Notes In Observance – WCWC 1/28/17: Legacy Royale

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By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post.






(Aired 1/28/17) 

Legacy Royale 

– The WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship match between Damian Drake and Champion Grappler III was an alarming mismatch off the bat. Firstly, what did Drake even do to earn a shot at the big belt? We assumed this’d be a squash for the sake of one, but a little background on why he got the shot would’ve sufficed. Hell, don’t even put the belt on the line. It’d build more hope for a Drake upset that could lead to a future Title shot. Drake had the right idea strategically to use his aerials and there was a prominence of that early on, but Wrecking Crew gonna wreck. Jeremy Blanchard war ringside and literally yanked down every effort Drake used to get ahead. We got more downplays of Blanchard’s interferences by Commentator Morty Lipschitz. Hilarious stuff. G3 remained firm as he didn’t take Drake seriously and can you blame him here? Blanchard bounced Drake’s head off the bottom rope, as Lipschitz defended that he “made his hair look longer.” So outlandishly ridiculous, but that’s why we love ya, Morty. Okay, Drake began to fly around for some hope spots, but a missed top rope splash set the stage for the orthopedic boot to end things. Easy finish that you can chalk up to Drake’s inexperience and G3’s dastardly ways. However, with weeks gone by and G3’s victories in the same fashion, nobody ever questions the boot? Gosh, it’s sad when even the kid in the first row has a sign that reads, “Referee, Check The Boot!” and WCWC management don’t.

– With Ethan HD permanently suspended for his assault on a Referee last week with a Blackout onto a chair (and apparent trip to the hospital), it was decided that a big ‘ol Battle Royale would go down to determine the new Champion with it now vacated. They hyped this match throughout the episode, which was a plus. To start things off, we got a backstage segment with two of the contenders – “Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right and Mikey O’Shea. We knew that Right had tangled with Ethan countless times for that belt (there was even a ladder match) and he was smart to bring up that history. The segment’s story appeared to be playful competition between Right and the less heavier O’Shea. Best believe that was pointed out too. More power to you, O’Shea.

– The Alexander Hammerstone-Dillon Divine match was a logical way to keep the hot Hammerstone babyface act over and showcase Dillon’s return after two and a half years. When he first hit the screen on a backstage promo with Mr. Tubbs, we almost mistook Divine for Caleb Konley since he rocks the same look. Divine’s thing was that he was a lazy gym rat and carried around an ab wheel for no apparent reason. Okay. Divine also smiled and heeled on the fans, an easy reason to get into Hammerstone. We assumed this would just be a squash. Halfway right. Divine used a wet willie to get out of a rest hold. Should we crown him Best Heel Ever? Hammerstone’s fallaway pumphandle slam turned the tide. They had Divine work Hammerstone in the corner, though it was increasingly difficult to believe that somebody like Divine could hold down a muscle powerhouse like that. Perhaps it was a testament to Hammerstone’s new character. Either way, the crowd was certainly into him and that’s the best sign of all. Hammerstone eventually connected with the Stone Breaker – some sort of pendulum suplex. The post-match angle made sense since G3/Matt Striker sought revenge on the one “who betrayed them” and that was the perfect cue for Adam Thornstowe to make the save. Do we get another tag match in our future?

– They continued the Royale hype some more with a backstage segment with Konley and “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson. Janice’s man compared himself to a lead singer breaking away, which was poetic as hell. Konley held all the belts before, so that was luckily mentioned. He should be a favorite actually. The line that stuck with us particularly was where Konley mentioned, “If you’re not first, you’re last.” Use that in your daily life, folks.

– The Bonus Boyz-Northwest Express match was probably the episode’s most competitive, for better or worse. Both teams are directionless, so why not put them together? It sounded by the way they had BB constantly mentioned as former Champs that they’d use that to set up an upset win for the relatively-new NWE. Lipschitz ragged on Marcus Malone’s attire, but we didn’t think it was near baggy enough. Luckily, the two teams had ample time and that catered to their assets to “tell a story.” Malone hit the Kiss The Sky and tagged in Phlex Walker. Despite his guest tour to Forearm City, Walker couldn’t stop Malone from being spinebustered on the apron. That set up the Signing Bonus to take down Walker for BB to win. With Gangrel/Sinn Bodhi as current Champs, it’s not a bad thing to have BB be second on the pecking order. Will we get a three-way with all teams down the road?

– The Eight-Man Battle Royale for the WCWC Legacy Championship between O’Shea, Konley, Right, Gibson, Julian Whyt, Divine, Richard Syncyr and “Mr. Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews was the show’s story. Outside of the four hyped to compete, the rest were questionable fill-in fodder. Divine lost earlier to Hammerstone, how was he eligible for this? Sort of a weird way to showcase Syncyr’s in-ring debut too, despite the appeal of seeing his “family quarrels” continue with Right. Oddly enough, the two never interacted in the ring. Divine was first to go, followed by Syncyr being eliminated by Konley. “The Obsession” was eliminated when O’Shea threw Matthews at him to knock him off the apron. O’Shea was dragged to the floor by Konley, so we guess their feud’s back on? Gibson was thrown over the middle rope and became a factor at the end when it was down to him, Matthews and Right. Right was about to eliminate Matthews when Gibson came back in and dumped them both over, but he fell over with them, as they all hit the floor simultaneously. Oh no, it’s like Royal Rumble 2005 all over again, sans the torn ACLs. They played up the controversy well, as we assume we’ll get a three-way to decide the new Champion. Exciting things to come surely.





Quick Results

  • WCWC Pacific Northwest Championship – Grappler III (Champion) (w/Jeremy Blanchard) def. Damian Drake via pinfall to retain 
  • Alexander Hammerstone def. Dillon Divine (w/Mr. Tubbs) via pinfall 
  • The Bonus Boyz def. The Northwest Express via pinfall 
  • WCWC Legacy Championship – 8-Man Battle Royale – Caleb Konley, “Gentleman Brawler” Eric Right, Richard Syncyr, Mikey O’Shea, “The Rock God” Ricky Gibson, Julian Whyt, “Mr. Adrenaline” Adrian Matthews and Dillon Divine to a no-contest; No decided winner due to controversial finish 

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