Notes In Observance – TNA Impact Wrestling 1/26/17: Genesis 2017

Photo courtesy of Inside Pulse.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez


“Notes In Observance” features random thoughts and analysis on recent television shows. Quick results can be found at the bottom of the post. 






(Aired 1/26/17)

Genesis 2017 

– The TNA World Tag Team Championship Three-Way match between Champions The Broken Hardys, Crazzy Steve/Abyss and Bram/Kingston was about as formulaic as you can get in terms of putting a multi-team match together. With the Hardys on this “mission” to become the best team in space/time, it was hard to believe that they’d ever lose this, albeit it was a good attempt to establish other threats in the division. DCC will always be cheating pushovers and Decay are just crazy mofos. Not much of a story to tell, but they’re all here and want to wrestle and it’s Genesis (or Genesis-themed, they’d have you believe) so why not? There was also a good amount of hype towards the next week’s “Open Fight Night” episode, though with little structure introduced besides those goofy briefcases and the idea that anybody can be called out at any time. Isn’t that every wrestling show? Matt Hardy’s “pree-muh-nee-shun” that we’d see them “start a tag team revolution” was intriguing, but alas, it only opened the door for James Storm to drop a reference about that time he led a group of disgruntled midcarders in 2015. Not that 2017 is any different. Shaking our heads. Decay’s only vocal trophy was that they “eradicated Beer Money from TNA.” True as that could’ve been, that wasn’t much of a line. DCC held a briefcase, though we don’t remember what color or that it’ll actually matter. Same for “Nefarious Brother Nero.” On with the match, we suppose. With the silly tag-in scenario for a multi-man underway, the crowd was obviously into the Champs the most. DCC broke rules when they could and Decay was just crazy mofos again. That’s their thing. What don’t you get, child? Matt did break out this cool bulldog/clothesline combo on Kingston (not Kofi)/Steve. The finish was unfortunate for the decayed ones as Steve’s green mist went into Kingston and with not-Kofi out of the equation, Steve took a crazy Twist Of Fate from Matt, while Nero took care of everyone else. Don’t you love that?

– TNA Impact Grand Champion Drew Galloway’s backstage promo addressed his intentions to defend his belt. You see, Galloway won the belt by cheap means and is meant to be a heel, though he’s not as adamant about it as he previously was. Maybe they’re going for a “shades of grey” kind of thing. Let’s see what happens. We suspect a rematch with former Champ Moose should happen later.

– The Sit-Down Interview with Commentator Josh Mathews and Ethan Carter III was just about what the doctor ordered on his character direction. Ever since he turned babyface in 2016 (more like by way of Matt Hardy’s heel turn), he began to build a reputation as an “ass-kicking machine” that had its ups and downs. We’d argue that he peaked with that around Bound For Glory time when it came time to take on Lashley. Since that loss, EC3 has been all about getting back to prominence and then losing several big matches with Title implications or just plain Title shots. This would make any athlete immensely dejected and while they covered that well, they also showed EC3 bring his emotions on the rise as he looked to get out of this funk and delivered one of his better promos in recent time. This was his “battle cry,” his “I’m not going away until someone makes me” speech that might turn his fortunes around. Perfect stuff.

– The Laurel Van Ness/Braxton Sutter backstage promo was probably set up for comical purposes since it was obvious previously that LVN was totally into Sutter, or was just interested in stealing him from his real love interest in Allie, the assistant for Maria, LVN’s associate. We would go back to these two several times throughout the episode, so this was just dipping the toes into the chlorine. The “funny” here was Sutter looking forward to about 10 wines given he was on a date with the overanxious rich white girl LVN.

– The TNA Impact Grand Championship match between Champion Galloway and Moose was logical, given the event and their current feud. As far as Galloway’s “hood” comments, or the idea that he wears a black hood over his head to “tune out the nonsense” was kind of silly. It’s a hood, not an earplug. Then again, if he came out with earplugs, that’s be a different segment altogether, but at least that would have our attention. This was clear that they wanted Galloway to just roll on as a heel despite the crowd being into him. Again, they went for more “shades of grey” material, as he claimed whatever he did was “for the good of the company.” That was met by Moose’s interruption and jeers aside, he was all like, “I’M ANGRY AND I WANT MY BELT BACK AND MY NAME IS MOOSE AND STUFF.” Match is on. We’ll give it to them, they’re getting better at telling a story within the three-round judges-scored “rules.” Competitive to start, as Moose scored a near-fall on a moonsault. The big man can fly. He followed with a suplex on the outside, as commentary predicted that he’d get the first round for his “control of the action.” An apron powerbomb later and thus was the case. Also interesting to note that the O’s on Mose’s tights echoed the Ring Of Honor logo. Was that a diss? Of course, it could’ve also been a reference to Eva Marie’s attire. That one seems less likely. The second round began with more Moosified intensity with a Go To Hell/Game Changer, before the ref stopped things because of an “inadvertent” low blow by Galloway. It was cool to see the literal same finish go down like last time where Moose elected to come right back into the match after a low blow and hit with the Claymore Kick, this time for a two. We appreciate the nostalgic nod. We’d get that familiar finish, just by different means. Moose pushed Galloway into the Referee and that was the moment the Moosicles felt some pain, as he was hit with the Future Shock. Galloway retains in fluky fashion and the beat goes on. We do like this Galloway again, as it comes off like a hybrid of his last two characters – the bitter heel and marshmallow babyface.

– The LVN/Sutter backstage segment was the second glimpse at their date at a “restaurant” that totally doesn’t look like a studio. The only chuckle here was Sutter chugging wine straight from the bottle as his ears were subjected to countless “daddy” stories and how Allie ruined everything.

– The Monster’s Ball for the TNA Knockouts Championship between Champion Rosemary and Jade with Madison Rayne on commentary appeared to be the payoff to their long standing feud. We were fine with that, as it was actually gaining steam as the weeks went on. Rosemary was doing fine as Champ, so we’d hope to keep it that way, but this could be a golden opportunity to further build Jade to fans as something more than martial arts and blue hair. Good start as Jade executed a suicide dive before Rosemary could even get to the ring. Guns blazing. They mentioned something about “Red Vs. Blue,” but it was a little confusing, but the color aspect was certainly there visually. We got some kendo sticks brought in, as well as thumbtacks from the Champ. Oh, they’re going to go there now. Jade took off her leather belt and incorporated it into old-style punishment. Jade then German suplexed the Champ into the tacks. Just damn. In another cool action movie moment, Rosemary’s mist was blocked by a garbage lid and said lid was then kicked into her face. Jade hit a variated leg sweep that brought the Champ onto a barbed wire board. She then placed said board onto the Champ and hit a springboard moonsault. Hot damn. A “This is awesome” chant broke out, but this was fine since it made sense here. Jade had Rosemary laid out on a table and looked to do an aerial maneuver, but that didn’t last as the Champ grounded her. Rosemary took control and went forward with a superplex to bring them both through the table and it was all over. Probably one of the best women’s hardcore matches in some time. Excellent for the bumps they took alone. The post-match angle that also involved Gail Kim was likely setting up some kind of future encounter. Kim probably should’ve expected to get hit with the purple mist since she had her back turned to Rosemary the whole time as she checked on Jade. Why so oblivious?

– The LVN/Sutter backstage segment gave us a little more backstory, as LVN attempted to bring the date to a romantic level with a suggestion to go back to her place “since it’s probably nicer.” While Sutter went to find the check, LVN called Maria to keep her on tabs about “how great it was.” Oh, so devious.

– In the episode’s most genuine surprise for us, the one and only Caleb Konley appeared on screen for an introductory video package. All those appearances on AML Wrestling and West Coast Wrestling Connection finally appeared to pay off for “The Obsession.” He brought up his southern-styled upbringings and put over that he wrestled for 12 years. Sadly, it took a dark turn when he revealed his first match would be for the X-Division Championship. Looks like we’re getting the babyface Konley, but he did say “I am the division,” so who even knows? But Konley on TNA, we’re just fangirling ourselves over here, no biggie.

– The Five-Way for the TNA X-Division Championship between Champion DJZ, Konley, Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee and Marshe Rockett was more of the same from the usual suspects, with an avid plus-one. At least commentary spoke about Konley’s North Carolina independent roots (how true that was) as we were excited by Konley’s presence, since he can bring legitimacy to this fledgling division, but it also appears he’s being set up to fail. There was a first, as we witnessed an neckbreaker/inverted DDT tower of doom. Konley landed a suicide dive, but was one-upped by DJZ’s tope con hilo and Rockett’s tope respectively. Lee/Everett got into a shoving match, which opened the gate for DJZ to take over and hit the ZDT on Everett with a wicked sell to retain. Literally bounced on his head. The post-match angle appeared to cater towards a Lee-DJZ Title match next week, since Gregory Shane Helms aimed to take out the Champ’s ankle with a chair.

– The Wolves’ backstage segment was yet another not-so-subtle foreshadowing of a turn coming, since TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards didn’t want the assistance of his partner on this night. Just look at Davey Richards’ insulted facial expression and tell us maybe he won’t get involved in that main event.

– The Broken Hardys’ backstage segment was just a cheap way to cameo Vanguard 1 with hologram projections of potential opponents for Nero, before Matt had a premonition about who’d be selected. Hmm.

– The 30-Minute Iron Man match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship between Champion Edwards and Lashley started as Edwards hit Lashley with a suicide dive and some chops. Lahsley connected with a spear to go up 1-0. Wish they had a consistent scoreboard and time clock instead of it fading. Yes, we know it’s taped in advance, but the scoreboard would give this a better feel for what’s going on. Edwards applied the single leg Boston crab, but that didn’t work. Lashley hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and then hit a powerbomb on the entryway. Once Edwards was counted out, that put Lashley up 2-0 now. Lashley exposed the steel on one of the turnbuckles and played to the fans’ “It’s too easy” chants. Edwards got on the board when Lashley missed a spear and ran into the exposed steel. Nice moment where Edwards avoided a suplex on the ramp and hit a Boston Knee Party instead to tease a Lashley countout, but he barely beat it. He connected with a second to tie at 2 apiece. Lashley hit a spear but rolled the opposite way, which presumably cost him a cover. Edwards hit a BKP for two. After two powerbombs and a Kesa Gatame submission, Lashley went up 3-2. This is where things got really good, because Lashley killed time by walking around the ring and confronted Commentator The Pope, who argued with that tactic. Edwards hit a suicide dive, rolled him back inside, went for another BKP but was hit with another powerbomb. The drama so good. Lashley went for another spear but was thwarted by Edwards’ guillotine submission. With 30 seconds left, Lashley was forced to hang in to keep it from being tied. It counted down all the way and in shockingly clean fashion, we had a new Champ. They could’ve easily had Richards turn and cost him the belt, but they elected not to. Swerve for the sake of not swerving us. Very good effort though from these two, who seemingly never have a bad match together.






Quick Results 

  • TNA World Tag Team Championships – Three-Way – The Broken Hardys (Champions) def. Bram/Kingston (w/James Storm) and Crazzy Steve/Abyss (w/Rosemary) via pinfall to retain 
  • TNA Impact Grand Championship – Drew Galloway (Champion) def. Moose via pinfall to retain 
  • TNA Knockouts Championship – Monster’s Ball – Rosemary (Champion) def. Jade via pinfall to retain 
  • TNA X-Division Championship – Five-Way – DJZ (Champion) def. Trevor Lee (w/Gregory Shane Helms), Andrew Everett, Marshe Rockett and Caleb Konley via pinfall to retain 
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship – 30-Minute Iron Man Match – Lashley def. Eddie Edwards (Champion) 3 falls to 2 to become new Champion 

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