was successful until that guy named Dain collided with him. Enter a cue for Roderick Strong/No Way Jose to make the save. The heels get cleared out and we guess a Six-Man Tag’s on our horizon. Somebody, call Teddy Long. Playa, playa.

– In his illustrious office, General Manager William Regal promptly announces a stud of a contest for next week, as WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate would defend his belt against Trent Seven (“Mustache Mountain” fella) and we just couldn’t wait. He was then ambushed verbally by the fast-talking Aussies, who demanded a match with that Morgan. Regal decided next week, they’d take on Morgan and a partner of her choosing. Guess maybe this will be Daria Berenato or Moon? Who else do they even have? Anyways, Aussies cheered because Morgan has no friends. They skipped and held hands as they laughed out of the room. Delusional, but effective. Two good hooks for next week’s show? What’s this?

– The team of Tucker Knight/Otis Dozovic impressed us the first time around in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and we figured more was in store. This time, they’re back and they’ve got a name – Heavy Machinery. Try not to think of Ring Of Honor’s War Machine or World Championship Wrestling’s High Voltage when you hear that name. Strangely enough, it works, because they fit that same bill. One’s tall and the other’s a beast. All hope of optimism for this team doing good things (perhaps a squash) is immediately darted out of the room once it’s revealed their opponents are The Revival. They go hard, you know. We’ll latch on to Percy Watson’s claim that Dozovic was “Tugboat Reincarnated” because it just made sense. The unique angle that they took with this was that it couldn’t be a traditional Revival match where they target their opponents and pick a body part. These guys are literal brick houses. They do the frequent tags, but early on, this was all HM. Knight even managed to get a rise out of the crowd at one point. The finish irked us a little bit because of how random it came off. Scott Dawson got the pin with a plain DDT as Dash Wilder led a chase to get him into the ring. It’s asking a lot to believe that a DDT would finish a big guy instead of say, Shatter Machine. It is what it is though and Revival win. Post-match, they addressed the mic and made a light jab at the crowd for being “mostly stupid, not completely” as they’re coming around to Tweener Land. Cue the Tag Team Champions, The Authors Of Pain, and TakeOver: Orlando’s practically booking itself. We did love that Revival initially ducked AOP once they hit the ring, but happily attacked them from behind on the ramp. We had to look carefully to make sure it wasn’t #DIY attacking them. They look similar. One guy has hair and the other one’s bald. Sue us.

– Because British Wrestling rules all, we got a nifty hype video about Bate to “learn more” about the 19 year-old (damn, he’s 19) and it was more or less what they aired before his matches in the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament and damn, he’s 19. He’s a striker and names his fists and damn, he’s 19. Crazy.

– Hyped for this episode was a “Glorious Celebration” as NXT Champion Bobby Roode arrived to the first crowd to embrace his theme music. We give him credit here, as he was the proudest man in a suit you’d ever see. He played off the crowd brilliantly and talked about how he beat Shinsuke Nakamura, the guy who beat Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn. In turn, that makes him the best and now that he’s Champion, everything will be money and rich. That summed up his promo, but his tone and delivery were perfect. At one point, his mannerisms were close to “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and the crowd let out some woo’s. Surprisingly, he let it slide and made no mention of it. For more heat, he easily could’ve said he was better than Flair ever was. Ah well. At least we got him mocking the “We Are NXT” tagline. The clock counts down to Nakamura’s rematch, we assume set for Orlando.

– Well, we got a Bate hype video, so it wouldn’t make sense if they didn’t go full-circle and give us one for Seven. They followed the same formula and got the same results. Can’t wait for this match.

– The Six-Man Tag main event between Dillinger/Strong/Jose and Wolfe/Young/Dain gave the episode some purpose, as we liked that they went straight to it instead of pushing it for next week. This might’ve been the first time SAnitY was attacked during their cool entrance. It made the faces look tough for doing so though. All in all, decent action that showcased the likes of Dain, Dillinger and Strong respectively. The “numbers game” again led way to the finish, as Cross dragged Dillinger over the top rope, which set Strong up to get knocked down by Dain, so Young could get the three. We like this, as it means we’ll need a bigger force to take SAnitY on. Good stuff overall.






Quick Results 

  • Alexander Wolfe/Killian Dain (w/Eric Young, Nikki Cross) def. The Bollywood Boyz via pinfall 
  • Liv Morgan def. Billie Kay (w/Peyton Royce) via pinfall 
  • The Revival def. Heavy Machinery via pinfall 
  • Six-Man Tag – Eric Young/Killian Dain/Alexander Wolfe (w/Nikki Cross) def. Roderick Strong/No Way Jose/Tye Dillinger via pinfall 

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