Notes In Observance – WWE 205 Live 1/31/17: Gentleman Wrestle Factory

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


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(Aired 1/31/17)

Gentleman Wrestle Factory 

– In the land where the guys weigh 205 or less, we had a new king. Ever since Neville returned with a heel vengeance at Roadblock: End Of The Line, his newfound persona has taken the fledgling division and turned it upwards towards casual interest. His defeat over Rich Swann to become new WWE Cruiserweight Champion at Royal Rumble was inevitable and now we can finally get to see what the division will behold under this “Reign Of Tyranny.” The opening video discovered all of those facts and more.

– “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese has stood out for the last week for his running knee in the corner, as he did so to TJ Perkins last week and the same to Mustafa Ali last night. While Nese lost against Perkins, he defeated Ali at his own game and perhaps will gain some momentum. To this point, Nese’s gimmick’s muscle flexing and having no charisma. Once we saw his opponent was Lince Dorado, the awesome luchador with the sucky title of enhancement talent in the division, this meant two things – either a decisive win for Nese or a fluke upset by Dorado with help from Perkins. You’d think TJP would get involved in some sort, right? Please. The Division needs some feuds going, not just some random matches with pretty moves. Let us get into something. The action was tame, believe it or not, besides Dorado’s crafty springboard head scissors takedown. Nese brought out his fireman’s carry gut buster once more. Dorado came back with a handspring stunner (or a Lethal Injection if you’re that into the indies) for a two. Mauro Ranallo boldly name-dropped IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada at the booth for a solid dropkick. Leave it to Corey Graves to mock him for that – “What’s with these strange words, Ranallo?” and the match was set to close once we saw Nese set Dorado in the corner. You know what that means. Somebody’s about to get Tony Nese’d. Three count and it was all over. Not satisfied with the win alone, Nese has a knack for post-match attacks and this was no different. Fortunately for us, this was where they interjected Perkins to make the save and hit the detonation kick. Smart stuff. We got the best of both worlds – a Nese victory and Perkins’ involvement. For what it was worth, Perkins also showed off a new “8-bit” themed t-shirt. Merhcnadise, yo.

– Swann injured himself on last night’s Raw with what we assume was that semi-bad landing on the suicide dive where he just came up short. They used the idea that he wasn’t medically cleared to compete in the main event, where he would’ve teamed up with Cedric Alexander going against Neville/Noam Dar, to cut a backstage promo. This was your stereotypical “I’m going to get my revenge when I’m all healed up” promo until Neville himself confronted Swann for “not staying down.” To add a better heel touch, the guy shoved the crutched one to the floor. Outlandish? Nah, more like brilliant. Not sure what the timetable will be for Swann’s return, but they have his rematch clause right there.

– A true breakout in the Cruiserweight Classic, we were hyped when we saw the Gran Metalik video. He can’t come soon enough here.

– Brian Kendrick came out to sit on commentary while we saw a red-haired jobber in the ring. We wondered what this was all about until Akira Tozawa’s disappointing music hit. The guy’s awesome, but that theme doesn’t say what he’s about. With a planned feud with Tajiri on the shelf thanks to an injury, perhaps now they were going to have Kendrick feud with another man from the Land of the Rising Sun. Had to love Ranallo’s constant mentions of Dragon Gate as for those who knew Tozawa before WWE (us included) were familiar with what he brought to the table. To stroke his own ego, Kendrick put over his own Japanese experiences with the mention of his countless tours over there. True story. Kendrick claimed before the match that he’d “greet” Tozawa after his victory. If he won, that was. Tozawa’s opponent was apparently Aaron Solow, who we think has been on NXT before. Damn, that’s some red hair. Tozawa stuck to his repertoire of stiff kicks and shouting “AH!” loudly, which became his thing in the CWC. He did well for himself here and got some pops out of the otherwise bored crowd, but they were bored once the show began. Tozawa scored the pinfall with the standing bridging German suplex and that was that. Post-match, Austin Aries got in the ring to talk to Tozawa and somewhat mocked him for not understanding English and referenced “Rush Hour” because why not? Tozawa made some interesting faces and then spoke in full Japanese. Well, how about that. Oh yeah, and Kendrick chickened out of the idea of “greeting” Tozawa. Classic heel stuff. Guess they’re going for the long-term build with this. When they finally get to go in the ring, it’ll be worth it.

– Neville stood angrily (that’s his thing, remember) as he was approached by the strangest love couple on the planet in Dar/Alicia Fox. Dar pretty much fangirled over Neville and “The King” wasn’t going to have any of that. We like that Neville is so on his own and not wanting help. The biggest line here was Neville’s reference to Fox as “baggage” and didn’t want her at ringside. What a smart man. Fortunately, Fox didn’t go over-the-top in her anger. Dar’s talking moments were cut out by sound issues, so we guess even the WWE Network doesn’t want to hear from him.

– Get out your umbrellas, because it’s main event time. It was Neville/Dar against Gentleman Jack Gallagher/Alexander. Commentary, please mention Gallagher’s Rumble stint. He was the only Cruiserweight in there after all. How did that even get to be, by the way? Oh they mentioned it, thank god. The addition of Gallagher here was a blessing in disguise as it changed things up from the “two feuds in one match” we would’ve gotten had Swann been there. The action was alright, but we mainly remember Aries/Graves getting on Ranallo for flubbing the word, “Mustachioed.” Oh, Mauro. The bout’s story was Gallagher’s constant rounds of punishment by the heels, while Alexander emphatically stood on the apron, shouted and things of that sort. Dar hit an impressive overhead suplex while he worked over Gallagher’s arms. Gallagher made a comeback with a headbutt which knocked Dar to the canvas. Neville got in there to raise hell and decided it wasn’t good enough for him. He lured Dar in to tag him, but jumped off the apron. What? Neville don’t listen to no one these days. Yes. Essentially, with Neville walking out on him because #DTA (Don’t Trust Anybody) and no “Foooox” at ringside, Alexander got in there and tore Dar to shreds, culminating in a feel-good Lumbar Check to get the win. So, we’re left with Neville standing tall and Alexander got a win over Dar. What does this set up next week? We have no idea, but hey, at least Gran Metalik’s coming soon.





Quick Results

  • “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese def. Lince Dorado via pinfall 
  • Akira Tozawa def. Aaron Solow via pinfall 
  • Cedric Alexander/Gentleman Jack Gallagher def. Neville/Noam Dar via pinfall 

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