Notes In Observance – Southpaw Regional Wrestling 8/?/86: Doing It For Dewey

Photo courtesy of Bleeding Cool.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 8/?/1986) 

Doing It For Dewey 

– While the World Wrestling Federation builds to their “Big Event” on the 28th, in smaller territories, the talk of the town’s Southpaw Regional Wrestling’s “Showdown At The Swamp,” (SATS) which takes place Aug. 18 at Municipal Stadium. We got an opening video which was a cool music promo mashup, as “The Banker” Mr. Mackelroy, Impressive Pelvis Wesley, SRW Champion John Johnson, Referee Chip Henderson and Ringside Correspondent Clint Bobski each introduced themselves and what makes them so unique to SRW. It put the Super Bowl Shuffle to shame, maybe even as far as a “shot” at the recent “WrestleRock Rumble.” Even though Co-Host Lance Catamaran didn’t seem pleased when the camera cut to him, it was still a noticeable attempt to have fun. Professional wresting can be so serious these days. Somebody tell that to the WWF please.

– “French Man” Rene Beret’s backstage promo (floppy baguette and all) introduced us to his love of American arts/culture. He seemed genuine, but given by the outraged reactions from Catamaran/Co-Host Chet Chetterfield, we guess he’s a heel who fabricates.

– SATS seems to get bigger, as we learned that musician Nicci Lee Styxxx would perform at the show. Applause to SRW to pull in a big name like that.

– Mackelroy’s backstage promo showed us what he’d be up to around SATS, as he announced a $10,000 Challenge. Ringside Correspondent Susan accepted it and it seemed we’d have an Intergender bout, but that was quickly shut down and forgotten about, as Mackelroy denied her access. That was a disappointment. They did all that work on that graphic too. It also seems that Chetterfield has a thing for Susan, at least according to recent backstage sources.

– We saw a Trans Am ride down a road, with two fun-loving muscular men at the helms. It was none other than Tex2Badd (T2B), one of SRW’s premier tag teams. They’ve had a lot of buzz around even-smaller territories. It appears as if they’ve been brought in to be the top challengers to SRW Tag Team Champions, The Butchers. T2B were certainly charismatic in eagerness to get their hands on the “Meat Masters.” Can’t wait for this matchup, it has potential to steal SATS.

– We got a mysterious video package with a tapping foot, some blonde hair and background lights. To “Come Soon To Southpaw.” Some speculation has been that it’ll be Tracy Clinton, also brought in to SRW to be its first woman signee to sell SATS. Her ring name’s predicted to be changed. It was amazing that Chetterfield/Catamaran automatically denied that it could be a woman in the video and instead referred to the person in question as a “Tiny Little Man.” Maybe it’s all a swerve?

– Dan Bandana’s backstage promo gave us some advancement with the Beret storyline, as he cut an impassioned promo in front of the good old American flag. It’s now confirmed that Beret’s the heel here, as Bandana referred to “wool being pulled over our eyes.” This is all to set up a Flag Match at SATS. This’ll probably be on the undercard, but it’s good to have some gimmick matches. Bandana’s promo bordered on cringeworthy at times, especially as he chanted his own name and tried to fit “And The U.S.A.” in there. He did it, but we feel like anybody could’ve fit in that role and done the same job.

– “Astonishing” Adam Düng’s backstage promo was an utter mess about America, but we got the news that he’d accept Mackelroy’s $10,000 challenge. Susan flubbed his name, so all the criticism can’t go solely to him, but damn, what a terrible moment this was for SRW. Düng has potential in the ring, so at least we’re happy he’ll be involved with the Challenge, but that promo didn’t help anything.

– We got some horrid news that Dewey Jackson went missing and was “last seen at the movies.” We heard rumors about it, but it was officially announced on the show. We also got a cool update that a “Doing It For Dewey” Tournament would be introduced with a Winner’s Prize promoted.

– The Butchers’ backstage promo from their Butcher’s Shop was a good visual aide for the crazed Champions to hash out threats and meaty promises. Even though it was creepy to imagine that they’d actually prop T2B next to Betsy, one of their meats, it was still an effective promo regardless. This match shapes up to be the highlight of SATS.

– Tex Ferguson’s promo in the woods was odd, as he spoke about finding a place where they could “get naked with girls.” We guess it was a good time to showcase the wild rebel side of the challengers.

– The DIFD Tourney got some more hype, as we learned that Wesley, Porkchop Jones (stereotypical cowboy with a cowbell) and Johnson would be involved. Johnson looked like an unprepared Champion, as the belt was thrown to him mid-promo. Sometimes we wonder why they stick to him as the “Superman” figure. People will actually believe WWF’s Hulk Hogan. This guy’s a different story.

– The Danger Zone’s hype video was very “Top Gun” as we got glimpses of chest hair, military jackets and a strange shot of an Asian and White boy smiling in front of an American flag. We guess that they’ll be the challengers to whoever wins between Butchers/T2B. By the looks of things though, they might have some copyright issues as the gimmick comes close to the protagonists in “Top Gun.” Maybe they can tweak the gimmick a little bit.

– Bobski stood backstage with Debbie Desperado, who indeed rocked blonde hair and pink highlights. She looked confident and her promo followed suit, as she put over SATS with a strong southern accent. She made comments about wanting to beat up another woman. SRW forgot to sign a second woman, didn’t they? They could always have her as a manager if all else fails. Tradition wins.

– They cut to T2B still headed to SRW, as Chad 2 Badd asked where they were. Tex calmed him down with a song. Before you knew it, they both sang loudly, ignoring the fact they were probably in the middle of nowhere.

– We saw Mackelroy in the woods, as he claimed a nearby boat was for sale. It must be his catchphrase. They set up something, as they showed his mouth agape and he exclaimed, “They do exist.” Wonder what that could be. Sure enough, it turned out to be two wild men with a voodoo doll in their hands. It can’t be. SRW’s getting freaky.

– Another T2B segment revealed that they were still lost and might’ve taken a wrong exit. Another nice tease. Maybe Danger Zone will drop right in if The Butchers are confident in a forfeit.

– Düng’s backstage promo mentioned the challenge once more, but then he was overcame with pain, as they cut to Voo/Doo, as they literally made their mark on the doll. Guess it makes sense. Afraid as hell, Düng ran away and came back with a golden briefcase, but the underwear dropped out. Maybe this was their way of writing him off completely? It was rumored. Don’t think we’ll see him again.

– T2B’s backstage promo revealed that they finally made it to SRW. Tex grabbed his chest before any celebration could go down, as we found out he needed to use the bathroom. This “Rotten Meats” twist’s a great hook into SATS. Will they actually show up now?

– The Beret/Bandana backstage segment gave us the first face-off in anticipation of their big Flag Match at SATS. The focus was that Beret wanted a “Catches Catch Can”-styled match and Bandana turned it down, which caused Beret to say Americans could be “frustrating.” Cue “This is America, love it or leave it” promo by Bandana and things were set now.

– Clever idea to transition Styxxx’s “concert” into Dewey’s return. That was perfectly done. Sometimes we wonder if it was all a work. Oh, Southpaw. You sure know how to fool us sometimes.

– We’ll address the SATS aftermath here. It had to be known that Susan would turn down Chetterfield again. Mackelroy seemed to turn out great with his Apple investment after his forfeit victory. Maybe DZ will debut after the lawsuit settles. That’ll probably hurt Southpaw’s finances terribly. The Butchers ended up vacating the belts due to an E. coli outbreak, hope things get back to normal soon. There’s some rumors that Desperado’s opponent will come soon at December’s “Hogwash Hootenanny” from Uncle Cletus’ Restaurant. We’ll believe it when we see it though. Susan could always multitask, right?






Quick Results 

  • Southpaw Regional Wrestling def. Raw via submission 

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