Notes In Observance – WWE 205 Live 2/7/17: Five For Fighting

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 2/7/17)

Five For Fighting 

– With perhaps the most intriguing match to date in the Cruiserweight Division, we were set to see a Fatal Five-Way Elimination main event between “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese, Cedric Alexander, TJ Perkins, Noam Dar and Gentleman Jack Gallagher to determine WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville’s challenger for Fastlane. It all made sense.

– To the evening’s first disappointment – Nese wasn’t medically cleared to compete due to an injury. However, somebody would take his place as the fifth spot. Thank god. In fact, we’d find out even sooner as the stipulation for the next match between Mustafa Ali and Ariya Daivari was that the winner would move to there. Smart idea. Sometimes we wonder if this match was on the card anyway, or if it was thrown together last second because of Nese’s injury. As far as the pace, it came and went. It was noted that both men were of “similar backgrounds” (that’s the Middle East, folks) but their similarities stopped there. Sort of a sleep inducer. We like both guys, but not much energy. Commentator Austin Aries was witty as always though and managed to reference the “10” chants to the bout. Ultimately nothing special as Ali knocked off Daivari with the combination of the tornado DDT from the top rope and then that sweet inverted 450 splash. Surprise, surprise.

– We got another Gran Metalik hype video. As one of the original Cruiserweight Classic standouts, he should change things up a little bit once he arrives. Oh, that’ll be next week. Yay.

– The Lince Dorado-Brian Kendrick was set to be a surefire squash from the bell. Any time Dorado comes out, we expect him to lose against whoever comes out next. They had Kendrick cut a promo on his way to the ring that teased a possible storyline where he takes Akira Tozawa under his wing. The action was flashier than the opener, that’s for sure. Actually, Dorado showed more offense here than possibly, ever. He hit that shiny asai moonsault and got a believable two on a handspring stunner. The turning point came when he landed on Kendrick’s knees on a shooting star press and that set him up for the Captain’s Hook. We figured he’d at least get to the ropes the first time since his foot was practically right there, but nope – he taps out immediately. Wow. We’ll forget about that though, as Aries hits the ring for a post-match interview, a true specialty. He focused on Kendrick’s changed mind on Tozawa. Kendrick called out Tozawa and Tajiri’s music hit instead. For a moment, we wondered if Tajiri would play Tozawa’s manager, but they opted for what they had going before Tajiri was injured. He struck with the mist again and Kendrick was left a green mess. There was also an ECW chant if that counted for anything relevant.

– We got the Champion’s take on things as he was asked about the main event and preceded to run down all five participants. Out of them all, his verbal attack on Gallagher was most interesting, as he called him an “embarrassment to England.”

– The Fatal Five-Way Elimination Main Event between Gallagher, Perkins, Alexander, Dar and Ali began quick, but misguidedly, as Dar botched a spot where he was supposed to go over the top rope and had to flop his way to the floor awkwardly. Crowd did slowly get into it once Perkins hoisted Ali over his head and he came down with a dropkick on Alexander. Dar-Alexander continued their quarrels with some stiff shots on each other. Gallagher back body dropped Ali over the top rope and onto the others outside. The match’s best highlight by far was Gallagher’s seated senton as he opened up William III. Ode to Mary Poppins? Guaranteed that was probably a first in pro wrestling history. The match’s first elimination came when Dar suffered a Lumbar Check after he kissed his hands one too many times. Alexander hit a standing spanish fly on Ali for a close two. Dar came back into play as he stunted Alexander on the turnbuckle and that set him up to be taken out with a Detonation Kick. Lots of boos came for that. There was another cool high cross body/electric chair combo with Ali/Perkins. Ali tapped out to the cross arm breaker once he left it vulnerable. It was now down to Perkins/Gallagher and believe it or not, this was when we got to great territory. Perkins locked in the kneebar and Gallagher turned over and over to reach the ropes. Great teases as Gallagher got a two on a pin after he fell on Perkins following a headbutt as he bounced off the ropes after another Detonation Kick. However, the crowd was hot and Gallagher struck with the headbutt/running corner dropkick and it was a three. Yes. Go the route nobody expected. It’ll be a Battle Of The Brits at Fastlane. They ended the show with an appropriate staredown between Champion and challenger. All in all, the match entertained.






Quick Results 

  • Winner Gets Final Spot In Fatal Five-Way Elimination Main Event – Mustafa Ali def. Ariya Daivari via pinfall 
  • Brian Kendrick def. Lince Dorado via submission 
  • Winner Gets WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match At Fastlane – Fatal Five-Way Elimination Match – Gentleman Jack Gallagher def. TJ Perkins, Cedric Alexander, Noam Dar and Mustafa Ali via pinfall 

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